Mar 06 2018

Our Canada Visa got approved! Now we have to get our passport to the Canada Embassy to be stamped. The problem is we do not have a Canada Embassy or High Commission in Melbourne. It's in Perth or Sydney. Initially we thought we could go over during Easter Holiday long weekend. Second thought, it's Easter Holiday so nothing will be open. So we are resorting to sending our passports and document over in registered mail. Wish us luck that we get our passports back! 😆


Mar 10 2018

Passport sent out using Australian Post Express to VFS Global in Sydney. Fingers crossed we got everything in the envelope and get our passport back soon!


Mar 16 2018

We were worried that it might get lost in transit but it did not! We get a new sticker on one of the page as well. 😍


Mar 24 2018

We booked a Jeep Patriot for our time in Jasper and Banff National Park! It will be a more exciting drive compare to a compact car! Yay! We are planning to go Aurora searching at night as well. Apparently it's possible to see Aurora Borealis in Jasper and Banff during summer! So looking forward to that!


May 14 2018

All accomodation, flight, train tickets are booked. Now looking at travel insurance. We are really looking forward to Canada!


May 21 2018

I just realised I can use my AMEX Explorer Card to get access to the Amex Lounge at Melbourne Airport! Yay! That will be a good start to our trip! 😄


May 31 2018

We bought our travel insurance and Philip went and got his international driving license, just in case. He read mixed messages for Newfoundland so he wants to make sure that we can drive there.

We have another 8 days to go before Canada! I am so excited!


Jun 08 2018

We started our trip with breakfast at American Express Lounge in Melbourne.

Pretty good hideout, away from the busy main area of Melbourne airport. Cleaner toilet as well.

I’m going to be travelling Canada for a month with this man! 😊

Look at Melbourne’s gloomy weather! This is what we are trying to escape from but I have a feeling Vancouver will be the same! Haha.

I think our last holiday together was Hakodate/Sapporo. That was quite a while ago.





The airport does not look that new. Temperature is at 14 degrees.

We got this Compass card which is the transportation card for Vancouver. We got a day pass for $15.

Our first meal in Vancouver. Lol. Just because I miss A&W. We are at Pacific Centre waiting for the phone shop to open at 10am to buy prepaid SIM card.

At the side of the road waiting to take bus to the Airbnb accommodation. Philip made a comment that it looks like New York. I have no idea. Haven't been to the Big Apple.

First Airbnb in Canada. Such a cosy and clean unit. Pretty happy to be walking in to this place after 16 hours flight.

Our internal clock is totally messed up. It’s 4.30am in Melbourne and we are feeling tired. We did not get to sleep much in the plane. It’s 11.30am in Vancouver now and we have to make sure that we last the day and sleep only at night to adjust to the timing here. ZzZZZZzzzZz

We went Japadog for lunch. Quick and easy meal. It’s hotdog with Japanese twist. I had the Kurobuta hotdog. The sausage is really juicy. Philip had Okonomi which has fried cabbage as topping.

We wanted to explore more but we were so sleepy! I was dozing off in the bus on the way back to Airbnb accomodation. We came back at 2.30pm local time to take a nap.

Felt so much better after a 3 hours nap. We were up exploring the streets again. It has been raining all day - light rain. We decided to check out Gastown.

This is one of the tourist must see - Gastown Steam Clock.

Aburi Sushi for dinner

Dinner at Miku, famous for their Aburi sushi. I have to say the freshness of the fish and the flavours of the fusion sushis are amazing!

Beef Carpaccio, Seared Scallops and Aburi Sushi Platter. Love all of them.


Jun 09 2018

We went to Grandville Island Public Market today. That’s the entrance.

The view of the Grandville bridge from the market.

We went Tony’s Fish & Oyster Cafe for lunch.

They have this lunch special which comes with 1 pc Cod, coleslaw, chips and a cup of clam chowder for $13.99.

Fish and Chips; Calamari and Clam Chowder.


Jun 10 2018

Our timing is still messed up. It is so hard to adjust to 17 hours timezone difference. We woke up, had breakfast, showered, get ready and then went back to bed. Lol. We napped for 2 hours. It's 3.22pm now and we are having our lunch.

Lunch at Santouka Ramen
H-mart sells pretty good beef and Asian ingredients!

