Aug 23 2017

Hello HongKong! 🇭🇰

I have an aunt who lives in Hong Kong so basically we went there just to celebrate her birthday. Not much of the sightseeing but more on shopping & eating 😂

Well and also helped her do some de-cluttering since they’ll be moving to Melbourne already..

We thought this trip will be cancelled already due to the Super Typhoon that hit HongKong as flights were being cancelled already. The flight schedule before us was cancelled but luckily ours wasn’t & we safely arrived.

Scored another seat sale via Cebu Pacific Air.

Our RT ticket was around 6k+ each w/ baggage.


Aug 24 2017

Day 2 ✌🏼

Our last stop was at the Sneaker Street.

Whenever I go to HK, I always make sure I go to Sneaker Street to cop some cheap and latest shoes hehe 👟


Aug 25 2017

Day 3 👌🏼

Since my aunt lives in Sai Kung, we just went around the area and did some grocery shopping 😂

Since it’s my aunt’s bday the next day, we went to her friend’s resto-bar at TST which is just across Shangri-La Hotel.

Well we did a little shopping then went to another bar which near the Victoria Harbor and waited until midnight to celebrate my aunt’s birthday 🍻🥂


Aug 26 2017

Happy Birthday to my Aunt! 🎂

Since it’s my aunt’s birthday, we just ate dinner with her friends at Sai Kung then had some drinks at her friend’s bar in Sai Kung as well 🥂


Aug 27 2017

Day 5 🖐🏼

Our flight was in the evening and we were waiting if there will be a cancellation since at the time we were in HK there was a super typhoon.

But, the super typhoon did not stop us from leaving the house. Haha! Since we were in Sai Kung we had to ride a bus going to Choi Hung Station. At that time, there were no bus at all & even taxis since there was a declaration that there is a super typhoon.

Good thing there was 1 bus who was working but charged us at around 50HKD each (It was supposed be just 8-10HKD i think). I didn’t it was like that in HK 😅

We just went to a mall at Kowloon but almost all of the shops were closed. I think the only open shop is Sassa/Watsons & the foodcourt.

After that, we just went back home & packed our things.

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