When we reached Shanghai Pudong Airport, we took Maglev to go to Longyang Train Station. We planned to spend our first day in Hang Zhou so we had to take train all the way to Hangzhou. It was quite easy and fun. Their Hongqiao stations looked like an airport srsly. Walking is a must if you chose to travel without travel agent or tours in Shanghai. It was Day 1 of Chinese New Year and it was packed like hell. We had finally gotten the experience of 春運 and it was not fun at all. You have to train your patience. They would cut queue all the times and they would squeeze you like sardines and they would not give a f. It took us a total of around 3hours to take trian from Longyang station to Hongqiao Station to Hangzhou station. Our hotel in Hangzhou '華辰國際酒店' , was located at a strategic place. The only thing you do -walk straight from hotel and you'll reach the well known Xi Hu. We spent so much time in Xi Hu. If you have time, spend your daytime and nightime there. The views were totally different. That was what we did there. We walked around the lake till late night and we woke up early morning next day to walk around the lake again. Such a nice exercise. We missed eating 外婆家.(grandma's house) when we were in Hangzhou, but we had the chanCe to try it in Shanghai city later. So don't worry.There are so many branches in China. We tried 湯師父instead. (although there are tang sifu in Malaysia too we just wanna try the authentic one) It was nice af. Prob it was only available during winter times. We tried its beef steamboat. Gosh it was like the most amazing beef steamboat ever. Lol. A bit too exaggerated but it was amazing. Throughout our trip we kept thinking about the beef steamboat when we did not know what to eat. We went into random food shops to try

Feb 15 2018 - Feb 20 2018

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