We decided to cook so we can have an early night. The sun set at 9.30pm so we have been leaving the city after sunset and only getting home at 10.30pm. By the time we shower and take a rest and get ready for bed, it’s 1am. Strangely I could not sleep even after being out the whole day. We will get to bed at 1am and by 2 to 3am I’m awake again.

I’ll be awake until about 5.30am to 6am when the sun rises then I could fall asleep again. It must be the timing back home that my body is still following.


Jun 11 2018
Capilano Suspension Bridge
Cleveland Dam
La Belle Patate Vancouver
Stanley Park

Dinner was Pho near our Airbnb accomodation. High rating but we thought it was ok only. I’m still coughing. I had a can of Pepsi with Poutine this afternoon and did I pay for that for the rest of the day. I was coughing so much more! I’m still struggling with jet lag. Throughout the day I was feeling so tired and at night I’ll be wide awake.


Jun 12 2018

The first night I slept well since we landed here in Canada! I got a decent 10 hours! The time out in the sun and the 27k steps walk helped. I’m all bright eye and bushy tail now. 😄

Here at Nuba for the Lebanese food

I think we are quite done with Vancouver. I might have gotten numb to cities over the years. I don’t find it exciting anymore or maybe Vancouver is not that exciting a city after all.

Do you know Vancouver has population of about 600,000 only?

It is a gloomy day today and there was a constant drizzle going on. There are sales going on everywhere but we have been to Gap, American Eagle, Urban Outfitter and I did not really find anything that I like or want. I don’t go out enough to justify new clothings and I really don’t need that many clothings.

Tea time was Japadog again. Not for me though, only for Philip.


Jun 13 2018

We are at the Vancouver airport now. Yawwwwwn....! 6.30am flight is a pain! I fell asleep only at 2am and the alarm rang at 3am. ZzzZzzZZZzZz.




Hello Calgary! The gateway to the beautiful Banff and Jasper National Park
Waiting to check into apartment now. Philip has hit a wall. He is so sleepy I think he could sleep on the floor of the cafe now. Lol

It's 4pm and we just woke up. We took a 3 hours nap. This not getting sleep at right timing is killing me. Apparently the sunsets at 9.50pm here. 😂

Good thing this Airbnb has bath tub. I had a soak and it feels sooooo good!


Jun 14 2018

We slept until about 11am. I was so tired but that was because I took some cold medication as well. Guess what, I’m still having cough! Wtf! It has been weeks.

After lunch we went for a walk along 17th Avenue which is like a shopping street.

We detour to this Thai shop/restaurant that has good beef jerky. The name of the shop is Tuk Tuk Thai. I ordered mango sticky rice and it was yummy.
We saw Preso Tea as well. The bubble tea that we could find in Perth. Philip was pretty excited to find it here in Calgary and to meet an Australian from Perth as well. Lol


Jun 15 2018

We had to go out to look for money changer in the morning. We ran out of cash. Lol. We have to pay our next accomodation in Jasper in cash. Therefore we need more cash.

Got our Rental car and now en route to Jasper now.



Jasper National Park


Philip did a humongous effort - he drove 6 hours from Calgary to Jasper. He said the view was enjoyable. Lol.


Jun 16 2018

We drove out to Maligne Lake today. Along the way, the view was so impressive. We are still in awe with the beauty of Mother Nature.

Tomorrow we will take the boat cruise from the edge of Maligne Lake to Spirit Island right in the middle of the lake.

DAY 10

Jun 17 2018

Breakfast today is bacon, egg and sausage cooked by moi. No photos since it is the same as yesterday. Just that I cooked the bacon pretty crispy. 😋

We were done with the boat ride and Maligne Lake at about 4 and went back home to rest since we did not sleep that well the night before.

After resting we went out again at 6 plus to Athabasca Falls. The perks of having the sun setting at 10.20pm is you can start your day late and still get plenty of daylight to do outdoor activities.

DAY 11

Jun 18 2018

Today has been a lazy day for us. We wanted to go take a short hike to see Angel Glacier but the road to the hiking route is closed until August 2018. End up we were just driving along Icefield Parkway and stopping at a few lookout points. Still pretty good view though.

We came back home at about 4 plus to chill and went back out to the town to have coffee at 6pm.

