Jan 30 2018

ferry to casa blanca
henkys for my cuba libre
bob irish Hugh jackman
met robert ramone look alike and 2 mexican girls teresa and nancy.. nancys 30th
had mojitos at ernest Hemingways fave bar


Jan 31 2018

attempted walking tour. walked alone instead. streets of habana. malecon
drinking rum and salsa with roberto.. yania made us pollo y arroz.
bertolt brecht for cuban jazz fusion. too drunk. germans, Argentineans, adrian, bob, tere and nancy.


Feb 01 2018

trying to learn lots of spanish
colectivo to las terrazas - cinco cucs
villa tres hermanas
el romero for eco vegetarian dinner. nice to have some veggies!
dos cuc entry into waterfalls


Feb 02 2018

drove into town and caught bus to vinales.
casa seemed far out but nice
found eco vegetarian for lunch
met roomie maria
walked up mountain to viewpoint
caught in rain
excellent pina colada
felt sick
veggie lasagna


Feb 03 2018

horse riding
met twins anna and laura from germany
slow lunch too much cheese and bechamel
long shower
wandered vinales
little festival in main st
cam said he was coming start of march. extremely happy about it.
watched the dancing
met leone and laurlina
had delicious pork sandwich
restaurant with 5 girls had mojitos and pizza
dancing in main square til midnight.. old men loving dancing


Feb 04 2018

argument with casa owner about 5 cuc not invluded for breakfast. colectivo arrived with no sign of anna and laura and wanting 35 cuc instead of 30. disappointing end to vinales after a nice start watching the sunrise from the roof with maria.
drove to playa larga with a slovakian couple for 20 cuc. only took 4.5hrs in comfort and air con.
kinda windy and harassed on the playa. got a cocktail
went to a different excellent beach after expensive (100 pesos) street food for dinner. great live music. met two girls from Switzerland who had come back to larga for the band. zombie cocktail for 3 cuc


Feb 05 2018

couldn't resist the smell of the pizza around the corner of our casa for breakfast for 10 pesos.
spent morning on the beach. ran into anna n Laura. paradise
got another lift to cienfeugos with the Slovakias for 5 cuc
wandered up the malecon
found a moroccan looking hotel bar roof for sunset. amazing GnT
maria and i shared a pescado for din
scared ill put on 100kg here. need good fruit and vegetables
cup of tea with our hosts. they were gorgeous and speaking basic spanish for us


Feb 06 2018

lovely spread for brekky at cienfeugos
walked around historical square
asian lady singing opera
little markets and bought hat a bracelet and shark tooth (tiger)
taxi collectivo to trinidad
nice canadian and french girl in the car
city is super clean safe food is shit
met twins for sunset cocktail on rooftop then had pescado


Feb 07 2018

7hrs horse riding for 20 cuc
galloped with mazouga. maria told me to push into my stirrups and hold with my legs.. helped to not fall off. scraped arm on tree
met twins for sunset on their casas roof

DAY 10

Feb 08 2018

spent the day at playa ancon
rode bikes to n from 1 hr
amazing tapas for dinner.. best good in cuba so far

DAY 11

Feb 09 2018

AMAZING day on the catamaran
casa blanco island
seafood paella
making own cocktails and dancing with the bar staff
playa ancon we met a group of french
incredible lobster pasta
drunk french
casa de la musica.. maria drunk funny
izzy in hospital. shes home and ok now. dont know what i would do if anything happened to any of them. me not them

DAY 12

Feb 10 2018

no breakfast. early taxi to varadero
saw maria again at a chance stopover
full occupancy but found a place with a lot of help from the lovely martha torres
varadero is weird.. all inclusive hotel tourists
nice glass of wine in a cave
dinner in an art gallery - shocking art

DAY 13

Feb 11 2018

had another ham and cheese toastie for breakfast... dying from the food
spent the morning on the gorgeous beach
long walk to see the 1000s of fat white tourists- they looked happy tho
pink cadillac taxi back to havana
yianna and roberto were excited to see me and hugged me. adrian was there too
la catedral - lobster fish and prawns for 9 cuc. 1.20 cuc delicious daiquiris. nice last dinner with the twins
fabrica was insane!!!! love loved it. the art wad incredible. huuuuge mojitos. dancing with locals, music. want to go back 100 times.

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