Sep 29 2017







So today i go to Rome. I always am dreaming about going to Italy. Why i choose Rome ?
Well there’s no special reason or maybe there are.

First a friend of mine is in Rome because she has to attend choir competition in Rimini and Florence.
Secondly i get to visit two countries in the same place. You are right; Vatican, country within country.

I have to transit in Milan about 3 hours.
But there were some delayed on the way so i just have to wait only for about 45 minutes


Sep 30 2017

I arrived at Rome on 5.30 am.
It was way to early, but fortunately there was one Tabachi (tabaconist) opened, so that i could buy a 72 hours tickets. It cost 18€

From Triburtina i took a metro line B to Termini station and change to line A to Baldo degli Ubaldi.
I stay at a monastery during my trip in Rome.

As soon as i arrived the nun gave me some breakfast. Then i slept for 2 hours to recharge my energy.

The first place i visited was Musei Vaticani.
I took a tour inside inclusive St. Peter Basilica in German. It cost me around 40€. The guy gave me some discount because; first i’m a student at germany, second i’m under 26 and i look younger than my age. They thought i was like 16 or 18 y.o.

The reason why i took the tour in German not in English was so i could learn German while enjoying my trip. There are a thousand ways to learn a language, right ?

And my tour guide, Gabrielle, was just awesome. The tour was 1 hour longer than the normal tour, but it was worth the money, thou.
I could of course skip the line and was not have to stand in line for the basilica.
He is so indigenous and so detail.

After the tour i visited the St. Peter Basilica.
It’s humongous and lovely.
I wish i could see it every day.

It was a really long day.


Oct 01 2017

I woke up early today, went to a mass.
The first place i visited today was Fontana di Trevi.
It’s unbelievable. I don’t know how they built it. It’s a jaw dropping site.
The water was so blue, the sculptures are very detailed and huge.

The next one was Piazza di Spagna, where the spanish steps are.
I think i had the advantage because i went to the two sites so early. There were not so many people so i could enjoy them more.
At spagna there are also a lot of branded shops.

So today i got to meet a friend of mine, Luisa, who had 2 chor competitions at Rimini and Florence.
We decided to meet at San Pietro and waited the Popes came out and gave a blessing. Unfortunately he was not in town. I was so disappointed because i specially arranged my visit here to Vaticano at Sunday, so i could see him.

Luisa and her group then performed at San Pietro and attracted the people.
It was a proud moment for me to see my friend performing in front of a lot of people in a foreign country. My tears were almost running over my cheeks. lol

We were going to lunch together and Piazza di Venezia and Colosseum.

I was really happy that day, to meet my bestie here. At least that day i didn’t feel like a stranger in foreign countries, yes countries; Italia and Vaticano!

I wish i could put here in my pocket and bring her home to Germany.


Oct 02 2017







Before i went home, i visited pantheon piazza navona and some small churches surrounding

It’s time to go home.

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