It is a laundromat with a coffee bar at the side. Philip thought that it’s brilliant idea. People will definitely get coffee while waiting for their close to wash and dry. We had the best coffee in the whole of Canada there. It was surprising that they have flat white on menu as well.

At 7 plus we came back home and had pasta for dinner at 8 plus. It was a relatively relaxing day. We have practically covered most of the main sites that we want to visit in Jasper. It has been great! We are moving on to Banff tomorrow. So have to pack our bags and drive 4 hours to Banff.

We will be going for the Icefield SkyWalk and Glacier Adventure tomorrow. It is located on our route to Banff. So we thought it is easier to do this when we are heading to Banff instead of intentionally driving 1.5 hours south to do the activities.

DAY 12

Jun 19 2018

Jasper National Park




We checked out of the nest at about 10.30am and head towards the Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre. It took us about 1.5 hours to get there.

After the Glacier Adventure we went for a Skywalk on a glass bottom bridge.
After leaving the SkyWalk, we went back to the discovery centre for simple lunch. After lunch, we continue our journey to Banff. We stopped by Waterfowl Lake for photo.
We made another stop at Peyto Lake

We left the discovery centre at 3.45pm. We only reached out Airbnb at 7.45pm. It was a tiring day for us and especially for Philip. He has been driving for almost 5.5 hours. Even though we went for tours and had lunch and take stops to take photo, it was still a long tiring day for us.

That aside, the suite was superb and very tastefully decorated.

We went out for dinner at about 8pm and did some groceries as well. By the time we get back again to the Airbnb accomodation, it was past 10pm alrdy. ZZzzZzZz.

DAY 13

Jun 20 2018

We had a really good night sleep!

After breakfast we drove a little more than an hour to Lake Louise.

We spent more than an hour walking on the trail along the lake and another half to an hour having a meal at the deli and appreciating the view. It was such a nice weather to be at Lake Louise - top of 27 degree celcius with light cool wind blowing.

I turned over to see this fluff of cloud falling from the top layer of thick ice. As it was reaching the lower level, I heard a loud clap of thunder.

I have just seen an avalanche! A mini one happening right before my eyes!

We are back to the Airbnb to take a rest. We have been taking it easy for the last couple of days. I think the Wow effect is wearing off. 😬 We are desensitised after seeing such beautiful lakes and mountain for 6 days in a row. After a while, it starts to look pretty normal. Lol. We are definitely enjoying the fresh air and relaxing holiday pace.

DAY 14

Jun 21 2018

The weather forecast said that there will be thunderstorm today. So we will see how it goes. Might just take it easy and go to the hot spring.

We did not get to go to the hot spring. We went to the Bow Falls. Managed to take a photo and then it started raining so we went back into the car.

We stopped by for coffee after walking from one end of the street to another. The moment I sat down and connect my phone to the Wifi to check my social media. My Canadian line started ringing. I took it out from my pocket, puzzled, wondering who would have called my Canadian line and hopefully it is not the Director from work. At least not at that time, because our call is only at night.

Saw the screen of my phone that it is Aly Abbas! I knew him from Rio Tinto Singapore, probably 7 years ago. He was the Risk Manager that got sent from Montreal to Singapore for 2 years. We talked for a while and it feels so good catching up with him.

By the time I was done with the call, we were done with coffee as well. So we continue roaming the streets in Banff. I bought a few things. 😊

Philip did not let me buy the one in black. He said ugly colour. I was thinking I can use that when I’m travelling work. Melbourne has rainy and windy days where umbrella is totally useless. Oh well, the aqua colour is pretty though. 😊

DAY 15

Jun 22 2018

Breakfast was a simple toast with ham and cheese with orange juice. We woke up late this morning like 12pm. Lol. We have been taking it really easy. It is after all a holiday. We have seen most of the places we wanted to go anyway, so we are not rushing.

It has been more than 2 weeks here and I am really missing Char Kuay Teow and Nasi Lemak with Teh Tarik. 😩

We went for a drive along the Lake Minnewanka Scenic Drive

We are taking it easy today. Tomorrow we will be checking out of the Airbnb and staying a night near Calgary airport. Our flight out of Calgary is at 10am on Sunday.

