Apr 29 2019

Visa: 6500 each
Travel agent fee: 500
Itenerary: 5000
Tickets: 48k each
International drivers license


28th to 29th Rome: Raeli Hotel Siracusa
Rs 6218/-

29th to 1st Naples: Air bnb casa diaz
Rs 11776/-

1st to 4th Amalfi: Hotel Bellevue Suite
Rs 29198/-

4th to 6th Matera: Air bnb Nel cuore dei Sassi, calda e raffinata caverna

6th to 8th Alborobello: Air bnb The olive trullo (with garden)
Rs 14431

8th Catania: Agriturismo Tenuta San Michele
Gauri and David's gift to us❤

9th to 12th Catania: Air bnb Pied-a-terre


Sorrento cooking class: Rs 3800 each
Amalfi kayak: Rs 4200 each


Apr 30 2019

Reached Naples at 8 40am from Milan :D

Took a taxi to Casa Diaz our air bnb :)
Had breakfast at their cafe down the road

Headed to the port and took the boat to Capri. Reached Capri at 12 45
Got tickets for the yellow grotto tour which was lovely!!
Took a bus to Capri town and walked around the gardens of Augustus. So sooooooo beautiful!!
Got back and took the boat back to Naples at around 5pm

Walked from the station to Sorbillo pizzeria, it was a 40min wait but worth it!
Had gelato close by since Gay Odin was shut sadly
Got back to our house at around 9 30pm :)


Taxi to air bnb 15eur
Train to port 4.5eur
Naples to Capri boat 46eur
Grotto yellow tour 36eur
Gelatto at Buonocore 3.5eur
Capri to Naples boat 41eur
Sandwich at Capri 6eur
Public Toilet 0.5eur
Bus in Capri 5eur
Gardens of Augustus 1eur
Sorbillo pizza and wine 22eur
Gelatto 2.5eur


May 01 2019

Checked out of Casa Diaz, had breakfast and really good flavoured espresso, pistachio and almond

Headed to the staion at around 9am, Dante to the last stop and switched to the Circumvizione trains. Took the train to Sorrento but stopped at Meta

Gio picked us up from the station, vwry sweet of him and took us to their house for our cooking class. It was really fun! We learned how to make Gnnochi and Tiramisu with another couple from Australia. The food was amaze balls!!

Got done at around 2 30 and took the train to Sorrento. From there we took the bus to Amalfi at 5pm, we reached only by 6 30 or so as it was May day and the traffic was mad.

While we were waiting for the bus to our hotel, I went and got Tiramisu from Andrea Pansa which was delicious!

Came back to the city center for dinner, wrapped up our day at around 9pm and got back to the hotel.

Train from Naples Dante to Meta 10.20eur
Meta to Sorrento 3.5eur
Sorrento to Amalfi 7eur plus 3eur bags
Amalfi bus to hotel 5.2eur
Tiramisu at Andrea Pansa 3.5eur
Dinner 30eur
Wine 13eur
Gelato 2.5eur
Public Toilet .5eur


May 02 2019

Woke up early, had breakfast at the hotel which was sooooo good and filling!!

Headed to our kayak tour. The whole tour was so beautiful and fun! We were dead by the end of it. Took about 4hours but we got to see some cool stuff by the coast of Amalfi.

Got back to the hotel, showered and headed to Ravello

Visited Villa Rufolo which was so beautiful!!

Walked around town and went for dinner to Villa Maria which was very nice

Got back to Amalfi at around 9pm


Bus to Ravello and back 5.2eur
Villa Rufolo entry 14eur
Villa Maria dinner 40eur
Lemon delight 5eur
Bus back to Amalfi 2.6eu


May 03 2019

Took th bus from the main square to Paraiano. Very cute town! walked up many stairs and go to the main church.

Post that we took the bus to Positano, reached around lunch time, very pretty place but most crowded. We had lunch by the beach and walked around town for a while.

Took the bus back to Amalfi at around 4pm, chilled in the room for a bit till 6pm.

Walked up to Atrani, sadly the watch tower was shut, but it was still nice.

We went to La Caravella the Micehlin star place for dinner. It was really an experience and the food was insane!

Picked up dessert from Andrea Pansa and went to the hotel.

Bus to Pariano 2.6eur
Takeaway at Pariano 10eur
Bus to Poscitano 2.6eur
Poscitano to Amalfi 4 eur
Lunch at Positano 33.5eur
Pannacota 4eur
Dinner 100eur
Dessert 7eur
Public Toilet 0.5eur


May 04 2019

Rainy day today.

Took the bus from Amalfi to Salerno, reached at around 11am

Sat at a pizzeria for lunch and chilled for a while.

Tool the bus at 2 30 to Matera.

Checked in to our air bnb at 6pm. Our host was extremely sweet and picked us up from the station

Headed out for dinner, walked around the main square for a bit since it was close by and then got to the restaurant Austeria, recommended by our host for local food. The chocolate pie was yummmmm!!

Bus to Sallerno 10eur
Lunch 11eur
Toilet 2eur
Bus to Matera 71eur
Dinner at Austeria 55eur


May 05 2019

Started our day early, walked to the main Sassi area, walked around the main path and saw some interesting cave churches and the Casa Grotta meuseum.

Had lunch at a local place, it was really yumm. Had some coffee on the way back home.

Got back, chilled for a bit and took a nap.

