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Our last day in Barcelona, our last day on this trip of a lifetime! We make sure to get pastries, cappuccino, coffee and cakes at our favorite places before heading to the airport. It's going to suck being back home! That being said it is time. Our flight departs at 6 PM and we take the bus on another rainy afternoon to the airport. It doesn't seem real but this is it. Looking through our passports, reflecting on where we've been. It's going to be some time before I truly grasp everything we did on the other side of the world. While it goes without saying, the experience was a humbling one. It certainly wasn't a vacation. Yes, there were times where we relaxed and did "vacation-y" stuff but these 98 days were above all an experience. We did things in Asia that ort people could only dream of. The Stray tour allowed us to experience things that we otherwise would never have thought to do. This blog serves as proof and provides hopefully a window into what we experienced. I know I will be able to go back and read this, put myself back in each place and situation, try to invoke the memory, the sounds and smells. While nothing is for certain, I hope that I can return to one or more of these places again an older wiser person ready to experience more from the beautiful and unique cultures our entire human species provide.

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Jan 07 2018 - Apr 14 2018



Well we have had a wild day today. After we went to the shop to get some breakfast we met our ‘Frog Tuk-Tuk’ outside the hotel. They call them frogs here because of the large Beetle style hood. The driver took us to Thung Khai Botanical Gardens. The journey took 20 mins but it felt like an hour because of how tiny the seating area was, definitely the smallest tuk-tuk we’ve ever been in. The sharp turn off the highway was the entrance to the gardens and it was like Jurassic Park(without the dinos). We registered with the park ranger and walked in. We aren’t sure who pays for the maintenance of the garden because entrance is free. The walk was three kilometres and was broken into three sections. First was the forest area which consisted of a gravel path through tall trees and tropical forest. Next was the canopy walkway. This was a series of towers with connecting bridges that took us up to canopy level. This part was fantastic as we got to look all around and see so much more then the ground view. The final area was a swamp/mossy forest. There was a small raised walkway but we felt like we were much closer to nature here. It was also where we saw the most creatures. We got back to the start two and a half hours after we started, so we took our time. Once we got back there wasn’t much else to do. We just chilled out and devised a plan for tomorrow! For our dinner we decided to treat ourselves a little with it being our last night in Thailand. It was horrendous, without a doubt the worst meal we have had, but we had a good laugh about it. Tomorrow? Well that’s a doozy. Let us just run you through it. We are walking to the train station to catch a public bus to the main terminal outside of town at 8am. Then we are catching a bus to Thammalung Pier in Satun. We then have to catch a ferry over to Langkawi. When we arrive in Langkawi we need to get a Tuk-tuk to the other side of the Island to our Hotel. We have estimated that we will get to our Hotel at about 5pm so it’s going to be a long day. Also the information about every step is a bit sketchy and everyone we ask tell us something different. So we’ll tell you how it goes...if we get there. J & R x


May 02 2018 - Jun 15 2018



We decided that this day was going to be a chill day to relax on the beach :) we woke up around 10 for a late breakfast at the delicious noodle place from yesterday, then dropped off our laundry. After breakfast, we headed to a massage parlour for our first Thai massage! I had an hour massage with coconut oil. It felt heavenly! She massaged not only my back, but also my legs, arms, neck scalp and even my face :o it was a cool experience, and cost me only 400 baht ($16 CAD). The coconut oil smelled so good 💕 After our massage, we went back to the hotel to change into swimming stuff then headed to the beach. Since my swim suit was in the laundry, I bought another swim suit from a street vendor for 250 baht ($10 CAD) We rented 2 kayaks for 100 baht each (wow what a deal) and then kayaked our way back to Monkey Beach. Unfortunately this time, since there weren’t as many tourists to play with, not many monkeys were running around on the actual beach. Many stayed in the trees. We sat on a log close to some monkeys in hopes of attracting their attention. We did. One monkey cane to sit beside me, which was adorable - until the other 5 monkeys also simultaneously decided to all come over to play. I don’t think they meant any harm as none of them bared their teeth or made aggressive noises, but one of them patted me on the head and I was scared enough to start running far far away 😂. One of the monkeys jumped onto Nolan and rode on his shoulders like a jockey from L4D2 😂😂 and Mike got all of it on camera. I also got some pretty dope pictures here :) the sun cane out during the afternoon, and I was able to take some gorgeous photos that really do the island more justice than the ones I took a couple days ago 😂


Jun 04 2018 - Jul 21 2018

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