소박하지만 정겨운 골목길https://img.withvolo.com/o3gniA3hx-EW-NDECwAHLsi9rlU=/218x164/smart/492eda3f31ddbecf8910caa1c2ab2731%2F360b1bb2-f3d3-4949-a162-033dd4b8f56b-1d2ed51317cc9876a79276d5c766007e13348520.jpg

Portugal,Porto 소박하지만 정겨운 골목길

여행은 50%호기심 + 30%모험심+10%먹방욕심+10%물가 걱정 으로 시작된다. 처음가는 나라는 언제나 설레이고 흥분된다. 포르투갈은 조금 더 설레였다. 세계일주를 시작하며 흥미를 가지게 된 나라, 해안가 근처의 나라, 에크타르트의 나라... -에그타르트 : 원산지 답게 정말 맛있다. 리스본이 원조라고 하는데, 포르투에서 먹은 에그타르트도 정말 맛있었다. 그렇지만 하루에 2개 이상은 못먹겠더라. ㅎㅎㅎ -바깔라우 :소금에 절인 대구. 포르투 마트에가면 비릿한 냄세가 나는데 안으로 들어가보면 바깔라우가 냄세의 주범이다. 냄세는 좀 그래도 이걸로 튀김을 해서 먹거나 어묵처럼 먹음 넘 맛있다. - 문어밥& 문어 샐러드 : 문어가 참 많다. 문어밥은 못먹었지만 포르투 음식들은 너무 맛있었다. - 농어요리: 어마어마하다. 살짝 익혀서 나온 씨베스에 정말 말을 아끼게 되더라. 첫날 찾은 레스토랑에서 먹은 트러플 버터는 .... 세상에 너무 맛있더라. 빵이 그냥... 살살 녹았다. - 아줄레주 & 손모양 손잡이 - 포르토 야경& 도루 강 & 루이스 1세 다리 야경이 멋지고 , 버스킹이 많으며, 맛있는 음식과 시원한 바람이 불어오는 곳. 시간이 머물다 가는 곳. - 포트와인 & 와이너리 투어 - Costa Nova : 스시먹고 줄무늬 집 구경,수산물 시장도 재밌었지요.

Jul 31 2018 - Aug 05 2018

Portugal Expresshttps://img.withvolo.com/fSDKjFbuAx0Qeus2MmcqNAVqQA4=/218x164/smart/cover%2Fdefault_coverimg_16.jpg

Portugal Express

Today is the last day of our holiday. I have been jumping since 5 am but they were still snoring. Argh!! I jumped on Mooman's tummy and he finally woke up, in full surprise because it was already late. He woke up Fooman saying it's too late but Fooman insisted to try going and catch the train, without changing, no brushing. They zipped the suitcases and started dragging them out of the room. It got worse. When they returned the key the receptions had a hard time finding the money to return their deposit... I could not wait, I was so anxious inside the backpack coz i wanted to get early train...! He finally found it and they hurried to get to the train station. Fortunately Mooman saw a taxi waiting, so we took it. We reached the train in time! Phew... The first train stopped in Tunes and we had to wait for the next train to Lisbon. Fooman went to get some coffee (of course in the Bodum mug) and some snacks for breakfast, Pastéis de Nata and puff pastry filled with chicken, and apparently the nata was the best that they had ever had during this trip. Hmmm.. cannot be better than pop corn.. We arrived in Lisbon now and we had 4 hours before we need to head to airport. I wanted to see more beaches and take more photos of me, but they looked tired. They sat in that Nacional XXX, the historic café, to calmly write postcard and then posted them. It all took 4 hours. Sad... if only I could fly and walk around myself, I'd find people eager to take pics of me.. We headed to the airport and had lunch there before finally got to the boarding gate. Oh, we got chicken nuggets to take away beforehand so we could snack in the plane. I could not join them thought, coz i had to get stuffed into the suitcase which goes with the other check-in baggages.


Jul 02 2018 - Jul 09 2018

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