Jul 08 2018

I've gone through many life-changing moments in the last couple weeks. I just graduated college, ended a long-term relationship, moved cities and done a bit of travelling in Northern Ontario.

In those short yet significant travels, I realized the amount of self-reflection and growth I could achieve when travelling solo, in those brief, still, thoughtful moments, I could never achieve any other way.

So, I bought a plane ticket to Italy.

I'll be mostly in Rome, although I'm doing a quick trip to Naples and will spend a few days in Venice.

Why Italy?

I've heard from others who have been there that Italy can be life-changing if you let it. The spirit of the people. The history of the place. The country's diverse explorers. Its stillness and beauty at night. I've heard it all has a way of making you think about life differently.

In the 10 days I'm there, I want to meet new people, learn new things, learn to love my own company and see/experience more life-altering moments all on my own. Oh, and of course, eat AMAZING food!

I can't wait for this trip, but alas, there is still some time. I'm breaking in my new Birks a couple weeks in advance so I'll be ready. My next post, I'll be leaving from YVR on my way to FCO!

Talk then,

Sreedha V.


Jul 09 2018

Today's the day!! I'm at my gate at YVR, ready to board my flight to Frankfurt and then to FCO in Rome! I just bought a lip gloss for my trip in anticipation of a poppin' holiday.

The first leg of my trip will be YVR to Frankfurt. This is the long one, and is a bit delayed. Not delayed enough for me to miss my connection though, so let's hope for the best! The attendant assured me we would make up some time in the air.

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