Oct 11 2017

Welcome to Tokyo!

This is our first family trip to Tokyo as well as my first trip to Japan.

Visa application for Japan isn’t as hard as it seems. My family & I were granted a 5-year multiple entry visa on our first application. Hence, we can visit Japan anytime we want. No more hassle on the visa application.

We were lucky enough to be able to purchase a seat sale ticket from Jetstar. Our roundtrip ticket costs for about 7-8k per person w/ baggage included RT.

So let’s start!

Our Day 1 ☝🏼

Our flight was from MNL - NRT via Jetstar. We left MNL at around 1am and arrived at NRT by 6am.

Upon landing in NRT, we waited until 8am for the kiosk to pick up the unlimited subway tickets we bought thru Klook App.

We rode the Regular Keisei Line up to the station wherein our Airbnb is located which is the Gotanda Station.

Checked-in at our Airbnb and rested then off we went to explore Tokyo.

First stop was of course, Shibuya 🚦

Went to Hachiko Statue, crossed the famous Shibuya Crossing & ate at Ichiran Ramen 🍜


Oct 12 2017

Disneyland Day 🎢🎡

Purchased our tickets thru Klook App.

It’s a 2-day Disneyland & Disney Sea Pass worth around Php 5k+.

No matter how old you are, Disneyland will make you feel really happy 💞


Oct 13 2017

Disney Sea Day ✌🏼

The one and only Disney Sea in the world 😍

Disney Sea was amazing 💞


Oct 14 2017

Day 4 👋🏼

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply doesn’t know where to shop 💸


Oct 15 2017

Day 5 🖐🏼

Went to see Gundam! ✌🏼 And my dad arrived in Tokyo as well as he was on business trip to France before he joined us in Tokyo 🇯🇵


Oct 16 2017

Day 6 💃🏼


Oct 17 2017

Day 7 🕺🏻


Oct 18 2017

Day 8: Our last day in this beautiful place called Tokyo 😢💖

Overall Expenses: (in Peso)

Airfare: 7,500+ (RT via Jetstar)
Airbnb: 36,000 (for 6 pax, for 8 days) - Gotanda Station
Travel Tax: 1,620
Pocket Money: 20,000

Booked before the travel expenses:

1. Disneyland & Disney Sea: 5,000+
2. Unlimited Subway Ticket: 740 (for 3 days)

I think I spent around 27,000 for this trip for myself only hehe 😅

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