Jan 02 2019
Discover the West of Thailand in 8 days

We arrived after a long flight from France at Bangkok and our driver was waiting for us. As I was with my mother and brother and did not have much time, we used a travel agency, Asia, to make us discover a part of the country. In Bangkok, we stayed at the IBIS Riverside Hotel, which was really great.


Jan 03 2019
Wat Arun - Portuguese district - MBK

In the morning, we went to Nonsi Residence for me to put my stuff in my appartement and then we went back to the hotel to have lunch before starting to discover Bangkok.

We started with Wat Arun, it is a beautiful white temple that the king took after the fall of Ayutthaya. We were able to climb and have a nice view over Bangkok.

After Wat Arun, we went to a nearby temple shown by our guide and then we walked in the Portuguese district until Santa Cruz Church. Walking around without knowing where you go around the Khlong was a very nice feeling.

Then, I had to buy by phone package to the MBK so we went there with the BTS (air train). If you are looking for anything, just go to the MBK, you will have all you are looking for! One floor is only electronic and the one above is all about t-shirts, elephants pants, souvenirs...

We went back to the hotel after MBK to get a good night a sleep before the early departure.


Jan 04 2019
Mae Klong Market (train) & Damnoen Sadu Market (floating) & Kanchanaburi

We left at 7am to see the Mae Klong Market with its displays on the railway. It was pretty impressive because we were there where the train arrived and all the sudden there is no food anymore on the railway, all the tents are tided up and as soon as the train left, it was as nothing happened.

After watching the train, we left and went to Damnoen Saduak. Most of people are doing the tour of the floating market with the boat but we got lucky with our guide. He showed us a pier where you are first doing a tour around the stilt houses and then a tiny bit of the floating market by boat. Honestly, no need to do the whole tour Thai people have even manage to create traffic on boat! That is why we did the end of the floating market by foot.

Before lunch, we headed to Kanchanaburi Province with our mini van and arrived not far from the River Kwai Bridge on the River Kwai to had lunch. Then, we walked on the River Kwai Bridge, which became famous after the movie and of course took a bit of a photoshoot. Not far from there was the famous death railway train which we took for 20 minutes. The view was astonishing. At the end of the day, we went to Soi You Noi waterfalls. We didn't take a swim but we could have! Then, we took a little boat that brought us to our hotel in the Jungle called River Kwai Jungle Chalet.


Jan 05 2019
Tam Muang - Wat Tham Seua Temple

We left the hotel in the morning to go visit a temple on our way back to Bangkok called the Wat Tham Seua. This recent temple has his foot on the paddy fields and has a giant Buddha and a reliquary on top of one of the tour. For lunch, we decided not to go to the restaurant with all the tourists but the one with drivers and guides. No saying that this was the best choice that we have done! We have eaten while sitting on the floor, in front of the paddy fields and with an open bananas.

Then, we went straight to the airport to catch a flight for Krabi!


Jan 06 2019

We got very lucky because we arrived at the end of the last day of Pabuk storm! It would have been really annoying to get rain when you are expecting beach for 3 days. We just chilled the first day.


Jan 07 2019

We took a speedboat early in the morning to go to the Phi Phi Islands. We were around 40 in the speedboat, which was annoying we didn't really care, it was so beautiful.

Our first stop was Bamboo Island where we chilled 40 minutes on the beach. This island is tiny with trees in the middle but when you walked, you see a snack area and even a smoking area! It losts its charm.

Then, we went to Monkey Beach to meet the monkeys. It was really nice seeing monkeys in liberty but they are also not caring about you and 200 tourists are taking pictures at the same time as you do. Anyway, we saw them take off fleas and even try to stole a bag.

After Monkey Beach, we did a bit of snorkeling and then approached Maya Bay. It is a shame that you can't go very close because this is so beautiful: green trees, blue sea and mountains on the sea.

Then, we stopped on the main island to have lunch and came back to Krabi before sunset.


Jan 08 2019

We did some kayak and chilled on the beach for the day


Jan 09 2019

Time to say by to Krabi and come back to Bangkok...













Phi Phi Islands





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