Headed out for dinner at 6 30. Walked around a bit, went to the pretty ceramic store then went to the cave restaurant Grotta Nei Sassi. It was a really good meal!!

Got back home at 9 30 :)


Cave church entry 12eur
Casa Grotto meuseum 6eur
Lunch 30eur
Dessert and coffee 2.5eur
Dinner at Casa Grotto 56eur


May 06 2019

Left our air bnb at around 9am and went to the Avis office.

Took our car at around 9 30 and reached Alberobello at 11 15am :)

Our trulli was sooooo cute!! Our host Angelique was helpful and sweet.

We walked through the trulli area and went for lunch to Il Piccallo. It was delcious!!!

Walked a bit more and then went home, chilled for a while and headed out for dinner, which was ok since the other place was shut.

Car rental Avis 82eur
Cab till Avis office 20eur
Lunch 36eur
Trulli entry 1eur
2 story Trulli 3eur
Dinner 36eur

DAY 10

May 07 2019

Drove to Lecce at 10am, it was a beautiful drive!

Saw the central square and some grand churches. Ate lunch at a local place.

Drove to Polignano a mare around 3pm, walked by the beach there. Very pretty beach!! had a chill day, had some gelato and got back to Alberobello at 6pm.

Headed out for dinner to a place close by and got back home :)

Parking 2.8eur
Lunch 25.20eur
Gelato 3.30eur
Mini trulli 10eur
Dinner 57eur

DAY 11

May 08 2019

Took the flight from Bari to Catania at 8 15am.

Took our car from Hertz and drove to our agriturismo Tenuta St Michele, reached at around 11am. Its such a lovely place!!! We had a very relaxed chill day, had lunch and some wine, walked around thr vineyards and then took a nice nap!

Headed for our wine tasting and dinner at 7pm. It was divine!

Gor back to our room and had another bottle and went to bed by 12 :)

Car rental in Catania 52eur
Breakfast 7eur
Diesel 25eur
Toll 70cents

DAY 12

May 09 2019

Woke up early, packed up and had breakfast! it was yummmm.

Left for our Mt Etna tour at 9am. It was very interesting and something we've never done before! Got black at 2pm.

Drove to Taormina, which was a very beuatiful coastal and hillside town. Had lunch at a place in the square. We had sea food risotto and gnnochi, it was too good!

Walked up to the beuatiful teatro, a roman theatre, it was very interesting to see and walk around. On the way back to the square we had this yummy dark chocolate popsicle.

Drove to Isobella and Ciclopi Riviera, pretty sights. Then we drove to Catania and reached our air bnb at around 7 30, checked in and went for dinner to one of the suggested restaurants. It was yumm! we had fish and pasta.

Got back home by around 10pm

Etna tour 100eur
Toll 2.3eur
Lunch 32eur
Orange juice 2eur
Chocolate popsicle 3.5eur
Teatro entry 20eur
City tax 12eur
Parking 7eur
Dinner 36eur

DAY 13

May 10 2019

Drove to Ortigga close to Siracusa, reached at around 11 30am. Walked around a bit, by the river front then went for lunch to an Italian casual food place. Had a burger and a pizza, it was pretty good.

Drove to Noto a town close by. Saw the cathedral and the town hall, not really worth going to the town hall.

Had gelato at Cafe Sicilia which was yummmm.

Drove back to Catania and reached at around 6 15.

Walked to town and went for dinner to a local food joint. The Anti Pasti was yummm! the prawn pasta was a bit fishy for me. Had stewed apple with pine nuts! It was quite nice.

Got back to our bnb at around 9 15:)

Castle entry 8eur
Lunch 23.50eur
Parking 5.50eur
Gelato 2.5eur
Town hall 4eur
Dinner 36eur

DAY 14

May 11 2019

Drove to the UNESCO site of Ragusa at around 10am, 2 hour drive. Very non touristic quaint town with old buildings. Had lunch by the fountain. It was very tasty.

Had gelato at Gelato Vino, it was delicious!

Left at around 2 30pm nd drove to Modica the town famous for chocolate. Made a very quick stop, tasted some chocolate and left. Very interesting chocolate!

Drove back to Catania, took two hours. We went to the beach in the city and had some almond granita and brioche it was soooooooo yummm.

Got back to our bnb and stepped out dor dinner. We went to a pizzeria for our last meal, we left super satisfied :D

Lunch 28.60eur
Toilet 0.50eur
Petrol 44eur
Lunch 30eur
Gelato 2.5eur
Parking 1.8eur
Chocolate and Juice 7eur
Granita and Brioche 5.5eur
Parking .90eur
Car glass wash 1eur
Dinner 26.50eur
Dessert 3.5eur

DAY 15

May 12 2019

Our last day today. Left Catania and reached the airport at 9am. Left our car at Hertz and checked in.

Reached Rome at 12 35pm. Got our bags and dropped it off at the luggage deposit center.

Took the train to Rome Termini at 1 35pm, reached in 2 10pm

Walked around the Piaza, saw the Trevi fountain and had lunch which was a great last meal!!! Saw the Pantheon and Piaza Navona. Started walking to the station 4 50pm and reached by 5 20.

Reached the airport at 6 10pm.

Petrol 12.8eur
Leonardo express 2 way 56eur
Lunch 44.5eur
Water 1.7eur
Toilet 2eur
Gelato 3.7eur
Luggage deposit 12eur

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