Jul 05 2018

Im planning to go for one-day trip to Malacca with my best ever girlfriend 😍, Yasmine💕 because we rarely going for date outside from KL city. Then, she ask me if we can go to one-day vacation and she suggested that we try go to Malacca where the all the attraction places is centralised and it didn’t take to many time to go all the places. Therefore, I make a planning and researched about all the places and expenses that we will go and use because we both are still student and of course that we’re YOUNG and BROKE HAHAHA 🤣

“Don’t you think a great date is when we planned it well ?”


Jul 06 2018

Taman Sri Angsana Hilir


Casa Mila Condominium




We planned to start our one day trip to Malacca at 6.30am but both of us are waked up so late and I’ve to pick her up at her home and after finish our presentation and picked my ❤️ up, we start our journey to Malacca

“Stay save, and drive carefully”

Parking Lot


Muzium Samudera


After arrived at Bandar Hilir Melaka, we searched for cheap parking rate to park our car and we found a parking park where the price is really cheap which is RM2.00 per entry. We decided to park our car there and start walking to the Maritime Museum based on our early trip plan. There is where we take a lot of photo together as a memory of us

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