Jul 22 2018

On board:

We didn't realize Air Canada needs us to pay for headsets if we didn't have our own! 🇨🇦😑 Thank God I bought us some food during ticket purchase though...

Vancouver International Airport


Toronto Pearson International Airport


Toronto Pearson International Airport


José Martí International Airport


On board Toronto to Havana:

"Are we there yet???" *snore*

After over 8 hours in the air and 4 hours in the layover, we've arrived!

It was almost midnight when we arrived... Exchanged CAD 1000 for some CUC at the airport before hopping onto the cab to go to our Air BnB. Initially a little terrified because it was already pitch black outside! But the sight of seeing colorful American 1950s Ford cars passing by got us excited again.

Reached the Air BnB, quite a decent place. Got some very good information from our host before he left us with the keys. We showered and immediately dropped like flies in bed.

P.S. We saw an entire wall with a Union Pay advert while waiting for our bags at the airport... 🤦🏻‍♀️


Jul 23 2018

Breakfast! Seeing that Hotel Nacional was located near us, we decided to give that location a try for the buffet breakfast. Unfortunately, we lost our appetites immediately after seeing how dirty the plates were! 😱

My mojito at La Bodeguita and my daiquiri at the Floridita. ~Hemingway

At La Bodeguita del Medio for a supposed drink rest stop:

Hemingway hot-spot! It was packed AF with tourists! 😱 Left after taking a few videos.

While on the road the locals like to approach us. Usually it goes like this:
"Hello! Hello! Where you from? China? Japan? *en español* Japón?"

Guess there aren't many Asians for them to look at! 😅🇨🇳🇯🇵 #hkpridealltheway! 🇭🇰

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