DAY 20

Apr 14 2019

We arrived early in the morning and went straight for a stroll around town. Dead. It was Sunday and — we found out later — a public holiday. We were a bit disappointed and regretted planing on spending 3 nights here. However, we met 2 nice ladies who told us to go to barrio Italia! Lucky us it was Vendimia festival — wine, music and fun!! We walked a lot and were pretty surprised to see how lively and cute the streets were at Barrio Italia.

DAY 21

Apr 15 2019
Free walking tour around Santiago

We are fans of these tours! We always end up learning the little details and secrets of the city and at the end you give as much as you want/can. Our guide was Franca and he was super nice and told us about history, politics, food and culture! We walked from Plaza de Armas to Barrio Bella Vista! We learned about the Mapuche people and Salvador Allendre, Terremoto and Pisco Sour drinks, Chacarero and Barros Luco.. and of course, Ash had to try a Chacarero sandwich right after the tour 😂

At the end we walked through Barrio Brasil, where are staying, and cooked dinner at the hostel! Santiago is an expensive city. We are hoping that Bolivia will give our wallets a little break!

DAY 22

Apr 16 2019
Arts and soccer day

Today we decided to visit some museums and come back to the hostel in the arvo to watch the Champions League.

The National History Museum was being renovated, GAM no longer had the exhibition we wanted to see, so we ended up at the Bellas Artes Museo! Art in Santiago — as many other things — is very political, which we meant we got to see images of parts of history we had learned recently.

Ajax played against Juventus and won! Ash was very happy with the outcome! We were supposed to have a TERREMOTO — typical drink — to celebrate but opted against it.

Tomorrow we should wake wake up early to travel to Valparaíso!

DAY 23

Apr 17 2019
Valparaíso here we go!





Arriving to Valparaíso wasn’t easy! A simple bus trip that should have taken 1.5hrs ended up taking 4hrs! We arrived a little bit later than we expected, but still on time for a short stroll!

We stayed at a new cool hostel, very close to everything. We had an empanada at Rosita and went on to explore the area around Cerro Concepción. To be honest, our first impression wasn’t the best! Tam said it reminded her of Rio, but with an ugly sea view! However, once we started exploring we realised that the place was simply full of character and the houses were super cool and cute. Very simple construction, but they make it in a way that it’s just different, very cool, very personal.

We realised we were going to dig Valparaíso.

DAY 24

Apr 18 2019
Valparaíso and its cerros

Today we explored Valparaíso a little bit more and were super happy to learn about this cute town’s history.

We visited the higher areas of town, the former prison — which is now a cultural centre and Ash finally tried a chorrillana!

We stayed at this nice hostal, who’s hosts were super helpful and even invited us for a parrilla at their place! We had a lot of fun :)

DAY 25

Apr 19 2019
Pastel de Choclo and last day at Valparaíso

Easter is a good time to be in Valparaíso! Plenty of life on the streets. Unfortunately, we missed out on the crucifixion of Christ! Yes, these guys stage a whole crucifixion, where “Christ” is actually hurt throughout the whole thing. I feel bad for that guy!

Anyways... we tried Pastel de Choclo, which is delicious and we went back to our fav part of town — Cerro Concepción — and were surprised by an amazing street band. We were a bit late for our bus to San Pedro de Atacama, but was totally worth it :)



San Pedro de Atacama


DAY 26

Apr 20 2019
Bus to San Pedro de Atacama

Probably one of the worst bus rides! We are getting used to these long and overnight bus rides! However, this one was just awful. We were very happy to finally arrive to Atacama! And considering the 25hrs in a bus — and almost no stops!!! — we decided to walk the 15 mins to the hostel to stretch our legs! Had dinner at a family-run food truck and went straight to bed!

DAY 27

Apr 21 2019
Bike ride through the desert

Today is prep day for Uyuni and to explore the Atacama desert! We were advised not to eat meat, to not drink alcohol and to drink plenty of water. We also made some Chachacoma tea, which is supposed to increase oxygen in the blood and help with altitude!

In the afternoon we rented some bikes and went on to explore the desert! Best and most economic way to explore the desert! We had a blast!!

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