Apr 06 2019

Avalon Airport


Kuala Lumpur International Airport


Verticas Residensi



Apr 07 2019
Yay! A water filter in the room! "Boiling" or "hot" are the options and its like 35 and humid AF. 🤨

🤽‍♂️🏊‍♀️ We also did lots of swimming today. Pool is pretty nice at the apartment. Photos are still on the SLR.


Apr 08 2019
😵 All three boys awake and destroying the apartment at 4:30am! WTF?! 🤪
🤽‍♂️ So much swimming! Amazing after carrying a baby against your chest or a toddler on your shoulders in this heat! 🏊‍♀️

Sight seeing fail! Took the kids to the Petrosains Discovery Centre this afternoon. Closed Monday's. 🙅‍♀️😣

Took Nate to the movies instead and saw Wonderland in the sub-arctic temperatures while the other kids slept and Lisa shopped. 👌


Apr 09 2019


Apr 10 2019



Phuket International Airport


The Sands Khao Lak by Katathani



Apr 11 2019


Apr 12 2019

Today was our first split sessions - Lisa has the morning off and I had the afternoon.

After another massive buffet breakfast, Lisa enjoyed morning yoga and then wandered into town for a pedicure. Nate went to kids club and Jesse and I explored the recreation room where he watched YouTube instead of playing table tennis. Connor napped for most of this.

We regrouped for lunch and then cruised for a few laps around the lazy river.

Shane went off to the gym for a bit. It seemed like Lisa had set the bar for acceptable activities. Then he wandered in for a Thai massage and a cocktail.

We all met up again for dinner and went to Spinach Restaurant. Green curry was top shelf, the pad thai was just ok. Staff were veey friendly and they loved Connor, especially after we took off his watermelon soaked top.

Connor then proceeded to do a level 6 poo explosion 💩💩💩💩💩💩. Shane's t-shirt was a casualty.


Apr 13 2019
Connor's favorite activities: Eat, sleep, flirt with wait staff.

Songkrang Festival (Thai NY)

What a day! Big morning in the pool. Lazing by the beach, whilst enjoying all the festivities including Miss Songkrang, parade, games and concert. Nate was awesome at hitting the targets in his game.

Then headed to town to experience the water fight we'd been hearing all about. Watching people walk back looking drenched we were intrigued. It was nothing like I'd seen before. Cars and motorbikes driving down the street throwing buckets of water at people on the streets, who were also giving it back. All whilst listening to a local Thai band. Nate really got into it, Jesse was fine until he got a freezing cold bucket down his top. Connor danced the day away with an old Thai lady using him as protection.

Then headed back to the resort for our special festival buffet dinner... outside... in the Storm. The food also got drenched to celebrate Songkrang. An amazing experience, one we all enjoyed so much!


Apr 14 2019
A lot of things are cheap in Thailand. Sunscreen and ATM withdrawals are not.

Shane got the arvo off, so headed in for a Thai massage and a long island ice tea at the bar across the road. So strong!

The massage was good so Lisa went to the same place after dinner at Spinach Restaurant. Kids love it there because they have a bucket of toys. Well played.

DAY 10

Apr 15 2019

DAY 11

Apr 16 2019

DAY 12

Apr 17 2019

DAY 13

Apr 18 2019

DAY 14

Apr 19 2019

Our last day in Thailand. 😥

Spent the morning swimming at the pool and beach. Smashed an awesome pad thai at a beach-side restaurant. 🏖

Sent all the kids along to kids club for the afternoon. Lisa and I enjoyed relaxing time and happy hour down by the beach and the swim up bar. 🍹

Dinner at Jasmine Restaurant, where we had our first meal. Yum 😋! A couple of cocktails 🍹 at the bar across the road with a swing for the kids.

DAY 15

Apr 20 2019

Khao Lak




Sunway Pyramid Hotel

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