Nov 22 2017

Hello Seoul! 🇰🇷

It has been a dream to travel to
Seoul with my friends.

It has been a mantra for my college friends & I to go out of the country once a year.

2017’s destination is Seoul, South Korea together with my thesis-mates.

We scored a seat sale from Cebu Pacific which made our RT airfare just around 6k+(php) w/ baggage. (I am an avid seat sale “abanger” 🤣 - most of my trips are possible cos of the seat sales)


Nov 23 2017

Day 1 starts now! ✌🏼

Well, basically this day has been our Day 1 since we arrived at ICN at around 11pm.

Despite our lack of sleep & us arriving at our hostel at 2am, we managed to wake up at 10am to start with our IT 😅

Palace entrance is around 10,000W or 500php. (If you want to visit the 3 main palaces in Seoul you can get a ticket good for that 3 palaces).

Hanbok Rental cost around (15,000W or 750php) for 1hr.

Bought our tickets for the Running Man experience thru Klook and the cost is around 300-350php I think.

If you want to put a love lock at Namsan better bring a lock with you already instead of buying there cos the locks there are quite expensive.


Nov 24 2017

Day 3 👌🏼

IT for this day was to visit Gapyeong Area. It is really convenient to explore in SK that even though Gapyeong was far from Seoul it took us just more than an hour travel by regular train.

Regular train is cheaper vs the KTX. But the KTX will take you to Gapyeong in 40mins.

I suggest that you allot 1 whole day for your visit to Gapyeong. We weren’t able to go to the Garden of the Morning Calm due to time constraints. But if you really want to explore Gapyeong, leave Seoul by 7am and be there by 8am. Nami Island Ferry Port is like 30mins away by bus from Petit France.


Nov 25 2017

Day 4 is Lotte World Day! 😋

We’ve decided to go to Lotte World instead of Everland as this is the like “Disney” of Seoul. And Everland rides are too extreme for me 😂

You can experience an indoor and an outdoor theme park at Lotte World as well as a Skating Rink ⛸ There are rides good for both kids & adults 👍🏼 and they also have a parade which is done in the indoor theme park.

We bought our tickets thru Klook which is around Php 1.3-1.6k.

We ended our Day 4 with a little bit of shopping at Ehwa University area.

Tip: I suggest you do your cosmetic haul or shopping at Ehwa rather than in Myeongdong as items are cheaper. For example, we copped a Peri Pera Tint which is 3 for 10,000KRW at Club Clio (Ehwa) but when we went to Myeongdong branch their items were not on sale.


Nov 26 2017

Day 5 - Where to next? 🤔

Entertainment hopping & korean idols hunting 😂 Since the 3 of us are Kpop fans, we made sure that this was on our IT.

There’s a Dunkin Donut just across JYP.

Have some donuts & coffee. You’ll never know Suzy or Jackson or 2pm might appear 😂

Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky enough to see a K-Idol but we just had hunches like “Oh I think that’s an idol”.

I think since there’s an SMTOWN COEX Mall already, you may want to visit that instead. There are more idols who are spotted there rather than in this studio center.

But since, this is just a 2-5min walk from JYP, visit this as well just to take some snaps 📸

FNC Ent. is also just a 2-5min away walk from SM Ent.

In Apgujeong, you can visit these 3 entertainment companies. And I think BTS’ old company (Big Hit Ent.) building is located here as well as Cube’s.

We almost entered Big Hit’s building as they were holding an audition hence the doors and elevator were open. But we didn’t have the guts to really ride the elevator & go up to the agency’s floor 😅

YG Ent. is located near Hongdae so if you’re done exploring Apgujeong, have YG Ent. as your last stop for the K-Star tour. You’ll need to ride the subway to go here from Apgujeong.

Tip: Rather than doing your food trip at Myeongdong, do it in Gwangjang Market which we haven’t done. It’s much cheaper.


Nov 27 2017

Day 6 - our last full day in Seoul 😢

As the saying goes, “All good things come to an end.”

Well, if you’re a Kpop fan, you know that most of the idols have their own cafes or restaurants and it’s a must visit places. Of course, in the hopes that you’re idol might be the one taking your order hehe 💖

K-Style Hub is not just for Kpop Fans but for everyone. You can experience wearing hanbok for free, attend an art workshop or even learn how to cook Korean food. The best thing about this is everything is for free 😍

Just visit the or download the app.

Just across where the K-Style Hub is located is the Cheonggyecheon Stream 👍🏼


Nov 28 2017

Our flight was at 2am in morning so basically there shouldn’t be Day 7 anymore 😂

To sum it up:

Overall Expenses (in PHP)

Airfare: 6k (RT w/ Baggage)
Accommodation: 4k each - Road Myeongdong Guesthouse located 2min away from Chungmuro Station. Booked this via
(They serve free breakfast but self-service since this is a hostel)
Travel Tax: 1,620
Pocket Money: 15k
Credit Card Expense 😅: 5k

Total = 32,000php

For me, expenses in Korea are more expensive compared to my trip in Japan 😂

Well, blaming the cosmetic haul & shopping & a lot of eating & coffee breaks 🤷🏻‍♀️

But, nonetheless, if there’s another seat sale going to Seoul, I will definitely go back & probably explore other cities like Busan🤞🏼

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