Jan 04 2019

The flight from Sac to Phoenix I told a lady she was in my seat... she wasn’t. I guess I was tired, or fixated on sitting next to the window. I was in the aisle while Casey was in the row next to me in the aisle. I was asleep on my seat and Next thing I know my neighbor was cuddling on my shoulder. For a moment I was just going to let it happen, but he was a big guy so I judged him to move which he did. I kept sleeping and later woke to Casey laughing while giving me the node to look to my right. My once shoulder snuggler found a new pillow. The woman that I had earlier told she was in my seat is now the newest member of the bandit snugglers victims, but she seemed to be cool with it. It was actually pretty cute.

We made our connection from Phoenix to Cancun with a bit of time to spare. This time Casey and I are about 14 rows apart but I think we’re making due. I’ll check with her when we get off the plane. I watched the inflight movie, not sure the name but it was a cute kid flick with yeti’s and little foot’s.

I’ve definitely got more excited for our trip and kind of anxious to get through all the customs and immigrations stuff. I listed to a travel podcast about the Yuchtan area so I think that got me siked.

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