The Thailand Creative&Design Center (TCDC) is very close to the Bangrak Post Office so we go there after. It seems like a gallery. We explored the first floor. There was some quotes for us to use as a prob for taking pictures. Then we went up to the 4th floor(if I remember correctly) to the rooftop garden. We planned to sit and relax there. Unfortunately, it was so hot and sunny. I heard that there are so many things we can do here but you have to pay for the entrance fee.

Eventually, it was already evening, we found a way to get to the BTS station by getting on the Chao Praya Express Boat from Sipraya pier to Sathorn pier. From Sathorn pier, we walked a little to reach the Sahantaksin BTS station then we travelled home.

That's the end of the trip. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it😊 Let me know what you think about this trip! Have fun😆

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On a sunny day, my friends and I met up at Saphantaksin BTS station. We decided to wear Thai style clothing which we don't normally wear😂 Then we headed toward Charoenkrung Rd. We don't really know the way, so just opened Google map along the way😅

It took about 10 minutes to walk to "Bangrak Fire Station". It was once a fire station but not anymore. We walked through the soi which both sides of the soi are old walls but that made them look really cool👍🏻 Cameras are not allowed, we can only use mobile phones to capture pictures. There is nothing much here but you will DEFINITELY get some cool pictures!

After spending some times relaxing, we are ready to go out and expose to sunlight. Our next stop is the street art wall in the soi "Charoenkrung32" The walls are nice but the paintings were lesser than I expected. There was a Tuktuk parking, so I hurried took picture of my friend sitting on it before the driver come hahaha.

The afternoon sunlight and the long walk made us feel a little tired. Our last stop for today is called "So Heng Tai" We walked through small soi to get there. This place is a Chinese style house which provide some spaces to sit and relax. The sign said that you have to order one drinks per each in order to chill here. However, at first we didn't see the sign, so we just walked in and explored around. To be honest I didn't plan on writing a blog so I didn't capture the surroundings. I'm so sorry but If you are interested, you can search on google. Also, the colourful wall is located along the way out of that place.

It was late morning, the sunlight was so strong. Luckily, I brought an umbrella, otherwise I would get sunburn. Thailand is so sunny and in my opinion, it is a really good place to visit if you want to get tan:) We then walked to Bangrak Post office. No, we were not gonna send a post or something, but again taking pictures haha.

After that we decided to cool down and rest at the cafe "warehouse30" There is free wifi available for customers and we found some spots for taking pictures. We ordered some ice-tea and ice-chocolate. It was too expensive compared to the taste (it doesn't taste good in my opinion) :/

Saphan Taksin


Charoen Krung Rd


Wat Suan Phlu


Bang Rak Fire Station


Bangkok General Post Office


Thailand Creative and Design Center


Warehouse 30


Soi Charoen Krung 32


So Heng Tai


We started with walking to "Wat Suan Plu", a temple. There was very less people and it seems like it didn't open yet, probably because it was too early morning. However, there are some nice spots for taking pictures.

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