Mar 11 2019

Today we did random evening! First, we did drops, of course. Then we went to El Moro, the churreria right by our place - and so many people showed up for random evening! It was Des, Monica, Liza, Barb’s, Henry, and Kaila. We took “bird” scooters from there and scooted around with Henry in the lead. He ended up taking us so far and then mistakenly took us back home. So we tried again.

Along the way we came up with “Random Challenge” and it was to get a random to ride scooters with us. A few declines later, the drops kicked in for me and I said back to a guy that declined “well, have fun feeding your walrus!” And Monica lost it. Then as we were scooting, a guy on his balcony saw us and started laughing, so we turned around to go back down his street and he wasn’t there... so we yelled “balcony guy!!!” for a while, but he never came out.

So then we scooted on, asked someone else who said he could join in 30 minutes. Then finally, we scooted past another guy on a scooter and asked him to join. He said “seriously?”, we said “yep” and then he took us to his favorite taco place. Our new friend Rodriguez (rod) then ordered for us and it was SO good. After tacos, we went to a Mezcal place that Rod suggested.

Well, the drops really kicked in then. Monica and Steph were watching and laughing at me 😂 Des was high, Liza was feeling it.

When we got home I didn’t have the right keys with me... and instead of saying “did they get my keys changed” i said “did they get my cheys kanged” and then Liza lost it.

All in all, a fantastic random evening and amazing night 👏👏👏

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