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Our last day in Barcelona, our last day on this trip of a lifetime! We make sure to get pastries, cappuccino, coffee and cakes at our favorite places before heading to the airport. It's going to suck being back home! That being said it is time. Our flight departs at 6 PM and we take the bus on another rainy afternoon to the airport. It doesn't seem real but this is it. Looking through our passports, reflecting on where we've been. It's going to be some time before I truly grasp everything we did on the other side of the world. While it goes without saying, the experience was a humbling one. It certainly wasn't a vacation. Yes, there were times where we relaxed and did "vacation-y" stuff but these 98 days were above all an experience. We did things in Asia that ort people could only dream of. The Stray tour allowed us to experience things that we otherwise would never have thought to do. This blog serves as proof and provides hopefully a window into what we experienced. I know I will be able to go back and read this, put myself back in each place and situation, try to invoke the memory, the sounds and smells. While nothing is for certain, I hope that I can return to one or more of these places again an older wiser person ready to experience more from the beautiful and unique cultures our entire human species provide.

United States

Jan 07 2018 - Apr 14 2018



Today has been our strangest day yet. After a long lay in we headed to the bus station to buy our tickets for tomorrow’s journey. We used sign language and pointing to communicate with the ticket lady. Not many people speak English around here however they are all keen to say hello!! Our next stop was the A1 hill aswell as the military cemetery. We got to see the trenches and artillery used during the French/ Vietnam war. Next up was the Dien Biên Phu victory museum. Walking around we got to see various scenes of the war as well as many weapons and equipment. This is where the strange behaviour started. A group of 6 Vietnamese walking towards us in the Museum stopped in their tracks and stared at us like we were aliens. It was rather weird but we have experienced that quite a few time before. By the time we were done it was time for some lunch. Now you must be thinking none of that seems very strange. Well it didn’t get weird until we tried to find a restaurant. The first one was closed, the second didn’t serve food as the kitchen was closed and the third didn’t start serving until 5 o clock. We stumbled upon a hotel and managed to get directions to an area that apparently housed lots of restaurants. We didn’t actually find this area, maybe we took a wrong turn or maybe the receptionist just wanted us to go away so she could go on her lunch break. After walking around for what felt like forever we stumbled upon an ice cream parlour that sold fast food. Unfortunately the menu wasn’t in English so our first challenge was to try and figure out what was on offer, using Google translate. This proved rather amusing as many of the words translated badly. For example fried bullshit and chick car warehouse. Eventually we ordered some KFC fried chicken and sweet potato fries. What we got was a piece of fried chicken each (yup just 1 piece each!) and some normal chips with cinnamon sugar on them (no seriously, we were pretty amused). As we had a giggle over our lunch 2 of the waitresses came over and handed us their phone. They used google translate to ask us to take a photo with them. A little odd we thought but as they dragged us from our seats we didn’t have much choice. As we posed for the photos they were in fits of giggles. We felt like celebrities. We are unsure why they were so fascinated by us but it was a good laugh. As we had seen everything in Dien Biên Phu we decided to go to a mini mart and grab some supplies, included some pot noodles for our dinner. We spent the rest of the day relaxing in our room and watching Jurassic Park and The Flinstones. Tomorrow we leave Vietnam 😔. We have loved travelling around this beautiful country but we are really excited to be heading to Laos. A very early bus (6am) will take us over the border and onto a nearby town where we will spend the night. We will travel down to Luang Prabang the following day. As we are leaving Vietnam we will be creating a new post so make sure you check out the Laos section tomorrow. Bye for now, see you Laos. J & R x


