Dec 02 2017

So we started our journey, and this time with a pretty impressive achievement - no heavy baggage, only 5 hand-luggage trollies! I decided a while ago it is doable and will make our lives so much easier, and here we are - traveling light, even though it's a winter trip, with ski suits and accessories and all...

We landed late in the evening, and so we stayed in a small hotel near the Marco Polo airport - Antico Moro. A cozy place with good breakfast, not a bad start.


Dec 03 2017

First thing in the morning we started heading to the ski resort Passo di Legno & Passo Tonale in the Alpes, just 3.5 hours drive from Venice. For a nice break and a walk we stopped in Verona, the city of Romeo & Julliet. But before any cultural adventures, a must-have from the kids' perspective - an Italian pizza place!

We walked the streets to the Arena - an impressive Roman Colosseum, where kids had a chance to really jump up and down.

Then we walked some more to the Julliet's house with her balcony before continueing on our way to the mountains.

But not before a small stop in a really nice ice cream (gelato) place - Amorino...

We arrived pretty late to Passo di Legno, so... the only thing we could do was to go eat again :)
A small restaurant with a great vegetables soup and a good glass of wine was a nice ending for the long day.

The first thing Aviv checks in the restaurant - the WiFi :)
But most of the time he (and all the rest) was reading.


Dec 04 2017

The next morning we rented all the ski equipment and got ready to rock & roll!

But wait... everyone is hungry again...

The next important thing - set up a ski lesson for Yardush. He will learn how to ski better and we will sample the routes with Aviv and Arbel. Eduardo is the lucky teacher, or the way Yarden is calling him - Yarduardo :)

Ok, let the fun begin!

Not less important - a good cup of hot chocolate on the slopes!

After Yarden's lesson we all skiied together, more or less

And lunch time again

And dinner too...


Dec 05 2017

A new and full day of ski - everyone is excited, even Yardush is chatting about Yarduardo all the time and about the routes he did with him.

Today all the kids have 3 hours of lessons in parallel (Yardush with Eduardo and Aviv and Arbel with Laura), and we use the opportunity to go higher to the peak of the mountains. The view on the top is really breathtaking!

The entire site is not very challenging and is also half closed yet, but it is more than enough for the 3 days we have and for the level of the kids. So now we take the slightly more difficult red route from the peak, just Uri and me.


Dec 06 2017

On the last day in Passo Tonale Aviv didn't feel well, so he had to skip the lessons, and we had to skip our few hours of free time :)
Eventually it was a nice day, Aviv got better and skied a little with us, and overall it was a lot of fun.

In the end we skied till the last minute, till it was dark (!) and the cables almost closed (I really didn't like it). And then Arbel just had to wait for the "special" cable cabin, colored as an Italian flag. It was a really long wait and it was cold, but we did it anyway...

In the evening we had dinner in the best restaurant in Passo di Legno - San Marco. It was indeed a good place, though kids didn't appreciate it much (no pizza), and gave us a hard time, but nothing that a glass of Italian red wine couldn't solve.


Dec 07 2017

On the next morning we headed back to Venice, stopping on the way for a nice cup of coffee by the Iseo lake, in a place called Opera.

By evening we got to Venice, including returning a car to the airport and taking a bus and then a boat to the actual center and our apartment.

It wasn't very late, and we had to eat, so we went out to a recommended pizza and restaurant - Birraria. A warm place after the cold street, a good food and a nice atmosphere - not a bad choice.

We stayed in a very nice apartment - Ca' della Scimmia, in the center of Venice


Dec 08 2017

The next day we walked all over Venice, though it was rainy all day long. We didn't give up, and explored the city by foot (gondoles and such was out of question).

Arbeli got very enthusiastic about the Morano glass stores, and we also bought a nice feather pen for writing her story books.

While Aviv got mostly excited from the Star Wars sword we bought - the highlight of the trip!

And we walked some more...


Dec 09 2017

And then it was time to go home :)
It was really an amazing family vacation, with a nice mix of sports, snow, city walks and good food (though I have to say the food in Israel is even better :)).
Now we need to plan the next adventure...

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