DAY 16

Jun 23 2018





We left the Airbnb accomodation before 10 and arrived at the airport at 11.15am. Got the car returned and now waiting for hotel shuttle to come pick us up at 11.45am. The drive and car return has been smooth. Just the rain - it has been raining nonstop from before we wake up up til now. Weather forecast has it that it will be raining all day.

We will probably leave our luggage at the hotel and go out for some shopping at the CrossIron Mills Outlet.

Might go to gym later in the afternoon and also get a soak in the hot tub at the hotel’s rooftop.

When we got there to the CrossIron Mills outlet mall, I told Philip I’m tired. I’m not really in the mood for shopping. So we had lunch and we had coffee and we started looking around at 1.30pm.

We decided to leave the mall before we do more damage. 😅😅😅

Omg...! It’s sooooo bad....! Waste money!

We took an Uber back to hotel and checked in.

We went to the gym! Feels so good after gym. It’s like I have grown a backbone. Haha. We were at the gym for about an hour. I did some weight for my arms as well and tried out the gym ball which was good! I’ll probably get a gym ball when we go back to Melbourne. It’s so good for sit ups.

Dinner time! Gym makes me really hungry!

We had dinner at the bar in our hotel. We ordered a Caesar salad, Fried Calamari, French Onion Soup, Panfried Salmon and a beer. It was easy meal since there’s nothing within walking distance in that area.

After dinner we had a soak in the tub and call it a night. Staying in a hotel makes it easy that we do not need to worry about leaving the glass unwashed, clearing the rubbish which we will need to think about when we are doing Airbnb.

DAY 17

Jun 24 2018

We woke up at about 7.30am this morning. Get packed and head down to the reception to check out. Took a 8.30am bus shuttle to the airport. Manage to drop off our luggage and clear immigration by 9pm. Still pretty early for a 10.10am flight. We went to Tim Hortons for breakfast since we did not have anything in the hotel.





Toronto is 2 hours ahead of Calgary so by the time we landed in Toronto, it was about 4pm already. We got to the accomodation at about 5pm and checked in.

We went out for dinner at this Tibetan restaurant called Tibet Kitchen.

We had the Tibetan Tea which is tea with butter and salt. Lol. Quite different from what we are used to and totally messes with our mind. We are so used to tea being sweet.

We bought some groceries and got back to the Airbnb early to rest.

DAY 18

Jun 25 2018

Union Station


Niagara Falls


We got to Union Station at about 8.10am and everyone was already queueing up. Did not get to buy breakfast to eat in the train. Had to wait til the snack bar in the train opens up which was about an hour later.

Took us about 2 hours to get there to Niagara Falls station. Did not plan how to get around. Initially I was thinking of walking but we were feeling so tired from the early flight and travelling so resort to Uber instead.

The funny thing about Canada is Uber is not available in Vancouver but available in Calgary and Toronto/ Niagara Falls.

We played a few games at the gameland for kids where you have to change to token and you get tickets for playing. The tickets can be used to change to toys. I gave my tickets away to one of the kid there.

We took Uber back to the Niagara Falls station and waited for the train. The train is pretty comfy with wide seats. Both ways, once we got onto the train, we fell asleep. Lol. We were saying it is so much more comfortable than plane where the Air Canada seats are really small even though they use Dreamliner 787.

Niagara Falls


Union Station

We went to this restaurant in the city for dinner. It serves northern Thai cuisine.

The cake is so light that I can have one whole cake on my own. Lol. We had half the cake for supper.

DAY 19

Jun 26 2018

Today was free and easy day in Toronto city. We do not have a plan at all. We make sure we get back some lost sleep today. Breakfast was the other half of Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake. It’s not that sweet so having it for breakfast was alright.

First place that we went to today was St Lawrence Market.

The aquarium was not the cheapest but was pretty entertaining.

After Aquarium was dinner at this Korean Restaurant. We are trying to get our Asian food fixes before we go to Deer Lake where there will not be any good Asian good. Lol

Tomorrow flying out to Deer Lake/Gros Morne. Another early flight. Have to wake up at 6am. ZzZzZzZ

DAY 20

Jun 27 2018

We got to the airport at about 7.20am. I was so sleepy. Had breakfast at Tim Hortons again which is like so common and everywhere. It’s like their no. 1 go to place for coffee and sandwiches.



