VOLO is the service application
that allows you
to easily and vividly
record each moment of your journey

VOLO is the perfect tool
that will
beautifully capture your journey


You can mark the places
you’ve visited.


You can accentuate
impressive moments
of your journey by putting
on a sentence.


You can mark your routes
by using
indications on VOLO.


If you want to upload
multiple pictures
at once,
VOLO will automatically
make collages for you.

VOLO lets you write
in various surroundings

VOLO operates in overseas without internet connection.
Is cell phone too small for you to write in details?
You can use VOLO on your computer.

VOLO allows you
to co-write journals
with others

Write a journal with your friends, who went on
a trip with you.
Noting the places
and uploading pictures of each other,
you will soon have a journal
with remarkable memories.