Jan 17 2019

It’s Tuesday....Looking at the Hulyo app I found tickets to Verona for $179 from Jan 17-20 (Thu-Sun). So, at the spur of the moment we decided to go to Verona for the weekend. Booked a hotel (Trieste), found a doggy sitter and off we go. The flight departed at 6 am so we left home at 2:15. It was windy and stormy. Took us one hour to drive and park at the AP.

Flight was with Neos airlines, an Italian charter company. Checked in on the arrivals floor where there was surprisingly a long line. But that was because of the other airlines. The security screening also took long and we were finally in the rotunda at 4:45. The plane was an Arkia 767, a rather old model and it was apparent. Fortunately the flight was empty so we had the seats we wanted. Flight took off on time and arrived 9 am local time. Verona Airport is tiny. No sleeves, onto a bus and passport control.
Bus from ap to central train station Verona.

Checked in to Hotel Trieste and started strolling the city

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