May 07 2019

Krong Poi Pet




Another stressful border crossing, mainly because I was left to my own devices and ended up in Thailand trying to find a bus and not knowing who to trust. But I found a Cambodian woman who I had seen on my bus on the Cambodia side and I ended up at my hostel in the end - so all good🤗

Made friends with an older French woman who ended up also going to our hostel and so we had a nice walk after a taxi driver tried to rip us off.

Katie then arrived later that night and then Lolly arrived too! It was so nice to see her finally🎉


May 08 2019

Nice long lie in before we went to see Wat Pho.

We ended up at a random temple before hand and then made our way to Wat Pho and the reclining Buddha - it was huuuuuuge. We then tried the Grand Palace but it was closed due to there being a new king in town.

We then went to a massive shopping market with loads of fake clothes but the police people turned up due to copyright laws. It was crazy all the shop keepers started running around everywhere lol. The food we had there was sooooo good aswell.

We then decided to see if we would be “taken by Bangkok” and go to Koh San Road - the famous party road of Bangkok. It was really good and we all had a good night


May 09 2019

After figuring that there wasn’t much else to do but temples in Bangkok we went back shopping😂 Katie found an M&S and a huge very western mall and then we went back to the fake mall to buy some more cheap clothes.


May 10 2019

4am start for our flight to Chiang Mai 😴 we got there and watched a few films before lunch.

We found a pretty square of boutiques and a road of coffee shops and then headed back to the hostel for a drink on the rooftop.


May 11 2019

THE BEST DAY EVER!!! The day I’ve been waiting for - elephant day!

We fed, walked and bathed with the elephants. The babies were just like puppies in the water rolling around, it was so cute.

In the evening we also decided to get a real sense of Thai culture and see a ladyboy cabaret show 😂


May 12 2019

A very chill day, we went to a local market for lunch and then for a swim.

In the evening we went to for a Sunday roast 😛 and then watched the football at a bar - a very British day all in all.


May 13 2019

Chiang Mai



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