Feb 12 2018 - Apr 18 2018

Vietnam, Hochiminh Nha trang

챙판츄닿 Vietnam, Hochiminh Nha trang

❤️파녜❤️ 파녜야 안뇽 나는 다혜야 넘나 애교 많고 솔직할 땐 겁나 솔직하고 거침 없는 우리 예효니 생각해보니 나는 제일 처음에 예효니랑 제일 먼저 친해졌던 것 같아 기억나? 매번 예효니랑 진영쓰랑 호텔 쓰구 예효니네 식구가 많은데 일찍 취업하고 털들은 게 힘들다고도 얘기하구 내가 예효니 상담도 해주고 와우😧 나 지금에 비해서 그 때 되게 선배선배미 했네 그칰ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나 지금은 겁나 징징대는데 말이야.. 온니가 되어가지고 동생에게 징징대다니.. 이 온니가 고쳐보가쓰..😤😤 매번 생각하지만 나는 예효니의 그 애교 많은 성격이 넘 부러운 것 같아 다른 선배들도 칭찬하더라 너를 보면 왜 애가 인기가 많은지 알겠다고 나도 그렇게 생각해~ 나는 내가 낯을 안 가린다고 생각했는데 널 보니 아니야 나는 엄청 낯을 가리는 사람이었어...ㅎㅎ 우리 예혀니는 매번 다이어트 한다고 샐러드나 계란 이런 소량의 음식들을 먹는데 난 개인적으로 지금의 예혀니 모습도 예쁘다고 생각해 아마 예혀니의 남자친구도 그렇게 생각할거야 ☺️ 하고싶은 건 다 하고 먹고싶은 것도 다 먹어야 행복이지 안 그래? 튼 내가 화나고 짜증날 때 너에게 상담하면 내 대신 욕해주고 짜증내주고 그래줘서 넘 고마워 가끔 너와 채영이를 보면 동생이 아니라 동갑 같은 기분도 들어 그만큼 너네들이 어른스럽다는 얘기지? 그래서 많이 의지 돼 그래서 내가 너희들이 다른 사람들이랑 친하게 지내면 괜히 질투나고 그랬나봐 이런 점은 좀 고쳐야되는데 그게 쉽지가 않네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그래도 그게 다 널 애정해서 그런거라는 거 알지??ㅎㅎ 진짜 매번 생각하는데 내가 여기 부서로 넘어와서 제일 잘한 일은 내 동기가 너희라는 점이야 그래서 참 다행이구❤️ 앞으로 우리 예쁜 꽃길만 걷자 알게찌?? 행복하쟈~~❤️


Feb 25 2018 - Mar 02 2018

North-Central Vietnam

North-Central Vietnam

Welcome home. Mabuhay! We're back in our home land. It's a strange experience over and over again to be back in a familiar place when you just came back from traveling from another country. In a span of 9 days, we've been to many different places, met a lot of diverse people and experienced a lot of new things. These are the reason probably why it takes time to process your emotions after traveling. Being shot back to reality and going back to daily routine is really challenging. Physically tired from the adventures, there's a lot of sleep to catch up and the stomach had to adjust to the normal food you've grown up to. Also, there are dozens of stories you want to share but it seems that there's not much time. You feel wanting to go back or travel to somewhere else instead. Yes they call it travel bug. Being a ‘traveller’ is a mindset that gains power with every day you spend on the road. Being displaced becomes a part of your identity. Being lost is your personal enlightenment. Travel has always been an exhilarating and important part of my life. Every phenomenal memory I have on the road has infinitely more to do with the people I was surrounded by than the actual place I was in. I love the cities I had whirlwind romances in. I look back fondly on the cheap, hostels where I stayed up all night talking and laughing with old and new friends. One realization I had is that if we were half as open with people in our everyday lives as we are with each other on the road, everywhere we went would be an adventure. When we travel it's normal to get caught up in the act of constant motion. What was meant to be a soul-searching journey turns into a series of famous monuments getting crossed off list. And in the midst of it all, it becomes all too easy to forget that constant movement isn’t the point of any of it. At the end of the day we’re all human and we’re all looking for the same core things – people who understand us, challenges that grow us and places that make us feel at home. Know that there’s a time and a place to keep going. Similarly, there is and there must be a time to stay put.


Aug 19 2017 - Aug 27 2017

로딩중입니다. 잠시만 기다려주세요.