Oct 27 2018

The day started early, or should I say - the day before is still going. I was packing and finishing lots of small things all night. After all, traditions - I don't sleep before big things 😄

Sofia International Airport


Warsaw Chopin Airport


Just when we decided to go to the gate we found out there will be a delay, 1h 30min. It grew up to 2 hours.


Another plane was blocking the gate and ours couldn't come, so we were transported with shuttles. Finally 3 hours after the scheduled depart we were ready.

Warsaw Chopin Airport


Toronto Pearson International Airport

Delay or not we made it 😊


Oct 28 2018
That was one hell of a long day - preparations, surprices, flights, waiting, a birthday, smiles, laugh and so much more. Maybe that's why I don't feel jetlagged and all I want it so to sleep. So good night 😴
We saw where the bus terminal is and headed to find a place to eat. This was close enough and seem like a nice place. And definitely was. It was cozy and the staff was so friendly.

Toronto Coach Terminal


Niagara Falls Bus Terminal


We need to walk a though a neighborhood to get to the waterfall. Walking around there I felt like being in a movie. Houses, motes, sings - exactly what we know from the movies. There were even newspapers on the porches and enourmas squirrels. It might be cold (although I didn't feel it maybe because everybody prepared me for some extreeme cold and I was dressed warm) and the sun is shy but all the colors only make everything look better. As we was talking 'you have to try it really hard to mess the pictures'!

Further down is the other part which to be honest is even more impressive!
Next time wear a waterproof mascara!


Oct 29 2018

New day, new adventures.
We woke up relatively early, after the long day before, and the plan was to wander around the city.

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