Apr 02 2019

One day trip in Bangkok and destinations are mostly temples.
This trip, We did 14km walked and around 20,000steps. To make it a good trip, you need good shoes for walking, drinking water, hat, and google map somehow.



Wat Kaew Fah Chulamanee


📍Home-Wat Kaew Fah Chulamanee (วัดแก้วฟ้าจุฬามณี)
Wake up around six in the morning and a view from my window shows that there is no traffic jam this morning so that we get in the bus around half past seven.
🔻bus No.66 to Kiak Kai (เกียกกาย)

Breakfast Break

📍On lok yun-Wat Mangkonkamalawat(Leng Noei Yi) วัดเล่งเน่ยยี่
We decided to take the bus at first, but after filled our stomach with toasts and eggs that makes us walk to the next temple.
Wat Leng Noei Yi is Chinese temple.
🔻Bus No.7, No.21 from across On Lok Yun cafe to Klongthom (there is tiny Starbuck on the corner before the bus stop, and the temple is next to Starbuck )
🔻On feet; Turn right when left the cafe and turn right again at the corner of the street. Then walk straight about fifteen minutes then look for Starbuck.

📍Wat Leng Noei Yi-Wat Chakrawatrachawat(วัดจักรวรรดิราชวาสวรมหาวิหาร)
It is a bit difficult to find this temple as Yaowarat and Sampheng is confusing.
🔻walk through Yaowarat and Sampheng

📍Wat Prayunwongsawar-Wat Kalayanamit(วัดกัลยาณมิตร)
🔻walk a few minutes from the former temple.

📍Wat Kalayanamit- Wat Arun ratchawararam(วัดอรุณราชวราราม)
🔻TukTuk in front the former temple
🔻Walk, but i’m so tired...

📍Wat Pho-Bangkok City Pillar Shrine(ศาลหลักเมืองกรุงเทพ)
🔻Bus No.47 from across from wat pho to Sanam Luang

@Bangkok City Pillar
Walk pass The Supreme Court and it is supremely hot.

There is a sign said not to buy flowers from outside the Pillar.

Refill Energy

📍Bangkok City Pillar
To the last destination

🔻Bus No.70 from Sanam Lueng(across The Supreme Court) to Army Region 1 (กองทัพภาคที่1)

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