Ni Hao! First time in Hong Kong?

With only 24 hours in Hong Kong, here are the top recommendations by flight attendants flying in that amazing city: your Hong Kong beginners course.

In the summer of 2013, I had my first flight to Hong Kong. I remember I had been searching about Hong Kong for a while, so I could enjoy my 24-hour layover.

I wanted to make a trip to Hong Kong which is obvious for me, but it would be also my first time in Hong Kong.

I would eat shrimp dim sum, which is tangled, and also Tai Cheong Bakery's egg tart, which is known to be delicious.

Walking on the mid-level escalator with the backdrop of Ching Cheng Sirim and Shiming Wheat, watching the night view of Hong Kong and seeing its shopping streets full of suitcases, I also dreamed of the romance of such a lovely trip.

But it was not easy to find the best I wanted from so much information. It was a bit of a hurried trip because there were so many places where people picked up their favorite spots and wondered in the same way as me.

The memory of my first Hong Kong flight is fresh in my memory, but this city now is as comfortable as my home, as it is flying only 3 or 4 times a month.

For those new to Hong Kong nodding at the moment, I wrote my "Hong Kong recommendation course" as if I wrote a letter to me at that time.

A day in Hong Kong recommended by a professional Hong Kong aircrew member! How about this? The below guide looks a little tough, but Hong Kong is a city that does not go slower for a single moment, believe me!

Hong Kong

Hong KongHK

Man Mo Temple

Hong KongHK

Central-Mid-Levels Escalators

Hong KongHK

Tai Kwun - Centre for Heritage and Arts

Hong KongHK

United Nations University


Tai Cheong Bakery

Hong KongHK

Tim Ho Wan

Hong KongHK

Ladies Market

Hong KongHK

Jenny Bakery Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong KongHK

Lan Kwai Fong

Hong KongHK

Avenue of Stars, Clock Tower, Lady's Market - Tsim Sha Tsui (Snake Congee) - Mano Temple - Mid Level Escalator - Soho Wall Street - Tycoon - Ranpong UN - Taichung Bakery - Team Compatible (Dim Sum) - Ladies Market - Tsim Sha Tsui Symphony of Light - Shopping - Yunnan Rice Noodle - Lan Kwai Fong

10AM - Sanky Congey

Hong Kong congee is much smoother than Korea 's porridge and it's good to start the day lightly with toppings which you can choose according to your preference. If you order additional steamed rice rolls, your Hong Kong local style breakfast is complete.

TIP of April!
TIP 1. If you have started late in the morning, I recommend Congee and Wanthong at the IFC opening at 11 o'clock.
TIP 2. Since you are here in Hong Kong, there are a lot of things to eat, so make your meals as simple as possible for the next course!

12PM - Manmo Temple

The atmosphere of this small temple, which is small but full of the scent and energy of Hong Kong is awesome. Impressive spiral decorations hang from the ceiling. If you have a wish to make, please come and make a wish!

1PM - Mid-level escalator

From the Man-moo Temple, take a mid-level escalator and enjoy the free atmosphere of Soho Street as if you were in the movie. It is essential to take a life shot in the background of the pretty mural of the street!

2PM - Tycoon

Let's leave a pretty picture in the newly opened old police station tycoon.
There are lots of nice cafes and bars, so if you want to relax, it is a good place to relax.

3PM - Ranpong United Nations

If the boat has come out again by now, why not try Yogi with milk tea and delectable Hong Kong French toast at Rangpong United Nations, which is located in a very close vicinity of Tyukun.

4PM - Taichung Bakery

Taichung Egg tart which I dreamed of before coming to Hong Kong!! Since coming to Hong Kong, the Macau style Egg tart is recommended for the first time traveler who wanted to try eating another Hong Kong style tart. It is good to have a librarian right now, but you can carry it around and eat like a snack!

5PM - Team Advocate

If you still have room in your stomach, I recommend a teammate at the IFC mall in Central Station for lunch.
If you look at Hong Kong's Dim Sum such as Siu Mai, Xiao Long Bao, Cha siu Bao, and Hakau, you will feel a small space in your stomach.

6PM - Ladies' Market

You can go shopping in Hong Kong too! Let's take the subway to the Lady's Market to dig the ship.
In Hong Kong, you can see pictures of Hong Kong in front of you.
You can purchase various kinds of jewelry and souvenirs such as Chinese traditional clothes and chef's.

7PM - Tsim Sha Tsui

Jenny bakery with buttery flavor is really delicious.
There are many people standing in line to buy Jenny Bakery cookies.
At this time, which may be boring, let's wait for one at Mango Juice's entrance.
It will be a little less boring thanks to the sweet and cool mango juice.

8PM - Avenue of Stars

If you start to get tired, let's go to the Avenue of Stars. Watch the Hong Kong clock tower along the harbor road and take a picture while you wait for the symphony of light laser show at 8 o'clock. At 8 o'clock, one of Hong Kong's most famous night views, the Symphony of Light, takes place with lights and lasers shooting from 37 buildings on Hong Kong Island across the strait for about 15 minutes.

You can not miss a trip to Hong Kong. After the laser show is over, you can shop at Harbor City Mall next door and purchase the Hong Kong beauty system you wanted in SASA.

9PM - Seongrim Gain Yunnan Rice Noodle

Yunnan Rice Noodle is the recommended restaurant for you. It is a place where you can see the menu and choose toppings according to your tastes. It is a place that has become a restaurant for all the people who have brought it with them so far.

10PM - Cocktail time at BAR

My legs are sore, and both hands are heavy with shopping. Why not enjoy a cocktail while enjoying a view of Hong Kong? If you want to stay in Tsim Sha Tsui, I recommend Ivar. If you want to go back to the center, take the ferry from where you enjoyed the symphony of lights and head for SEVVA.

11PM - Lan Kwai Fong

Let's go back to Lan Kwai Fong again for those travelers who still have energy left. It is a place where you can enjoy the hot nightlife of Hong Kong. There is always a crowd of people on this street with bars, clubs and lively houses. There are a lot of places where foreign tourists and local people come together and feel an exotic feeling.

Up to now now, this has been a bit of an obvious Hong Kong travel course recommendation for beginners. Next time I will introduce you to April's Favorite places for Hong Kong-savvy travelers.

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