May 09 2019

Some pre-trip info:

• Kumamoto is where the famous bear, Kumamon, was created
• Kumamoto castle was one of the only 3 castles in Japan that weren't taken over by enemies

Kumamon is a cartoon character of a rosy-cheeked brown bear designated as the official mascot of the Kumamoto prefecture in Japan


May 11 2019

Possible places to visit

• Kumamoto castle
• Suizenji park (famous garden)
• Sakuranobaba Johsaien (local food + shopping)


Jun 16 2019

I started off with my essentials, and kind of just dumped in whatever I felt like bringing into my luggage hehe
Essentials: pillow, toiletry bag, backpack, sets of clothing, charging cables, journal


Jun 22 2019

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong KongHK

Fukuoka Airport


My fam and I took Dragon Air, which we don't often take, and the service was

The car ride was

We're currently staying at __

After a long travel day, we headed back to our hotel pretty early to be well rested for the next day :) I listened to some music and went to sleep straight away!

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