Nov 21 2018


Nov 24 2018


Nov 25 2018

Day 1 in Bangkok, Thailand

(okay, let's not make a dirty joke...)


Nov 28 2018

Day 4 in Thailand

omg fave place in bangkok
lol I asked for a Head + Shoulders massage specifically so that they wouldn't touch my feet and they still did twice RIP

the massage lady was really nice though! considering how clueless i was and how keeping my shoulders relaxed was lowkey impossible

Goodbye Bangkok: Thank you for being unapologetically CHAOTIC.
Not to mention incredibly diverse - huge elaborate malls co-existing with near-infinite street stalls and landscapes that look like it's never entered the 21st century (in a good way) right next door.

For next time: Try a motorcycle taxi and spend more time just wandering random suburbs

DAY 10

Nov 29 2018

Suvarnabhumi Airport


Hong Kong International Airport

Hong KongHK

Hong Kong! Haven't been here since 2009. Damn, these separate trips are separated by basically the entirety of my development (so far). And I still recognised the inside of the airport train immediately upon arrival.

Lmao the end of the taxi we took from HK Airport to our Airbnb was the first culture shock I experienced this whole trip.

Driver literally dumped us in the middle of the road because of the Famous Hong Kong traffic and parking situation (also we in the CBD). Got out with basically no warning while still pulling out all our luggage from the trunk - RIGHT in the middle of a bustling city road. What an experience hahahaha

Worth mentioning that this probably just shows how banana I am.

Saw people getting onto a nearby bus also right in the middle of the road, including queuing up over a lane. Fun stuff.

Hong Kong: SUPER chaotic mix of old and new, poor and rich, development and tradition. And elements of these dichotomies coexist in an unapologetically unsubtle way (i.e. RIGHT next to each other).

Took a bus up to The Peak. This was unexpectedly BEAUTIFUL, which I suppose would have been expected for a winding mountainside ride.

I remember a particular moment listening to the La La Land audition song, when foliage parted to reveal the massive Hong Kong skyline and harbour near sunset. It just became more and more beautiful as the song became more and more emotional. Hope this isn't something I forget.

The view here is one of the best I've ever seen and MUCH grander than any photo could capture. Worth the hype 1000%

Lol but this was our first day in Hong Kong. And we had spent the past 10 days in EXTREMELY humid environments, so the potential of Being Cold had completely escaped our minds. And so my mum and I ended up on a seaside mountain in a dress and a t-shirt respectively. Smort.

DAY 12

Dec 01 2018

Low-key miss and wanna go back to Australia at this point.

Sounds ungrateful but being with parents 24/7 with full-on days every day is actually taking its toll

Bye Hong Kong!

Love the infrastructure and the culture, hate the living conditions and the people. Although you can't have either without the other ironically.

Either way, though, the complexity of the city and its history deserve immense respect.

DAY 13

Dec 02 2018

Hong Kong

Hong KongHK



I'm liking Macau a LOT more than I thought I would (initial perception coloured by my, to put it in a nice way, lacklustre opinion of Las Vegas).

Think it's because it's less dirty and more elegant/classy than Vegas. And much less in your face (thanks for not handing out porn ads on the street).

Staying in The Venetian is absolutely COOKED and it still hasn't gone into me head yet.

Taiwan is amazing!! REALLY loving the juxtaposition between old and new in Taipei. It's got the efficiency and cleanliness of the modern city as much as it has exuberance and culture (which, at this point, has really has built its own identity independent from China!). From skyscrapers to trees to temples and memorials all around the city.

Found a kawaii af store BLASTING Fuck You by Lily Allen HAHAHAHA
SAD that I lost the video

That, my friends, is a Mood.

DAY 20

Dec 09 2018

First stop: Singapore. Last stop: Changi airport!

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