May 05 2019

In exactly one month I will be leaving my children alone at home for the first time, I will board a plane on my own and make my way to Italy and France for a whole month. This trip was supposed to be a 20th anniversary travel gift for my husband and I. But Jason died. And I am grieving. Have I have been grieving for almost 2 years. It will be 2 years on May 9th. I burried my husband on Mother's day, so that too is a painful reminder that he is gonne. Then there will be his birthay on June 1st, he would've turned 52. On June 11th is my birthday, I will be 45. And our 20th wedding anniversary would be on June 2nd. To say that this is a pretty shitty time for me and my girls is an understatement. It's a series of consecutive shit storms.
But I am alone, for all those dates. Now its a journey I have chosen to do on my own.

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