Aug 08 2017

Yay! It's another adventure with my college buddies! Our Bohol trip experience was so amazing (thanks to Kuya Vem of Bohol Transport!) and we all decided to have another group outing because we really enjoyed each other's company.

This time we decided to go to Iloilo,the "City of Love in the Philippines".Before, I really have no idea what Iloilo has to offer though my grandfather from my maternal side was from that place none of us in the family ever gone there. I was really excited that time because I will go to the place where my grandfather grew up and will be able to discover what Iloilo was all about.

It's around February or March 2017 one of my friend booked our roundtrip ticket going to Iloilo.It's actually a seat sale from Cebu Pacific and luckily we had our ticket for a very affordable price (I think its around 600+Php per head).

All were excited to go to Iloilo especially going to the beach! Aside from its famous Batchoy (noodle soup) they are also popular because of Gigantes Island.

I actually didn't know that it is located in Iloilo.I already saw a few photos and when I confirmed that it is located there, personally I was really excited because one of the highlight of our trip was going there!😂 I love everything about beaches, (though I am not good at swimming😂) I don't care if I get tanned or turn my skin 10 shades darker hahahha 😂😂😂 as long as it's an awesome place I'm good to go 😊.No worries at all🙌👍

Another reason that made me look forward to this adventure was because of Guimaras.It's just a 15 minute boat ride from Iloilo and was really excited to go there because of their Mangoes! I actually tasted it and was the sweetest among all that I ever tried.

Here's our itinerary on our 3 day adventure:

Day 1

0530 Arrive at Iloilo International Airport
0600 Travel From Airport to Bancal Port
0900 Arrive at Bancal Fish Port
0950 Start of Island Hopping
1000 Pandan Island
1030 Tangke Lagoon
1130 Go to our island to stay
1200 Lunch
1330 Gigantes Norte Light House
1415 Antonia Island
1430 Bantigue Island
1500 Cabugao Gamay Island
1630 Back at our accomodation
1730 Early Dinner

Day 2

0600 Prep for second day Adventure
0730 Breakfast
0800 Start trekking going in a cave
0930 Back at accomodation Free time
1130 Lunch
1200 Carles to Bancal Port
1245 Arrive at Bancal Port
1300 Travel back to Jaro City
1545 Arrive at Jaro City
1600 Check in to Bellevue Pensionne
1930 Food hunting and explore the city
2000 Dinner at Ted's
2030 Back at the accomodation

Day 3

0700 Van transfer to Iloilo port going
0730 Drive thru Breakfast
0800 Arrive at the port
0815 Arrive at Guimaras
0830 Start of Guimaras tour
0900 Smallest Plaza
0930 Ordered mango pizza at PitStop
0945 Arrived to Old Guisi Light House
1030 Next stop Trappist Monastery
1130 Mango Farm
1200 Back at Pitstop to get our pizza
1215 Photo op to Guimaras City Hall
1230 Drop by Pasalubong Area and port
1245 Guimaras port back to Iloilo
1300 Arrive at Iloilo Port
1330 Travel to Garin Farm
1445 Arrived at Garin Farm
1620 Travel from Garin Farm to Iloilo
1630 Drop by to Pasalubong Store
1755 Arrived at Iloilo Airport
1820 Boarding Time
1850 Travel back to Manila

NAIA Terminal 3


Iloilo International Airport


We actually don't have any contact person to land transfer going to Bancal Fish Port for our Gigantes Island Tour. There are alot of cabs,bus and van outside the airport. Our group decided to rent a van for 3500Php for a group of nine. (390Php per head) It was a 2 to 3 hour drive going to the port.It's also our time to take nap before our adventure start.

We ate at an eatery just near the highway for our breakfast (60Php per order)

Iloilo International Airport


Bancal Fish Market


We headed next to the island where we are going to stay to have our lunch.
It is most likely a small village of fishermen and the people there are very welcoming😊

After an entire day of island hopping we headed back to our accomodation to rest.


Aug 09 2017

We woke up by 6 am in the morning to start our second day tour.

We actually thought that it is another island hopping but it is a short trekking going to a cave. The stones going up were a bit sharp and I was having a hard time to balance my steps going up.

At first,I was decided to go but because I was not feeling so well,I just stayed to explore the sea and swim instead.Luckily,one of my friend also decided to join me😊

Islas de Gigantes


Bancal Fish Market


Our second day was mostly travelling back in the city. We paid for about 400Php each for our van transfer going to Jaro City. The UV service terminal in Jaro was a bit a far from the actual city so we needed to ride another cab. 100Php per cab of 4/5 person.

We are actually finding a place to stay for a night in Jaro City. Luckily,our cab dropped us to a nearby pension house (Jaro Bellevue Pensionne)

After a long tiring day of travelling,we decided to take a rest for a while.

