Dec 29 2018

The many shades of the sky, the first appearance of the light when the sun starts shining is probably the only thing that's worth it to wake up at 2 in the morning to catch the early flight. There is almost no reason for me to continue with my new year eve's planned trip to Phuket but the fact that money had been spent on the flight tix and the accommodation kind of push me to go. So here I am, writing live from Patong, with the thoughts and heart at home.

South View Serviced Apartments


KL Sentral


Kuala Lumpur International Airport


Phuket International Airport


Patong Beach


Here's the list of what I've paid so far for this trip (Updating it from time to time) :

Bearpacker Hostel, Patong - RM412 (4 nights in total)
Sim Dtac from Klook - RM19
Simon Cabaret Show VIP Seat from Klook - RM61
Racha & Coral Island Speedboat Tour from Klook - RM114
James Bond Island Speedboat Tour from Klook - RM184
Tiger Kingdom Play Time with Medium Tiger - 900 thb
1-HR Oil Massage - 400 thb
Souvenirs - 850 thb

Air Asia flight (cheap style no luggage no insurance whatsoever) - RM450
Grab from condo to KL Sentral - RM15
Transport from KL Sentral to KLIA2 - RM12
Transport from Airport to Hostel - 180 thb
Transport from Hostel to Airport - 200 thb
Tuk tuk to watch Simon Cabaret Show return- 400 thb
Transport to Tiger Kingdom return - 600 thb

Unnecessary/Optional/Avoidable purchases/tips as follows :
Breakfast at Starbucks - RM20
Padlock for Hostel Locker - 75 thb
Mani pedi - 1700 thb
Coral/Racha Tip - 100 thb
James Bond Island tip (for boatman & canoeing) - 180 thb
Waterproof HP cover - 150 thb
Hat - 100 thb

Fruit Juice - 50 thb
Frappucino - 200 thb
KebabOff - 215 thb
Turkish Shawarma 01 with cheese - 150 thb
Mineral Water - 130 thb
Lipton Ice Lemon Tea - 75 thb
2 x Banana Nutella Pancakes - 16O thb
Fried Rice at Bearpacker Rooftop - 100 thb
Mojito & Mixed Seafood Plate - 300 thb
Jajan & Magnum - 125 thb
The Coffee Club - 252 thb
Turkish Shawarma 02 (dry) - 120 thb

The immigration at Phuket International Airport takes forever. Upon arrival, make sure you have your travel slip filled and quickly approach the immigration counter when landed. I spent almost two hours in line (idk if it's bcs of the peak season or the process is just shitty slow). Met a bunch of Malaysian teenagers who seem lost and another female solo traveler from KL named Rachel. Finding Dtac (the sim) isn't hard. Seriously, you don't even have to get your sim from Klook that early. Prices are the same if not cheaper at the airport. And getting a cheap public transport to your hotel is easy peasy. Don't bother preparing. Lols. Minivan that I took is good enough for the one hour journey from airport to Patong.

I reached wayyy too early. Left my bag at the hostel and started walking around the famous Bangla Rd. It was like 10.30 in the morning so seriously, there is nothing much to see. But!! I laughed my ass off passing this guy who was selling weed by the streets. Like actual weed. Bangla Rd is overrated (lol maybe cuz it's still early). To me, it is just 5 changkats and a bunch of strippers thrown at one place. Decided to save some energy for tonight, I decided to chill at The Coffee Club, a cute, hipster like, overpriced coffee shop located next to the hostel until the check-in time.

Checked in. Napped. Overslept. Woke up feeling half alive. Got ready. Dragged my ass to walk around Bangla Rd and Patong. Stopped at Turkish Shawarma, packed one (it was awesome, the regular size is double the Malaysia large shawarma. satisfying af), took the whole tuktuk for myself, headed straight to Simon Cabaret Show.

Simon Cabaret was just okay. I understand now why Omer did not recommend going there. Like it is really nothing much to see. Boobs are a part of the costume. Although boobs aint the reason I wanted to watch the show, and and I couldn't help but to find their balls every time they get close. The number of ladyboy I saw in Phuket is too worrying. Oh gosh, I could never understand how some men find these ladyboy sexy. Their faces are masculine af I'm not even joking. Their boobs look like rocks. Hard rocks. When they dance, the boobs dont shake. Everything about the show is fake, the smile the minimal interaction, the costume, everything. :/

Didnt want to go back too early, I stopped at Jungceylon Mall to do my nails. Yes trust me, it is super duper hard to get a good place for mani and pedi. Massage place is everywhere (especially ones that offer happy ending) but not beauty salons. At least not the convincing one. Also also, I learned something new today. You can actually uplift your vagina. I have no idea whats that supposed to mean but apparently, you can. Probably this is just to serve the ladyboy market in Phuket or those who have torn vagina. Idk.

