Mar 09 2019

Landed at the airport an hour before Julie. Got a taxi to our hostel, then got some delicious chocolate gelato at Gelateria la Romana! Shared some fries with Julie at the hostel bar then went to bed.


Mar 10 2019

Julie met some people the night before, Ghaddi, Gerrardo, and Ricardo. Gerrardo and Ricardo were visiting Rome from Mexico, and Ghaddi had grown up with them but lived in Rome. Ghaddi was already giving them a tour of Rome and said we could tag along!

Julie and I split some chocolate chip pancakes at the hostel bar and met up with our Mexican friends. Ghaddi was like a free tour guide, he loved history so he knew allll about the places we went to. We started at the Coliseum, then went to the Vatican, then to Castel Sant'Angelo. Afterwards we got dinner at a restaurant in Piazza Navona, i got a four cheese pizza and a glass of wine. Then Ghaddi took us to the Pantheon and we went back to the hostel... after picking up some bottles of wine! We played Kings Cup in our hostel room with Ghaddi, Gerrardo, Ricardo, and one of our roommates, Gustavo, then went to bed.


Mar 11 2019

We were up very late the night before, but we had to get up early to make check-out at 10! Luckily our mexican friends let us crash in their room for a couple hours afterwards. One of their roommates had vomited in their bed so our nap was rudely interrupted by the cleaning staff.

After we woke up we went to the Sistine Chapel. It was really cool to see but we had to work our way there through this long museum we didnt really care about. There was no direct way to get into the chapel, which was kind of annoying. Afterwards we got lunch at this cute little restaurant, Ristorante Taverna Lino. I got a Fanta, but their Fanta is very different than it is at home, it was WAY better.

After lunch we went to the Trevvi Fountain, where we got more gelato and met up with Ghaddi, Gerrardo, and Ricardo. We were going to see a mummified Pope at a church. On the way we saw this really cool projection on the side of an old building at Piazza di Pietra telling the story of that building. We ran out of time before we saw the Pope and had to catch our train to Naples.

When we got to the train station however, we found out our tickets were for 9:11 AM NOT PM. We had to buy more tickets and wait about an hour for the next train. We finally got to Naples and paid way too much for a taxi to our hostel, The Hostel of the Sun.


Mar 12 2019

We woke up late and were invited to lunch with Cody, one of our hostel roommates. After we headed to Pompeii. It was incredible walking through the ruined city, imagining what it was like before the disaster. They had a lot less of the petrified bodies than i expected.

We headed back to Naples and of course, had to get more gelato! We headed back to our room and met another one of our roommates, Mo. He was a diver here to explore a sunken city! He showed me some pictures and it was incredible! Julie had left at that point and i kept thinking how much she would like this guy. After that we got free pasta from the hostel, read, and went to bed.


Mar 13 2019

We started out the day with some toast and chess! Julie didnt know how to play so i taught her the basics and we played a few games. Afterwards we tried to find this cool vantage point near Castella Nuevo that Mo had told me about the night before, but we couldnt find it so we just went into the castle. It was pretty underwhelming.

Next up we took the Naples Underground Tour! It was incredible, under the city there is an aqueduct from the ancient days that had been expanded into a massive citywide aqueduct system. However, they stopped taking care of it at one point, and after many people fell ill from water poisoning, they drained the aqueduct. It went unused for many years, until in WWII they dug the system out even further and used it as a massive bomb shelter. Thousands of lives were saved. After the war ended they unfortunately dumped all the bomb rubble into the underground, and now only 9% of the system is cleared.

After the underground tour we went to lunch at a restaurant the underground tour guide recommended. I dont exaggerate when i say that that meal changed my life. I have never eaten a meatball that was so deliciously flavorful, with such a wonderful texture. Since then food just hasnt tasted as good. Hopefully we can go back there before this trip is over.

After our incredible lunch, we went to the National Archaeological Museum. They had some incredible mosaics, statues, and paintings. They had made a scale model of the ruins of pompeii, which were very interesting to look at because we had been there just the day before. It was cool to see exactly where in the city we had gone, and we recognised a number of the buildings we had entered. There was also an egypt section and they had a couple real mummies! As well as a mummified alligator!

After the museum we headed back to the hostel, stopping for yet another gelato on the way. We decided to spend the rest of our night at the hostels bar, where we met Mo again. I tried Limoncello, 2 glasses of whiskey, and a White Russian. I got pretty drunk! And i was completely right about Julie liking Mo, now that they were actually talking they totally hit it off. The gay bartender was also very funny, he ended up carrying me to the bathroom a couple times...


Mar 14 2019

woke up
got bad pizza for breakfast
ferry tickets
seasick\hungover ferry
got to wrong side of ischia, had to take a bus to other side
weird old man who lives on the bus yelled
got to hostel
door was locked nobody answering
got private room
ate at La Tinaia
read and slept


Mar 15 2019

went to hot spring
met old mud mad
old man slathered mud on me
met beatrice
TRIED to go to the mountain Epeomo/caves
missed bus for both places
got gelato
we are starving
back to hostel
hostel guys moms restaurant
had rabbit and rabbit liver!
met frank
had wine, i smoked


Mar 16 2019

we got breakfast at the place we ran out of
ferry tickets
train ride
missed bus
long bus that honked a lot
got to airbnb
reading and sleep


Mar 17 2019

good pasta
back to bnb

DAY 10

Mar 18 2019

went to the emerald grotto
bus drove right past us
had to WALK back to Amalfi from Conca dei Marini
got lunch
got dinner
locked out of bnb

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