Mar 30 2019

March 30 we left Boston on 5:20pm to Frankfort. Very crowded Boston to Frankfort Munich flight @ 830 better option.
Landed in Frankfort on 31st. On to Nice great flight.


Mar 31 2019

Arrived in Nice. We met Valerie and had a quick bite and visited for about an hour.
Barry and I headed for the flight to Paris. I found out I cannot take full size iron in carry on. My travel one ok, yup they checked my carry on!
Got to Easy Jet no gate assigned.
Then they asked for volunteers to check bags but did not say where they needed to go. Very disorganized. We go to scan boarding pass and are told that pocketbook counts as carry on we had to check our regular carry ons which were smaller than limit cost 60.00 Euro each !! We will have to do same when we return. Baggage fees total more than round trip flight for both of us! Kicker we get on plane overhead bins plenty of room!
Flight was good landed in Paris late but got to rental car only to wait as they did not have car we ordered! Fun day!
We headed to Bayeux. Stopped for some water and a snack bag of Madeleines. The apartment was beautiful! Good Night! We have been up 28 hrs straight!


Apr 01 2019

April 1 Happy Anniversary 30 years!
We went to find breakfast. We found cute little sidewalk cafe. I had croque monsieur and Barry had quiche! We had Cafe American. Barry also had banana and chocolate crepe!
An American couple stopped by Melissa and Greg from Dallas. Nice couple kids had given him plus 1 trip for 60 th. Bday. Melissa said I am the plus one I’m mom! This is their first time to France and landed last night and are so unplugged already. They are going to Paris then home via Iceland!
We connected with Flo he will meet us in front of cathedral at 1.
As promised Flo met us he was so happy to see us.
He has a new ford van to transport people on tour. He is just back from 8 day tour to Belgium with 40 kids.
Off to Normandy! Flo is so passionate as he speaks about his tours and the history of the area.
We toured Pointe du Hoc and Omaha beach as well as the cemetery and witnessed taps.
9300 Americans buried in Normandy! Only 1 % not identified those crosses say “only known to god”
Very moving.
We went to one of the temporary ports, Arromanches and had dinner. There was a couple from The Netherlands and a couple from China. A group of 27 were eating in the other side of restaurant. The owner apologized to us and stated there would be a delay in our service. The man from the Netherlands asked just how of a delay are we talking. He said given today is Monday. We all laughed and the owner said he would bring us pork pate and bread and no charge for our beverages.
Pork Pate is actually like salami thick cut. Not as hard though. Very good.
We also stopped in to a WWII collectible store very many interesting things. Flo brought us back to apartment we will meet him again tomorrow! Amazing day!


Apr 02 2019

We went to visit The Tapestry of Bayeux. This tapestry is an embroidered cloth nearly 70 metres (230 ft) long and 50 centimetres (20 in) tall,which depicts the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England concerning William, Duke of Normandy, and Harold, Earl of Wessex, later King of England, and culminating in the Battle of Hastings. It is thought to date to the 11th century, within a few years after the battle. It tells the story from the point of view of the conquering Normans, but is now agreed to have been made in England.
It is on display in what was the seminary of Bayeux.
The audio tour is excellent. It explains each panel of the tapestry in depth.
We also visited the museum.
We met Flo at the restaurant as planned. The food was excellent. Flo has introduced us to cidre which is indigenous to that part of France. It is very good. I would liken it to our hard cider.
Per usual Flo found someone looking for a relative in the cemetery. Flo checked his resources and could not find the person but promised the man he would research and get back to him. Flo does this all day long.
Barry also gave his USS Boston card and then explains the organization. It is entertaining to watch the two of them tag team!
We went off to the Poppy Shop. I of course bought a tee shirt.
Poppy’s are the flower of remembrance. Moina Michel of Georgia is given credit for this after WWI.
We said our goodbyes to Flo.

