Jan 20 2018

2nd hike for 2018.

Mt. Banoi -- part of the mountain range that surrounds the town of Lobo, which, at 30 kilometers away from Batangas City, is one of the most distant towns of Batangas province relative to Metro Manila.

Major jumpoff: Sitio Malabnig, Brgy. Balatbat, Lobo
LLA: 960 MASL (Main Peak) 850 MASL (Two Towers’ Peak)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 3-5 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3
Features: Woodlands, scenic views of Southern Batangas

(c) PinoyMountaineer

McKinley Hill Stadium


Mount Banoi


Together with my PuntaMalayo Mountaineers team, we went on. quick dayhike in Batangas as our training hike for our planned major hikes the upcoming months.

We left McKinley Hill at 8:30 AM. All of us were sleeping during the trip since we just got out of work. We stopped by an eatery to have breakfast at around 10 AM.

After breakfast we continued the trip until we reached the jump off. But mind you, the trip wasn't all fun, i got so dizzy because of the snake like road. 😵 Also we sorta got lost a few times, turned the wrong way but eventually got to the jump off safe.

At the jump off we were told that it's been months since the last time someone hiked tis mountain due to some NPA encounters that's why we had to secure permits from the police station and barangay. We also secured our guide.

Fter the approvals and prepartions, by 12:30 PM we started our trek.

From our first stop, the group was the divided into 3 -- we have Lau and Mike going first, Dave and I as 2nd but not too far from them, the guide with Dj, Mel, Gwen, and Flavio not too far behind from us.

The trail changes from being too rocky to muddy and we can now feel the assault.

There are also few branching trails along the way so we had to stop to check which is the right way or wait for the rest so the guide can let us know where to go.

In the middle of the mountains, there are houses and people actually living there. Electricity and water source are both available.

I wonder what it feels like to actually live in the middle of the mountain. 😏

Few more hours of walking and we can almost see the summit which is market by a signal tower. It's muddier now and we do notice that the grasses are taller and the trail is not much visible.

After 2 hous and 30 mins of walking and resting, we reached the summit.

We stayed at the summit for almost an hour. We took pictures, facebook and IG live, had our lunch, and the usual 'kulitan'.

By 4 PM we started our descent. It took us 1 hous and 30 mins going down.

I had a hard time going down since i'm wearing my 5 fingers, i can feel the every stone i stepped on and it kinda hurts. But my feet survived. 😂

5:30 PM we were down at the jump off. Me and Lau cleaned up while the rest opted to go to our guide's house to clean up.

By 7 PM we decided to go on our way. We passed by the same route and the usual snake like road and again it's awful. 😩😩😩

We had dinner around 8PM before we completely head home.

We were all asleep during the drive home. They dropped me off at southwoods exit and i took a trike after. By 10PM i'm home.

We climb every week or month but it's always a different adventure in every mountain we climb. Different experiences, different memories, different stories we will hold on to.

Mount Banoi


Southwoods Mall


🤗 **Climb organized by PuntaMalayo Mountaineers**

📸 **Some pictures grabbed from PMM friends**

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