Deer Lake

We are staying in a hotel at Deer Lake. Probably the most expensive price we paid for 4 days accomodation. This cost us about 870 bucks. Given that Deer Lake/Gros Morne is quite a secluded place so they have limited accomodation at one time. Summer really drives up prices at these place.

We had A&W for dinner. Lol. Fast Food overload I can tell you. I had a cod fish burger which was really good. Together with Onion fries and A&W root beer of course. It was good. Don’t remember feeling this much satisfaction having fast food anymore. The fast food here surprised us.

DAY 21

Jun 28 2018

Deer Lake is a small town 30 minutes away from Gros Morne National Park. We have to drive in everyday when we go sightseeing.

We started our day in the hotel as it comes with free breakfast. Nothing fancy, just the usual bacon, pancake, egg, toast, cornflakes.

It was a tiring day for me. I could not get up in the morning and I was sleeping in the car while driving in. Lol.

Everything seems to be in its original state - simple. No fancy restaurants, just road side shack catering for everyone. Restaurants like A&W, Subway and Tim Hortons are considered pretty fancy.

We had a granola bar and stopped by a road side shack for some Moose Soup. Lol. Philip ordered that. This time for once, I’m not that adventurous but I gave it a try - it’s alright.

We ordered some fish nuggets, scallops and chips to go with the soup.

Took a short nap in the afternoon. More like a 15 minutes power nap. Then it’s gym time. Did a 20 minutes treadmill and 5 minutes weights. Zero stamina today...

I am still contemplating leftover lunch for dinner or subway... can’t decide... don’t wanna waste food but want fresh food.

I end up kinda having both. Lol. So I got a soup from subway and 1.5 inches out of Philip's subway. Together with the leftover for lunch, that was my dinner. It was good having a variety. 😁

DAY 22

Jun 29 2018

Lazy day today. Woke up at 9.30am for breakfast and went back to bed after breakfast. Lol. Not me though, it was Philip. I was just lazying in bed reading about characteristics of INFJ.

It’s nearing the end of our trip and we are more relax now. Gros Morne is pretty chill anyway.

Philip was so happy with the meal, the coffee after, the view and just general service. He tipped them more than 20%. Lol.

It was raining since we started our drive today and it only got heavier. So we manage to pass some of the trails but did not get to hike or walk. We will probably go back tomorrow.

I read about the really cold and wet weather in Melbourne and grateful that we are not in Melbourne. The highest temperature for Thursday did not get to 2 digits and it was foggy. Oh well... our holiday is coming to an end soon now.

Comparing the modern buildings of the metropolitans like Toronto, I prefer the quieter much smaller city like Quebec City. Quebec City has many old pretty building as well. I saw them during my research. I haven’t been. That’s what I heard/read about it. So we shall see.

Tomorrow is another day in Gros Morne National Park and then we are off to Quebec City. Our last stop of this trip. Philip was like damn! This is the second time I’m getting paid this month. We are nearing the end of our trip. Lol.

I was like damn! You are being paid twice and you didn’t even work a day this month. Lol.

It would be interesting to come back to Newfound Land and Labrador one day and iceberg chasing. 😊 Apparently there is a beer that was made using melted iceberg by the company Quidi Vidi with the name Iceberg. Pretty easy to name that beer.

We will probably get some at the mart after my gym session. Urrrgghhh... trying to work hard to deserve that beer! 😆

Gah... gym was not easy and it was just 27 minutes. Knee started to ache, ankle as well. I prefer running outside but I have not found a favourite running path in Melbourne yet. Plus it is winter and it gets dark at like 5pm. I think gym has more hope than running outdoor.

Pizza for dinner!! We tried going to the mart here for beers but it looks like they don’t sell beer. No chance to try iceberg beer. Now ordered pizza and gotta wait for 20 minutes. ZzZzzZz

Owwww... We were so hungry I forgot to take photo of the Pizza. Lol. So we had Pizza, Garlic Pizza and Coke. Lol. Fast food again!

Could not find the beers but I bought these.

DAY 23

Jun 30 2018

Good Morning Deer Lake! We had a sleep in again today. I think we are tired from the numerous time zone changes and early flights. We woke up at about 11.30pm. Got ready and went out to get coffee at Tim Hortons.

