Nov 30 2018


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Zeynep and I are heading to Paris to celebrate her 48th birthday!

We are waiting in the beautiful St Pancras station having beer and burgers to get the party started!

The train from London to Paris is non-stop and we arrive quickly and without drama. A great start.

Arriving at Gard du Nord is a pleasure, it reminds me of every Eurostar journey to Paris. So much excitement in store.


Dec 01 2018

Excitement! Awaking at 8 for a great start to the day. The hotel is warm and lovely, and very well located next to the muse de armi.
Breakfast is heavy and laden with sugar. It’s cafe Karamel and everything Caramel is on the menu.

Today is all about celebrating Zeynep’s birthday so we hop into a taxi to go to Sacre Coeur. We arrive with the rain but taking a taxi is definitely a luxury.

The cathedral is beautiful, the view atmospheric and the artisan ‘colony’ a bit soggy. A few die hard artists are on the street trying to convince us that a portrait would complete the Parisian holiday.

We are fully in ‘taxi’ mode. The weather is bitterly cold on the hill and the rain isn’t helping at all. Off to the Galleries Lafayette, Opera and then finally to the Pompidou we go!

Arriving at the Pompidou we rejoin another queue but after 20 minutes we are in. An exhibition on cubism seems to be an homage to Picasso. His work takes about fifty percent of the exhibition. We see every bit of the Pompidou and by the end we are speed walking through the lot.

Upon leaving we see a lot more yellow vest protesters. There are a lot of them. One of them is intent on banging up every rental bike he comes across. Odd.

Time for a break of wine, cheese and charcuterie. We end up eating an whole baguette each. Maybe we’ve overdone the bread. We’re full already.

We walk the streets of Paris. There aren’t many Christmas lights up yet. The rain is unpleasant. It’s cold. We find our dinner reservation but we are far too early. So we dig into another carafe of wine.

Dinner is at Hébé. A new restaurant headed by a Michelin chef. It’s good, not great. But the price is fantastic. Getting a decent meal in Paris is hard and a good quality is always exorbitant. Another bottle of wine and we are chatting away with the staff and nearby tables.

Arriving back at the hotel we are utterly exhausted. No more photos, no more food. Time for bed!


Dec 02 2018

Ack.. we’ve both slept horribly. We had something close to a litre of wine each yesterday and slept terribly as a result. We struggle to get up and don’t leave the hotel until after 10.

We are off to the museum d’orsey. With coffee and a croissant to give us strength we join the massive breakfast queue.

The first Sunday of the month all museums in Paris are free. After 40 minutes of waiting we are in!

Joining the throng of crowds we systematically see every meter of the museum. By the end I’m exhausted. Zeynep thinks I’ve become grumpy and bored, but I really need a pick me up!




United KingdomGB
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