We left Bayeux and headed to Paris. Snapped these on way out of town

On to Paris
Arrived at hotel after taking almost 2 hrs to get across city.
Room was very small, no parking,
We ate at Prosper Cafe recommended by hotel desk.
I had a chicken Tandoori Salad Barry had vegetable lasagna. Both were very good.
We went to the Monoprix for water then back to hotel. Tomorrow we tour Paris.


Apr 03 2019

We left the hotel it took us an hour to go 6km due to construction. We parked under the Pullman hotel very close to the Eiffel Tower!
We found a restaurant right away for breakfast. In France the maître d comes out on the sidewalk and talks you in.
We had a great breakfast. And an awesome waiter!

On to the Eiffel Tower!
After finding our way to the entrance and encountering all the typical people wanting to sell you something, we entered the park.
There is construction of course. Lots of ducks and their babies “Tres minion”!

We got in line. 25.50 Euro to go to the top!
We met two women in line with kids. They ended up being from Lansing MI. They were staying in Amsterdam for the week and took the train down to Paris. 3hr Trip

We went all the way to the top after waiting about 90 minutes in line.

After the Eiffel Tower we headed to the “Big Red Bus Tour”!
This bus makes 10 stops through Paris. We saw the opera house , the Pyramid at the Louvre , Champs De Elyses, Arc de Triompe, Notre Dame Cathedral then back to the Eiffel Tower.

We decided not to go on the boat ride on the Seine as it was very cold and windy. We headed back toward our car.
We stopped at the Le Castel restaurant for dinner.


Apr 04 2019

Up early to fly to Nice!
We checked out of the hotel and headed for the airport not knowing how long it would take to get there.
We stopped to fill up car and the continued on our way.
Arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport 2.5 hours till boarding!
Ok let’s get something for breakfast

Went to departure gate and waited .....
They began to call passengers at 10:00. We got in line. No issue with carry on luggage this time!
Flight very good to Nice!
Easy Jet crews are very nice.
We landed in Nice and went to pick up car. Long line at Avis and Budget took an hour. Then another hour to figure out GPS
Off to Villefranche! We stopped at Carre Four market.
Joe Masata was at store and noticed Barry. They spoke for a minute.
We paid for our groceries and headed to apartment.
We arrived at apartment found parking

We texted Valérie and headed to Les Palmiers for dinner.
In the Wilson parking lot the anchor still resides. Information regarding the markings is now posted for explanation of swastika.
Barry’s name appears as a contributor to the research! How cool is that!

Richard and staff greeted us at Les Palmiers!
Great wine, great food , great friends! Valerie joined us for wine. Phillips was making dinner for her so she had to leave.
We collected our suitcases from her.
Back to the apartment


Apr 05 2019

We are meeting Valerie for lunch at 12:30 at Bistro du Coin Serges restaurant.
Showered, unpacked and we were off again.
We parked at the soccer field and walked to Serges.
We waited outside by the koi pond and I took pics of bird of paradise

We went on to the restaurant. We waited for Serge to see us. As always he greeted us with great fanfare.
His new restaurant is lovely. We choose a table outside as last year it rained too much and we had to eat inside.
Valerie joined us.
This restaurant changes menu every day !
Barry had the Bistro Du Coin burger avec frites Maison, Valerie had Greek Salade Avec Agneau, I had Auvergne avec ail et oeuf bio!
Everything is French no English menu, no American soda ( no coke, sprite etc).

Then dessert....

Valérie went back to work!
Barry and I walked to the beach

Walked back and headed to the Casino Market before heading home.
Came back to apartment and did some wash!


Apr 06 2019

We began our day with breakfast at the apartment.

Then off to the Navy League meeting at the Citadel.
We met Valérie, Heidi, Kees, Dorothy, & Batch there.
Typical AGM reports on organization.

4 new members join Barry and I included

Walk to Villefranche to see the plaques.