Done with the mani and padi, quite happy with the result, i walked to Patong Beach via Bangla Road. Jonas (A Canadian dorm mate of mine) told me the party starts tonight and will go on for three days. So I went to the beach to check things out. Btw walking along Bangla Road looking like a local ain't really a good idea. The fact that I look Siamese annoys me as fuck. Wearing revealing dress makes you look like one of them, wearing modest will burn you like hell. Being mistaken as one of the locals kind of turning me off so I didn't spent much time in Bangla Rd or Patong Beach. I headed back with the intention to chill at my hostel's rooftop and grab drinks. Early day tomorrow, let's see if I really have the motivation to go up.

Ooppssss. Someone's snoring loud...... One of the unfortunate scenes when staying at hostels.


Dec 30 2018

Had a good sleep the hostel is really comfortable. But come on, the guy snored the whole night. Woke up at 7.30, pick up time for my Racha and Coral Island is at 8 am. So this happened. I went down to the lobby to wait for the Klook operator. As whatsapp Klook is available, I whatsapp-ed them to confirm my pick up time. Nearly 8.20 am, no sign of driver and no reply from them. I called the operator. So difficult to communicate, the operator requested to talk to the receptionist and according to her, I've already missed the trip. They came to pick me up at 7.45 am but I wasn't there and the driver just left. (?) After making some noise to the operator, but wait, I think what really happened is that, the driver just realized the headcount aint exactly what he gotta have. So he made a turn and turned up at the lobby looking for me when I was already giving up and typing my refund request from Klook. Hahah. Chaotic but I managed!

Klook has it's own local operator for all the packages offered. Arriving there, we were greeted with a super friendly guide who was with us throughout the whole trip. This trip focuses on two islands, Racha and Coral. Both offer stunning view of the ocean, both blue and green.

We started off snorkeling at Racha Island nearby bay, the Siam Bay. Corals there are not as colourful as I've seen in Phi Phi or Perhentian, actually the corals there are all brown I swear there's no other colors. So I focused on the beautiful fish. Especially the ones with the rainbow colored fins. They're just so pretty. The water is crystal clear and it is 2 meters deep so you've gotta to always be careful not to step on the corals.

After around an hour snorkeling at the bay, we all hopped on the boat again heading to the island for lunch. We were greeted by locals and taken to to the restaurant by a long truck called The Lamborghini (no kidding). Thai Kampung style lunch in an actual kampung full of big freaking lizards, the fried chicken and tomyam are amazing but I struggled to finish other food. I noticed how aging is really changing my appetite. I couldn't compromise on junkies too much and started to question the hygiene of food served for me. We were given two hours to spend on Racha Island. I spent mostly swimming and swimming and swimming. The water is soooo blue, it's like a pool but better!

Headed back to the pier and was sent back to the hostel by them. I think the Racha and Coral Island package I bought from Klook is really worth it. Yup all packages are cheaper on Klook but you've really gotta have faith and patience with them. Once the booking is confirmed, just have faith they're gonna come and pick you up. Better to be there 30 minutes before their confirmed pick up time no kidding. The local operator wasn't very helpful on the phone but amazing when I met in person. She did whatever she could to assist and the guide Oilie is really friendly. She's got the vibe in her that's so pleasant. Things you must bring when visiting the island; sunblock, hat/cap, glasses, wear your swimming suit inside and wear something lose outside so you could easily take off and on your attire for pictures, goggles (it really helps you when swimming in the sea), i usually take swimming cap with me to protect my hair, hair band, and dont forget to wear rubber slippers. You do not need a towel. I repeat, you do not need a towel.

Headed to Patong beach, chilled and danced with the crowd at the party. Alcohol was too cheap everyone was drunk and wasted (tbh it's kind of annoying). Seafood at the nearby night market was cheap too. My favs mojito was sold for around 12 ringgit, Satan bless the locals. Haha. Knackered quite early. Headed to bed before feeling sorry. Goodnight peeps!


Dec 31 2018

Here comes the highlight of my trip, the New Year's Eve! I'll start with what happened at night then followed by the day. So don't get confused.

The night was nothing like I imagined. IT SUCKS IN A MILLION WAYS WUHUUU. Okay before we get into details, I must admit that the sky was so beautiful. With hundreds of lanterns an hour before midnight, I've never seen anything like that. It was amazing, romantic, beautiful, and so calming. The fireworks went on for more than an hour. Starting at 11.30 pm to almost 2 am, the sky was full of fireworks and lanterns, both big and small. The party at the beach got crazy. Everyone I saw was wasted. I had a long day and decided to rest before joining them at the beach but my wasted neighbor DID NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. I was taking my nap at around 8pm when he simply pulled my curtain, offered me his beer and when I told him I'm resting I've got fever, he apologized, turned to others and called me an ugly weak bitch. Not to mention before he got in the room, he was knocking everyone's door shouting "WHO THE FUCK SLEEPS ON NEW YEAR'S EVE". Dude, who the fuck got wasted at 8 pm on new year's ever?

They left the room and I continued my nap. Actually I started to think that the drink I had a night before was a really weird blend. I got sick that night till the next day (which is today). It tasted nice but weird at the same time so I decided to not drink and just enjoyed the beach party. As always, I overslept and only woke up at 11.30 pm. I quickly grabbed my jacket and headed straight to Patong Beach.