Dinner Time. After resting for a few hours,we decided to stroll the city and look for a place to eat. Iloilo was known for its yummy Batchoy and it is our goal to eat that night. Most of the La Paz Batchoy store nearby were all closed because its already quarter to nine. We asked a few vendors,tricyle driver and even an enforcer on where can we eat their famous noodle soup. One barbeque vendor told us that there's a 24 hour La Paz Batchoy House but we have to travel a bit far. Since we are all eager to taste it,we decided to ride a jeepney. That time all the PUV were full and we are having a hard time but luckily a jeepney driver stopped in front and asked where are we going. We told him we wanted to eat La Paz Batchoy at Ted's and he said he could drop us there (I think he was about to go home because his jeepney was empty and no signboard in front) and it was like we rented the whole jeep we had a video (but I can' post it here) of our adventure that night going to Ted's. After we arrive in the area,it was all full of bar and restos,it feels like we never left Manila. We are a bit lost hahahha (so we asked the guard where is this famous place to eat Batchoy) luckily a few steps away we reached the resto!

It is actually a nice resto,I was thinking of an old fashion eatery before we headed there.

The place is good, clean and spacious. 😊

Ted's Oldtimer Lapaz Batchoy


Jaro Bellevue Pensionne


After our La Paz Batchoy dinner, we honestly don't know how are we going back to our hotel.One tricycle stopped infront of us and asked if we wanted a ride. We told him to drop us at Biscocho House(we thought of that landmark because it is just beside our hotel) and he said yes to drop us there, but we are trying to figure out how are we going to ride in his trike because we are nine in our group,so were actually about to refuse when the driver moved a bit forward on his seat and said he could fit in us all! 😂😅. All of us was a bit confused on how are we going to ride all nine inside.Hahahaha 😂😂. By the way,his tricycle has a front and back seat (2 infront and 2 at the back facing the opposite side) design good for 4 and another 2 beside him (back ride) and approximately it could only carry a total of 6 passengers. But due to the excitement,we tried to fit in everybody we made it 3 in front,3 at the back, 2 back ride and we ended to one person and we just blurted out he could fit in the roof. Hahahha 😂😂😂. We are a bit scared because we are actually on a highway and us inside an overloaded tricycle. We actually had a video with a hashtag #SaanAabotAngTricyleMo (unfortunately I can't post it here). It was actually a fun experience with your weirdo friends Hahahaha 😊😊😊

Tricycle Fare: 15Php per person

Bellevue Pensionne. We decided to have a meeting regarding our trip tomorrow. We wanted to go to Guimaras and a side trip going to Garin Farm. Our schedule was a bit hectic because our flight going back to Manila is by 1850 and if we are going to push thru our Garin Farm trip it would take about 2 to 3 hrs travel going and another going back to the Airport. One of my friend has a contact person for our itinerary tomorrow. We decided to push our 2 itinerary with a certain amount of time each.

Our Guimaras and Garin Farm package was 5500Php(612Php each)


Aug 10 2017

Ortiz Wharf


Jordan Guimaras Jetty Port


We arrived at Guimaras! Here we met our tour guide for today Kuya _____? and ride in a jeepney service provided. Hahahah I forgot his name! 😂😂😂

We decided to have a city tour instead of going for another island hopping because we are on a tight schedule.

Jordan Guimaras Jetty Port


Ortiz Wharf


It's pass 12 noon when we reached Iloilo city.Our van service picked us up from the port to travel to our next itinerary-Garin Farm 😊

We were actually out of time to even eat lunch.As soon as we arrived in th city,we immediately go to our next destination.

Garin Farm was literally a farm 😂😂😂 but what makes us eager to go there was because of what we saw in social media "An all white landscape" it is depicting what heaven looks like and the view that gives us the excitement to go there.

According to our research,it'll take about 2 to 3 hours land travel to reach the place. We were a bit risky about our time (because our boarding time in the plane is 1820 and it's pass noon now,and we were just about to go there) but all of us decided to push through with the last itinerary.

Good thing our driver was a pro! Though it's a bit scary he is actually driving super fast (I think it's normal here in this place to drive with that speed,even our first van transfer was so fast that we didn't even notice that we already reached the port) 😂😊😀 For me,it felt like I am inside an ambulance trying to reach a hospital for the next five minutes.

There it goes we reached Garin Farm just in time! 😊

After reaching the top. We went on the same stairway to go back and had some snack at the canteen area.

There are also other activities you can try here inside Garin Farm.

We tried their Ice cream bar for only 12Php.

Outside Garin Farm,there are few pasalubong store and I saw they sell Cream Horn. It is a sweet Ilonggo delicacy.Cone shaped crust with Dulce de Leche filling.I only knew it because of my bestfriend who kept reminding me to buy that.Back with the pasalubong area,I was about to purchase but the lady said that they are out of stock and if we really wanted to buy it is better to order in the direct supplier just a few minutes away from Garin Farm.

I was a bit sad because it was pass 1600 and we are on a hurry to catch our flight.We just ended going straight to the airport.

Thanks to our pro-driver he actually stopped at the supplier of cream horn.I was really happy we drop by a few minutes but a bit afraid that we might not arrive at the airport exactly for our boarding time.

Cream Horn: 19Php per piece

Our driver drove really fast and even find alternative ways to shorten the distance of our travel going to the airport. It is nice to know that my friend already checked us in online earlier that day so we just have to worry on reaching our boarding time.

Just right in time,we arrived by quarter to 1800 for our boarding time.

We thanked our driver for his effort in reaching the airport on time. We still have extra time to arrange our things before we board the plane. Luckily, we don't need to pay for extra baggage allowance.

Terminal Fee: 200Php

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