We all meet at La Mere Germaine
Champagne first

Excellent meal which began with a pate of pork and spices some liver but had the consistency of fine ground hamburger.
Then fish with vegetables then a magnificent version of Black Forest cake that had a chocolate mousse fillings and the best cherries! Expresso! The wine served with lunch was from the vineyard of one of the Navy League members.
Such a great group of people.
Valerie gave the history of her grandmothers restaurant!
Lovely Day !

We returned to the apartment as it was raining.
We did go out for supper very late like 9:00pm. La Corderie Restaurant right next to our apartment under new management everyone says it’s very good.


Apr 07 2019

We are awaiting weather to clear. Thought we might go to Toulon but 2 hrs away and would need an earlier start.
We have breakfast

Let’s go to Nice !

We walked through Nice stopped at a boulangerie for quiche and croissants for breakfast.
We checked out some of the stores.
Headed back to Alziari olive store. Bought our supply of olive oil basilica. Headed back to car.
We left Nice and took the road to the right at the port. Nice ride through here we had never gone this way.

Back to Villefranche !
We went to SUD wanted to get something for Hayden and Nathaniel.
Went across and in the store was where there are some cute sandals. I am trying to decide which to buy. We went to the shop we usually go to And went in and found what was perfect for Nathaniel!
Back down to Les Palmiers for dinner.

DAY 10

Apr 08 2019

We are off to Toulon today

Toulon is about 2 hrs away.
We are planning to visit the Naval Museum and Mt Faron

After getting through Toulon traffic and dealing with wacky GPS we arrived at the Museum which is located next to the base.

We found this museum to be very interesting.
Toulon is the largest base in France!
Barry spent some time on this base because the Springfield was in dry dock here for a time.
The museum is done very well with audio tour guides. Everything explained very well.
The rope factory was interesting to hear about as the building had to be as long as the rope they were making.
The paintings of the docks depicted very well the life during the different periods.

On to Mt Faron.
We were going to take the cable car but it had closed early due to the wind. They were only bringing people down from the top.

We drove up the mountain to the top.
At the top there is a Memorial, Museum, restaurant, gift shop and a zoo.
We arrived at the top about 5 pm.
We had crepes at the restaurant.
We visited the Memorial. It is dedicated to the 1944 Allied landings in Provence (operations Dragoon) and to the liberation of Toulon.
The museum was closed.
The view however was amazing.
Mont Faron is 584 meters (1916 feet) and is mostly limestone.

On the way down we found this fort

We headed back to Villefranche.
We went to Les Palmiers and talked to Richard the owner for a long time. He decided to join us for dinner.
We got back to apartment at 10:30.
Good Night!

DAY 11

Apr 09 2019

We walk today!

We headed into Villefranche.

I just happened to stop at this point and thought what a lovely swimming hole. There were flat rocks to lay out towels and get some sun.
Barry said look
A perfect J. Jimmy must be looking down on us.

We continued on to town

We had to go to the Post Office. Then we headed to Rue Edith Duhamel to place flowers.

We continued to walk about town. Marisa greeted us by the park. We went to Valerie’s studio and then she took us to see the new office space for the 6 th Fleet group.
We continued on the the Boulangerie to get quiche and a dessert for later.
We headed down to Les Palmiers where Barry and I shared a burger and a caprese salad.
Snapped pics along the way.
Walked a total of 3.3 miles today !

DAY 12

Apr 10 2019

We are planning to walk the loop of Le Plage Paloma.

After we headed to Beaulieu for gelato but alas no parking available.
Tried to get gas they were all out.
We headed to Nice for gas.
Back to Villefranche for Gelato.
Went up a level to a new place.
Walked around the town. Stopped for a coffee at Les Palmiers.then back to apartment.
We are meeting Valérie for dinner at Les Palmiers.
Great dinner.
Saw Jim and Aneka , they just arrived from Brussels.
Also met 3 ladies from Wisconsin. Gave them info on the village.
Had a great dinner with Valérie discussed plans for meeting and picnic.

DAY 13

Apr 11 2019

Simple breakfast today. Croissants, coffee, fruit and yogurt.
It’s raining! Oh well.

