Apr 07 2019

We arrived at 10am after only one hour of sleep because we had Marieโ€™s & Charlotteโ€™s birthdays the night before.

We checked in at Grandma Kaew House and had a bit of sleep until lunch. We rented brand new motor bikes there that were really good. For lunch, we found a Thai place called Yok Lor where everything was in Thai and it was delicious.

Then we headed to the white temple. It was gorgeous but unfortunately full of Chinese people... To chill at the end of the day, we went to Chiang Rai beach. It is not known by tourists, there are only Thai people bathing and chilling with beers and dinner on the side of the river.

We had diner at the Night Bazar with many dumplings ๐ŸฅŸ and did some shopping at the Sunday Night Market.


Apr 08 2019

We first headed to the Baandam Museum (Black House museum). The Thai artist Thawan Duchanee lived there and built 40 black buildings exposing its collections and artworks.

Then, we strolled in the Botanical Garden of Mae Fah Luang University. It was so hot!

To go to Mae Salong, we chose to take a road in the mountains that had beautiful viewpoints and nature and also almost no cars. We came across a beautiful temple that made us think of Kingโ€™s and Queenโ€™s pagodas in Chiang Mai.

We arrived at the Ching Foui Tea Farm but it was Memorial Day so it was close. We just walked a bit in the tea fields.

After that, we went to Doi Thung to visit the queen-mother house. It was really nice.

As the sun went down, we did not have time to do Tham Pla Cave and went directly to Mae Sai. Nothing to do at all in the city, we found a boui-boui to have dinner and did nothing else.


Apr 09 2019

Our hotel, Bua Putumma Resort, has a place to have breakfast with a view on the rice fields so we enjoyed our Thai breakfast.

Then we took the road to the Hall of Opium museum. It was kind of hard to see, especially the end, but very interesting.

We arrived at the famous viewpoint of the Golden Triangle but it was kind of disappointing. Even though it was not too foggy I thought that it will be much more impressive.

After lunch, we headed to the blue temple in Chiang Rai with a side road that was nice. The blue temple was beautiful especially in the light of the end of day.

We arrived at our guesthouse Baan Baramee and had a very good diner in a French place (not expensive) called Crepes Corner.


Apr 10 2019

We drove to the Chinese temple, Wat Huay Pla Kang. It has a beautiful view from the top.

Then, we discovered a bit of the Singha Park but with our motorbikes so we could not see much. The ideal is to wether leave your motorbikes at the entry and go in an hop-on / hop-off golf car, or keep your motorbike to the top and rent a bike there.

We had lunch in a very local restaurant where we didnโ€™t even understand what we ate, and then we went to a vegan restaurant to have an avocado toast and fruits with muesli ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ‰

Our flight was in the afternoon so we came back to Bangkok for Sachaโ€™s birthday.



Chiang Rai


Mae Sai District


Golden Triangle Park


Chiang Rai



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