A Big Regret, Rodante from Mexico.https://img.withvolo.com/U-QkDtx-ReDCc-7rNU2hcdQpyiU=/218x164/smart/dd21f5a1a62a038eb21d0fd485060e2b%2Feffc09c8-b676-45a5-8797-3488f620ed1a-c90334b15fb28990f44463d9cded44ce08c294bb.jpg

A Big Regret, Rodante from Mexico.

why did I leave the hostel, when I saw the vibe I had with Carmen. conversationnwith her was already effortless and she may have been trying to keep me from leaving. or maybe not, I'll never know that truth which is why I can't overthink it too much. I was already beat with my time in Banos and the thought of me being wrong with thinking about Carlen ultimately made me want to leave. BUT thats where I meed to stop next time. I need to stop thinking worrying about the possibility of failure and accept it as part of both sides of the decision. Now because I left that chapter unread, I'm dreading and worring about what could have been. And this road is way worse than possibly making a fool of myself a failing. at least I would have explored that unknown and scary road like I did the other night with Kristina. Now, here I am. Thinking about the possibilities and even dreaming about her on the night bus. I think my thoughts are more fear about making the right decision in the moment rather than the girl herself. Ultimately, I know I have good instincts of what should be done but I sometimes don't follow through with the extreme gut reactions I know I should follow through on when they are staring me in the face. Failure is possible with both decisions, BUT ALWAYS CHOOSE THE ONE WHERE YOU WON'T ASK YOURSELF "WHAT IF" LATER ON. This is because you begin to start filling in the blanks yourself of what could have happened which is not good. So the next Carmen, wherever you are, I'll stay that extra day next time.

Jul 15 2018

Transportation in Mexicohttps://img.withvolo.com/8797uQpduf0Dt19TaMfWLJMQfIA=/218x164/smart/cee285b54725b4dac9b048239836c30b%2Fa9632a56-4032-4142-9791-7259ef56c2da-108981a1056f30d8d8d58743bf8102b03b3e8292.JPG

Transportation in Mexico

Chichen Itza is of course one of the main reasons 'tourists' visit Mexico. Being one of the seven wonders of the world, it is one of the most touristy and exploited 'attractions' in Mexico. Tours are promoted everywhere and leave from many cities, including Cancun, Merida, Tulum, Playa del Carmen.. But you don't have to go on a tour to see Chichen Itza.. It is actually really easy to get to and explore by yourself. It has its own bus stop, and is directly connected to Valladolid, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Merida. I took the 2nd class Oriente bus from Valladolid and paid 66MXD (about €3) for the ticket there and back. At the bus terminal in Valladolid, the lady was very helpful getting me all the right information. The first bus leaves at 7:15 and they go every 30 minutes after that. It drops you off right at the entrance, you buy your entrance ticket and can walk around yourself until the park closes. The return bus however, was not so clear. It only goes about once per hour, but doesn't really stick to a schedule. It just shows up (or not). There are a bunch of tour buses parked. At the end of the tour bus parking lot, there is a tiny green bus stop sign, next to a big tree. As I was lingering underneath the tree to see what would happen while eating a quick snack, some more people (international travelers) showed up and sat down underneath the tree. The first and second couple just looked completely lost and didn't know where to go either. The third group that showed up, sat down in confidence with a nice cold can of coke. I went up to ask them if they knew anything about the bus or bus schedules back to Valladolid, and to my surprise, they had found someone with good enough English to explain the system to them. The tree was indeed the waiting spot for the regular line buses. When a bus came someone would come up and announce where the bus was going. They also found out that the next bus to Valladolid (where they were going as well) was leaving in about 10 minutes. And it all happened like they said. First, the bus to Merida passed. A guy showed up out of nowhere shouting 'Merida!' and people for Merida went on the bus. Only a few minutes later, the bus to Valladolid showed up as well, and we all got back timely and safely. I paid 317MXD for the day, about €15. Instead of doing a €50 tour. Yes, it's more complicated and tricky and takes more time to figure out. Yes, it may not be as comfortable and simple. Yes, you may worry a little bit about whether or not you'll find your way back. But I find the freedom to choose when I'm doing what worth way more than comfort. I saw one tour group of which the people were literally wearing tags with numbers on them. Do you really want to be a number?

Jun 18 2018 - Jun 27 2018

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