Feb 02 2019

I was never one of those people who always have an itch to travel. I was never a travel bug, and so I thought. After getting my passport,(finally, after years of my sister convincing me to get one) my best friend and I spontaneously planned a two out of country trips to celebrate our birthdays.

As I was a first time out of country traveller, I immediately took it upon myself to “over” prepare documents. Thankfully I did! Because the IO who interviewed me was very intimidating and demanded a lot of documents. But with all the requirements on hand, I just answered all the questions confidently and made my way to the boarding gate.

First stop:
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

NAIA Terminal 3


Tan Son Nhat International Airport


Arriving at 1:00 AM in the morning was not very ideal but the airport was nice. There are a few open stalls to buy sim cards & exchange money but I didn’t see any convenience store or some place to eat.

Because we have to wait for our airbnb check in, we decided to go to a 24 hour coffee shop in District 1. And so we booked Grab and made our way to Cafe Thuc.

Vietnam is Coffee! ❤️

We spent and wasted 3 hours in that coffee shop while waiting (and hoping) that our airbnb will allow us early check in. By 5:00 am, we decided to leave and battle with our sleepyheads to walk around the area. It’s in District 1 after all. And you wouldn’t believe how great of an idea that was!

Since we also had our trip coincide with the most awaited Tet Festival in VN, we managed to see the flower art installations without bumping into a lot of people.

After that, we went to Phó 1954 to have our very first taste of Phó! Will definitely choose this over ramen anytime of the day!

Then, finally! We were allowed early check in at our Airbnb! Hooray!!!!

Once rested, we left and made our way to District 1 where most of the touristy shops and activities are.

But before that, here’s a view of our balcony:

We decided to just walk and experience Vietnam through the eyes of the locals. Little did we know we were already walking for almost an hour. I guess that’s one of the beauties of travelling, you wouldn’t even notice the time.

We stopped by a few tourist spots. Unfortunately, I am not big on taking photos so I wasn’t able to cover all the spots we went to.

Then finally, DINNER!

Last stop for the day was meeting my friends, Agot and Paul, who have been living in Saigon for almost 2 -3 years now. We met at Crazy Buffalo, had drinks, and then moved to another place where they serve finger foods that go well together with beer.

Bui Vien, is a very nice place to go to, especially if you’re a party animal and really loves having a good time. Unfortunately, both me and my best friend are not. So the Tita in us decided to leave and go home around 12MN.

- END OF DAY 1 -
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