Dec 16 2018

On the plane, 1:09 pm

Yay! We’re finally on the plane! I took a lot of photos of the small city and the cute puffy clouds. Sometimes I wish I could bring a small part of cloud back to my home. Can show off to my friends. Hehe!!😈😈

On the plane, 1:36 pm

I’m starting to get a little bored.

On the plane, 1:46 pm

Argh! The plane is shaking! My things kept falling! And then I have to pick it up again.

On the plane, 1:07 pm

Finally! The plane is stable! Now! What I actually want to write is the tips on going to Thailand.

Tips on going to Thailand

•Always follow daddy and mummy or else will get lost

•Be alert. It is very crowded, especially at the Sunday Walking Street Market

•Most important: Have fun and be happy!

On the plane, 2:05 pm

Daddy decided to let me buy a Maggi Hot Cup Chicken. But I’ve waited for so long but I still haven’t seen a steward/stewardess pushing a food trolley! I am starting to get hungry!

On the plane, 2:07 pm

What’s worse now someone using a microphone announce that in-flight services will be cancelled until the weather turbulence ended! Oof! So that’s why the plane was shaking earlier! It is because of weather turbulence!

On the plane

Yeah! I can finally eat! Yums!

On the plane

Bye! I am going to play Flappy Dunk on Ipad!

Chiang Mai International Airport, 3:33 pm (TT)

(TT) means Thailand Time. Yeah! We reached Chiang Mai! It’s beautiful! I love it!

We went to look for a taxi for four persons. A small car for 2 to 3 persons costs 150 Baht. A big car for four to 5 persons costs 250 Baht. A man introduce an airport van which can ride 14 to 15 persons and it costs only 200 Baht! Of course we should choose to ride the airport van!

We are on the airport van to our hotel. I loved the Thailand motorcycles! It looks so cute! On the way, I saw a lot of tuk tuks and 双条车s.

Duangtawan Hotel, 4:37 pm

Wow! The hotel is so luxurious! It even have a disco ballroom and spa! We stay in 1031 and 1033. It is a connecting room. I can go to my parents room easily when I am bored.

Sunday Walking Street Market ,5:38pm ( TT )

We walked to the night market. Dad said that it is one of the world’s biggest street market. It has a 古城 around it. When you see it, it means you are close to the market.

Sunday Walking Street Market , 5:45 pm

My mum bought a lot of clothes. She said that my eldest sis requested for that. We were all suddenly hungry, so we ate 炒粿条. It is a little sweet. Sweeter than Malaysian Char Kuey Teow, so we are okay with it only. 🤪🤪


Are these all new emojis? I saw it when I was using the emoji keyboard.

I bought two elephant bookmarks and a pencil case.

Sunday Walking Street Market, 7:57 pm

Wow! A group of people even performed illusions and fire dances! They are so skilled! Bravo! A lot of people donated to them! I also donated to them!

There were a lot of street singers in the street market. Can’t help feeling sorry for them. But my parents didn’t allowed us.🥺🥺

My feet are so tired from all the walking, when we reached our hotel, I just flopped on my bed and accidentally fell asleep.🤭🤭🤣🤣

Wow. I envy all of you. At least you can go out and travel like a real traveller. All I did is sleep in the locker. My master put me and the ipad in the locker and locked it. So the cleaner won’t mess me up. Pity bear! 😥🧸Well, I won’t have to worry about the cleaner then.

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