Apr 02 2019

Well here goes nothing! 🙈

2 hour train journey from Darlington to Manchester airport done without incident 🤣. Currently sitting in the airport with an IPA listening to some chilled tunes. Another 3 hours until take off


Apr 03 2019

Into the last hour of my second flight and its flew by. Meet a Danielle in the airport who was really nice. On her way to Oz to see her boyfriend, was nice having some chat. Then inboard Matt was sitting next to me, an aussie rugby player who was spot on. Passed a good few hours chatting.

Well that was a nightmare! Finally landed and needed to get money changed (didn’t have a clue 😂) then train to the centre(ish) (again no clue). Rooms ok, concrete walks and floors says it all. Off for a beer and relax. Not many solos here 😢😢

1 beer down and decided to have a wander round bangkok. Hopefully wont regret the decision. Khao San Road is a 2 minutes walk away so going to venture out and see whats what. Isla when you are older i encourage you to see the world. You already the most travelled child around!

After sitting around the bar for an hour someone finally to pity on me. A german/American girl called Kira. She is also travelling alone and is such a nice person. Ended up heading to Khao San Road together and next thing its 4am 🙈


Apr 04 2019

4 hours sleep, no food and plenty of beer but feeling quite fresh this morning. I arranged with Kira to head to Ayattaya for a day trip. About 1.5 hour train journey ahead 🙈😂. No air con and not really knowing this girl. All part of life’s experiences!

Currently on the train back to Bangkok. Had an amazing day. We hired out a scooter and visited 5 or 6 temples. The train cost 40??? How? Been great spending the day with a friendly face and we have arranged to go to Koh Lanta together instead of me going to Phi Phi. Definitely met a great friend.

What a great night i had. We went for some phad thai and drinks at a place Kira had been last time in Thailand. Was so good. The night is one of the best experiences i’ve had. Sitting with a beer in the street chatting until 6.30am 😴. 3 hours sleep until i have to leave for my flight to Krabi


Apr 05 2019

Arrived safely in Krabi but I’m so tired. Cant wait to have a chilled night to be honest but missing my new friend a little. Just on the bus to the pier and then a boat trip to the hotel. Travelling alone is much easier than i thought and getting it all for really cheap 👍🏼

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