Oct 26 2018

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Tijuana International Airport


Mexico City


Kim and I are joining our friends Shawn and Val for a long weekend in Mexico City. This is our first time to Mexico City and our first time flying out of Tijuana Airport. We took the CBX cross boarder bridge. This is a bridge from the USA side of the border right into the Tijuana Airport. Super easy and fast. Flying out of Tijuana was half the price of flying from San Diego or Los Angeles. It was a 3 hour flight and just in time for the insane Mexico City rush hour traffic. After a long Uber ride we got to our AirB&B and promptly walked to a market place that specializes in food stalls and fruit and vegetables. We arrived right as they were shutting down for the day so we had dinner across the street. After dinner we went to a Mezcal. This the drink of Mexico City. It is distilled from agave but is often referred to as tequila's smokey cousin. It was worth a try but I was not won over. We went into a beer bar next door for a local brew then off to bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day.


Oct 27 2018

Today is the day of the dead parade. We all know that Mexico celebrates the day of the dead but when the James Bond movie Spector came out they filmed a scene in Mexico City of a Day of the Dead parade. Until this movie this parade did not exist. After the movie came out the people of Mexico City decided to make it happen for real. Today was only the third year but the city has fully embraced it. It is incredibly popular. People were lining up 5 hours ahead on the parade route to get a good spot. Since the parade did not start until 4 pm we had some time. Kim and I woke up early and headed back to the market we visited last night to get some fresh fruit. They had it all. Chermoya, black sapote, mamey sapote, Chico sapote, just to name a few. After a fruit filled breakfast, off to an artisanal market to find some local goodies. Mission accomplished. Close by was the Diego Ravera Museum so we had to stop. Next was El Moro. This is Mexico City's most famous churros restaurant and man were they busy. It was worth the wait. Amazing. Now we were off to the Zocalo (Mexico City main square). This is the largest single square in the world and has been a city center since the Aztecs time. It is massive! In the center is a HUGE Mexican flag. The day of the dead parade would end in the square so there were lots of day of the dead shrines and decorations. The population of greater Mexico City is 21.3 million people. I think most of them were in or near the square, or at least it felt that way. On the edge of the square are the ruins of an Aztec temple. After checking that out we found the Federal Building that has tons of Diego Rivera frescoes. They were AMAZING. I saw so many things that remind me of the frescos he did in the Detroit Institute of Arts. So glad we got to see these and they were free. By this time it started to rain. People were literally EVERYWHERE. Somehow we got an Uber and went back to the room. My ankles were throbbing from the miles and miles we have walked today. The parade route was so packed (6 to 8 deep) that the best view was on the TV. For dinner we had El Pastor tacos. Imagine if Mexican street tacos and Gyros had a baby. This is it. Amazing.


Oct 28 2018

This morning we were off to try pulque. This is the oldest fermented beverage in the Americas. It is made from a plant that is similar to an agave and mixed with fruit or vegetable juice for flavor. The place we went to drink it was pretty dodgey. Caution to the wind, we tried it. Very interesting. Not sure I need to try it again but at least we tried. Next was more culture. Frida Kahlo is probably the world's most famous female artist and one of Mexico's most famous people. Her home has been turned into a museum and it is the most popular tourist attraction in all of Mexico. We had purchased tickets ahead of time and thank God we did. This is a small residential area that is over flowing with people, cars and huge busses filled with tourists. It's getting a little peoplely is an under statement. While we were thrilled to see where Frida lived and painted, the huge crowds made it very uncomfortable. We headed to get a beer and some lunch. After, Kim and I did some more exploring and had some great local session IPA. We meet up with Shawn and Val for dinner and tried some amazing mole enchiladas. Incredible. Slightly sweet with cinnamon and spicy all together. It was spectacular. I can't believe it's over already. We have to be up at 3:30 am to head to the airport to go home. It's been great. Thanks Mexico City. We will be back.

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