I think people here really like Tim Hortons. They are packed. We have to queue pretty long for it. We stopped by to get our takeaway lunch before heading to Gros Morne National Park again.

We went to this Canadian Chinese Restaurant. Thought take a risk and see if there is any chance we could find the taste from home. We crave Chinese food after nearly 4 weeks of travelling.

DAY 24

Jul 01 2018

Good Morning, Deer Lake! We woke up early for breakfast. Got my luggage packed last night so no rush this morning. We are checking out of Holiday Inn Deer Lake today and heading to Quebec City!

We returned the car, waiting fo our flight at 1:55pm and it’s only 11:33pm now. #FML! We have waited for an hour and another 2 more hours to go. ZzZzzZzZ

It’s going to be a long day for us. We will be transiting at Toronto airport for 7 hours! Lucky Toronto Airport. At least got more shops there. Deer Lake is worse than Subang Airport. Only one visitor information counter, 4 car hires counter and one cafe, with a few vending machines. Lol.

Deer Lake


Québec City


We survived the 7 hours transit time in Toronto Airport! I don’t even know what did I do. I was writing out my Facebook post for the last two stops - Niagara Falls and Gros Morne National Park. Compiled about 9 photos and 3 videos with commentary. The wifi at the airport would not allow me to post due to the big files. zZzzZzZ. We had coffee as well. Besides that I was also playing two dots and we had dinner too before boarding our flight to Quebec City. We window shopped a bit as well. Lol.

We survived! Lol.

We arrived at the Airbnb at about 1am. ZzZzZZZ Tiring.

DAY 25

Jul 02 2018
Breakfast of Croissant and cafe au lait
This is such a beautiful shop! A must visit when you come to Quebec City!
We went to this restaurant for lunch.

I ordered Maple Bread Pudding for dessert and it was good. Forgot to take photo. I was too full!

We went to the grocery store nearby to get our dinner. I was still so full from lunch so no thanks to dining out. Lol

DAY 26

Jul 03 2018

We woke up earlier today to go to Old Quebec. We only manage to cover half of the places yesterday.

Yesterday we didn’t get to go to this shopping street
That’s where the umbrella street is located
We took the furnicular from Quartier Petit Champlain to the level where Fairmont Chateau Frontenac is. It cost us $3 each which is alright. Save us climbing in 34 degrees heat.
We walked around the corner and found this cafe serving Crepe so that was where we had lunch.

We head back to the apartment to rest after lunch. That was the plan anyway because we wanted to freshen up for dinner.

We had dinner here for my birthday celebration.

That concludes our time here in Quebec City and also Canada. Tomorrow we are flying back to Melbourne in the afternoon.

DAY 27

Jul 04 2018

I woke up feeling sad... 😔

Our holiday has come to an end...

It’s time to go back to cold Melbourne winter...

We had breakfast downstairs. I had an apple pie with ice cafe latte and Philip has a croissant with Rooibos tea.

We are checking out of the Airbnb and going to the airport soon.

At the airport waiting fo our flight at 3.20pm. We will be transiting in Toronto and then Vancouver. Then from Vancouver to Melbourne. Such a long way to go home.

Mood: 😔 Gloomy

Québec City


Toronto Pearson International Airport


We only managed to get out of the plane at about 5.10pm. Our next flight is at 6pm but we were so hungry because we didn’t have lunch! So we squeezed in like 15 minutes for an Udon. Lol. It was hot! And we slurped it down!

Toronto Pearson International Airport


Vancouver International Airport


We managed to squeeze some time and have Church’s Chicken. I just realised the Americans and Canadians do better fried chicken than Asia. Fast food here is damn good as well. I have never had soggy fried stuff at all.

Now I’m ready to board the plane and sleep!

DAY 28

Jul 05 2018

DAY 29

Jul 06 2018

Vancouver International Airport


Melbourne Airport


This is actually my better long haul flight! We got 3 seats to ourselves and I was able to lie curled up most of the time. Think I got some broken 9 hours sleep. Lol. Feeling good actually.

It's funny how we boarded the plane on 4 July 2018 and only reach Melbourne on 6 July 2018. I'm anticipating bad jet-lag for at least a week!

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