Bangla Rd and Patong beach were crowded af. No kidding. The wave of people, the massiveness of the crowd, I can literally die. Literally. Just die struggling to gasp for air. I've never been in a crowd like that before. The worst for me was always Bukit Bintang on Christmas night and KLCC on new year's eve. But crowd in Patong on new year's eve just left me speechless. Struggling to breath I found myself a spot not too far from the stage to sit and relax while waiting for the countdown. Guys, the crowd was goddamn amazing, the whole stretch of the beach was full with neon lights and people, sky was so beautiful with fireworks and lanterns, BUT, the countdown was lame as fuck. LAME AS FUCK YUP YOU HEARD ME. I was expecting more of togetherness in counting down but tbh, nope, I aint heard anything from the stage crowd. It was so disappointing. Fireworks were pretty and stuff, but KLCC is still unbeatable. :)

Kuddos to the security of Patong and all the cops. Despite the massive crowd, they were everywhere to guard the place and assist you. :)

The crowd got insane. I headed back to the hostel, grabbed some soft drinks and chilled at the rooftop with few other fellow hostel mates for a couple of hours to finish the RM25 kebab i bought for dinner. I didn't want to screw up my biological clock so much (lol) so I decided to snuggle. Headed back to the room to find this bunch (again with the annoying neighbor) chilling around, loudly in the room. Greeted them and off I went to sleep but did they let me sleep? Of course NO. They had to beg each other for sex (bear in mind they're all solo travelers) in a most desperate way I've ever heard. Yup I eavesdropped them wayy too much you can't blame me. They were too loud and it's a freaking dorm.

Oh their conversations were goddamn hilarious. "Oh yeah she's my fuck buddy for Phuket", "Oh that girl? She's Malaysian kind of cool but she sick", "do you want to fuck?", "I'm afraid of STD", and they continued laughing talking drinking whatever. I fell asleep and awoken by the sound of them making love. GOSH. Never stay at a hostel on peak season like this.

They left me a little surprise. I woke up the next day with a bottle of beer I never had by my side. I have no idea how it got here and when it got here (cuz I pulled off the curtain. Unless they opened it and left it there). I wasn't even drunk (didn't even drink) although i did leave my room for nearly an hour to the washroom but yeah. Not the best hostel experience I had. It was new year's eve anyway. What do i expect?

Okay so before all the above started, I actually went to James Bond Island and completed another trip with Klook. As mentioned earlier, you need to have faith when booking with Klook. So i did not call or even text them. All i did was waiting and they came (tho a little late and freaked me out a bit but they came and picked me up). James Bond Island trip was focusing more on sightseeing. There was no snorkeling. Only one swim stop at Naka Island before heading back. No fish no coral only few meters of clean and clear water from its beach. Perfect place to do parasailing or jet skiing. Canoeing is one of the highlights of the trip, walking in the sparkly ice cream cave is another. This trip is a lot more expensive than Racha and Coral Island as it offers more stop and sightseeing.

Going back, we were stuck in the traffic for two hours in a cold-like-a-fridge mini van. Hence, the cold, fever, loya, etc. Hence, the nap. Hence, the chaos my neighbor caused. Till tomorrow.


Jan 01 2019

Nothing is planned for today. But I came to one conclusion, I am not doing solo anymore. I've learned and seen what I needed. It's too early to say this, but I really don't feel like doing solo anymore. Don't get me wrong, I am so happy for this third solo but I AM DONE BITXH. I am grateful for all the opportunities I got to travel on my own, being all adventurous, mixing with travellers from across the globe. but bitxh I'm done. You heard me? I'M FCKG DONE.

Waking up without the alarm is heaven. Not knowing what to do, Omer suggested I go to Tiger Kingdom. Initially I thought Karon/Kata is possible. But damn, the transportation cost here is really high. You might wanna travel in group here so you could split. lols. So yeah, I took a tuktuk to Tiger Kingdom. I paid 1,500 thb (including return transfer) for a 15 minutes playing time with a medium sized tiger aged 18 months. :') They're beautiful but.....Allahu so expensive.

Mango juice for lunch. Turkish shawarma for dinner with Banana Nutella pancake as dessert. Nasi goreng and Caramel Frap from Starbucks for supper. Oh I forgot the two cans of ice lemon tea I had when finishing up this post. WOW. I ATE LIKE A PIG.

Final jalan jalan at Bangla Road. Had an oil body massage. Seriously, it was nothing but just a lady touching my body (not to mention the guy next door or should i say next curtain, cuz basically that's the only partition, is having his happy ending massage and yes they couldn't be more obvious with the sound and what not). No pain, no feels, nothing. 400 thb, okay la kot. Bought some souvenirs and booked the transport to the airport tomorrow.

Now I'm just gonna chill at Bearpacker Hostel Rooftop while watching this bunch getting drunk one more time. Haih. Aren't you guys ever get tired? lols

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