Dec 29 2018

We rose eary, really early, this morning to catch our flight to Merida. At 4:00 a.m. the airport was not too crowded and we breezed through check-in and security. Our 7:00 a.m. flight is on time and we settled in our first class seats.

Our flight was almost uneventful. Our plane from Chicago to Mexico City sat at the gate for about twenty minutes causing us to cut our time between flight very close. We ran through customs and just made it to the gate.

We arrived in Merida and all is well. The house is beautiful. We walked to Santa Lucia Square for dinner at Apoalo. The city was bustling tonight. The streets were crowded and the squares were packed with musicians and other street performers, along with others peddling their wares. The walk was a bit much for my travel weary family. After dinner, we forwent drinks and walked back to the house and called it an early night.


Dec 30 2018

I, unable to waste the day in the comfortable king bed, rose early expecting to be the only one in the house awake. To my surprise, Chris was sitting by the pool. I put on some coffee and we just sat and enjoyed the peaceful morning quietness.

The bougenvilla and other tropical flowers and trees attract a variety of birds. Hummingbirds and yellow finches are keeping us amused while the mourning doves are crying to us. We heard a couple of flocks of green parrots nearby but cant see them. One of our neighbors must have a fruit tree that the parrots love.

After a brunch of eggs, queso fundido, freah fruit, tortillas, and micheladas, we decided to relax in the pool for a bit. Latin music, sun and is good.

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