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Wherever I may roam

Wanting what you can't have and don't wanting what you can is probably the most ridiculous behavior there is, in my opinion. It's not that I don't do it, I know I do. Maybe even more than others. I have the urge to go for the unknown as I wrote before. But second on the list might as well be the unreachable. The unreachable is always interesting to me. It dares me to try get the furthest I can. Tasting from something that I really want, but don't have (yet) is something that thrives me to go on, try harder. I think I'm not alone here, showing this behavior. From a young age my mom would use the technique of telling my sister to not eat her food to seduce her to actually do eat it. And she mostly succeeded too. Same with some or most of my friends nowadays. Guys who are unreachable, or who simply have no interest are found way more attractive. Now I wonder. Why don't we feel attracted to those guys? I mean they should be appreciated most, when you ask me. Why is it we experience it as uninteresting when it's obviously not? Do we always want to fight for something? And when won, are we then satisfied? Or do we keep on wondering. Keep on looking for the better? I guess it's that. Improving, innovating, renewing, refinding is all we do lately. And change for me has always been good, so I'm totally for this process, but when is it enough? Me writing this I don't even know what the answer is I want. I'm just very much aware of that we should be happy with what we have right here right now.


Sep 23 2016 - Jan 31 2017

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