Mar 10 2018

Park Mckinley West


Halo-Halo de Iloko


San Juan


When you and your friends decides to go on a beach trip just because. 😊

We went on an early shift just so we can leave early, we left McWest at around 4am. We were 8 and had 2 cars with us, i was on the 2nd car with Renz, Jel, and Arlyn, we left a bit late than them.

First stop over, a gasoline station somewhere north to get something to eat and coffee!!

Coffee and few snack and we're set to go.

1st car was already a bit far from us we just decided to meet up in a restaurant in La Union where we will be having lunch.

Few hours of driving and we arrived at Halo-halo De Iloko, one of the most famous and suggested place to dine up north. We got there at around 11 or 12 noon just in time for lunch. Luckily we had reservations, waiting line was long, it was indeed a go to place.

Just a few more hours to drive going to San Juan. It was past 12noon when we left the restaurant. We planned to go grape picking and pass by one of the museum (i think) before checking in but we decided to just check in. We havent had any sleep yet, we wanted to get a shut eye first before we drink the night away. Before 2pm we arrived at San Juan had an early check in at Costa Villa. We just dumped our stuff change in to a more comfy outfit and went straight out. So much for a shut eye. LOL.

After a few rounds of beer we decided to head back at our hostel to freshen up and rest a bit for dinner and, well, night out of course. 😃 We slept maybe around 2 or 3 hours and by 9pm we went out. We decided to walk a few blocks to dine at Surf Shack unfortunately they're full for the night so we decided to eat at the restaurant beside that. It was an open area with an acoustic band i jsut forgot the name. We stayed there and had a few drinks (again) until midnight.

After dinner, we went back to Flotsam and Jetsam for their night party. Full of millenials i must say, but that didnt stop the titos and titas from having fun. As per my friend -- "dun tayo sa wild" LOL. So we drank and danced and drank some more. Party ended around 2am with a bonfire by the beach. We headed back to the hostel after that.


Mar 11 2018

We woke up early to get some breakfast at one of the carinderia along side the road then prepped to spend time at the beach before heading home. We spent a good 2 or 3 hours playing with the waves and those waves really hit us hard. We were like kids, so carefree and relaxed, tumbling down and rolling in the sans as the waves hits us.

By 10 we head back to the hostel to prepare. By 11AM we checked out and went to Surf Shack (finally) to have lunch before we continue our drive home.

We left Elyu at around 1 or 2PM and arrived Manila at around 7PM. It was an awesome, quick vacation. Just right to loosen up some stress from everyday work.

I'd love to go back soon. Try surfing maybe. 😊

Surf Shack La Union



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