May 05 2018

Avalon Airport


Sydney Airport


Circular Quay


I left Melbourne in super early morning. I was living in Melbourne CBD, so my first trouble was here!

I wasnโ€™t realize that in early morning Tramโ€™s frequency is not usual... I mean I had to wait for next train around 10 mins(usually just 2-5 mins)... so, Iโ€™ll miss the bus which goes to AVV airport...that mean I might miss the flight for this trip WHAT A DAY!

I was literally FREAKING OUT!

I ran from tram stop cause I cannot wait!
Then, I ran to a car that parking on the street..I knocked the window and asked for help...he was really nice. He picked me and dropped me on time... gosh I know itโ€™s trouble but I was freak out to do thatใ…  ใ…  so shameful ใ… ใ…  thank you that guy from bottom of my heart. You saved my life.

Then I arrived at AVV airport and fly to Sydney!

I made a reservation to
โ€œSydney Harbor YHAโ€
Itโ€™s quite more expensive compared to others because there are a highlight at the rooftop of this hostel, you can see the Opera House!

If you want to get this view, you might go to a $400 per night hotel. Luckily I found this hostel.

Anyway, if you donโ€™t mind the view you can choose other hostels to save cots.

- spectacular view! OperaHouse view ofc!
-the rocks area
-staff friendly

-even its not far from Train station but there are a lots of stairs!!!! **warning** itโ€™s located like up in the hill. I was so tried to walk up stairs
-a bit expensive comparing to other hostels

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