We are off to Eze.
Eze is beautiful in any weather.
We decided to take the dash cam.
It took us a minute to figure it out.
The camera fell and the screen cracked.
This made using the touch screen a bit challenging but we got it to work.

We walked up to the village.
Barry doing well with walking up to some of these heights.

The village of Eze has many artisan shops and restaurants. The views are spectacular as well.

This is the restaurant we ate in today. La Taverne. Barry has Gnocchi Gorgonzola I had ravioli with ricotta and spinach. And of course dessert!

Some interesting things at the restaurant. The placemats are drawings of the local children. They are laminated. Very cute!
Also we have seen many uses of sewing machine tables. This one is used as a vanity.

More of Eze and the church

And of course Eze is home of the famous Fragonard Perfumery! Scent for 2019 is

DAY 14

Apr 12 2019

Brakfast of course!

We are going to walk the path toward Nice!
This path can be treacherous is places.
We will see how far we get!

Les Americans 6 th Flotte meeting 5:30 PM
Barry to present his report. Valerie asked that I read her report in English.
We met Phillips and Valérie at the Citadel. We are expecting 40 people.

After the meeting Mayasa Restaurant provided wine and hors d’oeuvres.
Then 21 of us headed to Achills for dinner.
I met a women named Christine she lives in Beaulieu. We had a very interesting talk.
Marina and Philip caught up with Barry and I.
We enjoy them so much.
The table was served 1 magnum and 4 bottles of wine! Thank you Phillips.
We all chose off the menu for our entree.
I had lamb with risotto it was excellent! Barry had the burger. We split Cafe Gramond this is 3 small desserts and coffee.

Oliver Jude and Sylvie were there. Sylvie presentes me with a gift. Turns out she is a chemist at cosmetic company in Monaco.
Oliver and slyer said there good byes as we will not see them again before we leave. Olivier promised to stay in touch.
We drove Philip and Marina back to hotel.
We will pick trem up tomorrow for picnic at Bob Sweeney’s house.

DAY 15

Apr 13 2019

It’s not all fun and games here. Someone has to do the wash!

The picnic at Bobs turned out to be an inside lunch due to weather being iffy!
We started with Champagne and conversation. Bob was an officer on the Springfield when Barry was on board. He is originally from NJ.
His house is nice built on the side of a mountain on the Moiene Cornish. # 18200
Valerie, Phillips, Marina, Philip, Barry and I were guests of Bobs.
The meal began with a salad of greens, blueberries, strawberries, cashews, cherry tomatoes. White balsamic vinegar and a bit of olive oil.
Rose wine
Then onion tart
More wine
Chicken and sausage and tomatoes tart
More wine
Cheese and bread
More wine
Fruit and baklava
Dessert wine
Coffee Irish or regular
Then Limoncello
The meal took 3.5 hours.
Good friends, good wine, good food, good conversation!
Bob has a beagle dog named Luke.
Great dog that Bob rescued.

Then a salad of

We said our good bys.
Philip Marina Barry and I went for a coffee at Les Palmiers.

We took them back to hotel.
We all agreed time was too short.
We will plan to meet with them next year for longer.
They may come to the states and we will hook up there as well.
Aí revoir mês amis.

Back at the apartment we had the un expected pleasure of fireworks across the bay

DAY 16

Apr 14 2019

We are off to Nice .
Brunch this morning will be at Pop O Tyme.
Every year we visit the owner Jean Marie.
When we arrived we found out that Jean Marie was actually ill and home resting. Barry left his card.
They have a good breakfast here.
They make all kinds of crepes sweet and savory.
Off to shop!
Then to the beach.

DAY 17

Apr 15 2019

Last day in Paradise!!
After packing we headed to town!

Said goodbye to friends at Les Palmiers

Walked through Villefranche taking a few last pictures

Had lunch at Bistro du Coin

Walked some more! More pics!

Dinner at Valerie’s & Phillips’s in Nice!

DAY 18

Apr 16 2019
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