Dec 11 2017

San Francisco

United StatesUS

Taoyuan City


Li Yuan Hotel


Sunday afternoon flight from SFO, Monday evening arrival in Taoyuan International Airport. Bus into Taipei, Jiang-Gua picked us up at the bus stop, drove us past Pat's apartment and to the Li Yuan Hotel in the Da'an District.


Dec 12 2017

Met up with Kelsey. Visited Da-Jyou-Gong and Jyou-Puo. Wu Fen Pu Wholesale Market was still closed, so we took the Red Tamshui line to A-Gong's and A-Ma's resting place overlooking the Shilin Night Market. Beautiful view for Kels' and Pat's Wu family grandparents. Late lunch at the Moon Garden, on the 35th Floor of Taipei 101. Kels, our family foodie, Really liked the beef noodles. We've never waited out the long lines to go to the top. The view from the 35th Floor is fine, still overlooking the adjacent buildings. Returned to Wu Fen Pu. Chou Li-Fen met us and walked around the shops. Supper with Gou-tou, Feng-Zai, Frank and Jiang-Gua.


Dec 13 2017

Taipei Main Station


Taichung City


Sun Moon Lake


Early pick-up by Jiang-Gua and daughter. At Taipei Main Station caught the bullet train to Tainan, then bus to Sun Moon Lake. Something for everyone, including an amusement area with thrill rides (Kels got Dad to ride the 360 loop and twist roller coaster with her), Aboriginal heritage village highlighting the various tribes' customs. After a quiet lunch at the European Garden's cafeteria, took the SkyTram to Ita Thao, then boat to Shueli. Caught a local bus for a scenic ride almost all the way around the lake, then back. Boarded bus back to Taichung. After supper at Japanese restaurant, took final bus back to Taipei.


Dec 14 2017

Thursday 12/14/17 Pat’s speech.
EnTie Bank to transfer money from Hwei to Jiang-Gua’s account, for Pat’s tuition and living (ahem) expenses.
Almost late to Pat’s speech, because we could not find Kels in the maze that is the Taipei Main Station
Lunch at Student cafeteria. Hunt for on-campus Mos Burger, Drunken Moon Lake.
Tamshui shopping.
Supper with Lily and Hsiao Nu-Shen at 101 complex, 8th Floor.
Ice Monster afterwards; unfortunately they were out of their trademark mango shaved ice.


Dec 15 2017

Friday 12/15/17
Brought Kels to TPE, she was distracted by some upsetting events back home, putting a damper on her otherwise fun trip.
Maryline’s A-Yi invited us for dinner, traditional Taiwanese cuisine.


Dec 16 2017

Saturday 12/16/17
Marge’s Mom
Walked around the Taipei Arena
Visited former Wu family home on Min-Sheng East Rd


Dec 17 2017

Sunday, 12/17/17
Brunch and lunch at Albert and Linda Lee’s place.
Visited the night market near our hotel


Dec 18 2017

Monday 12/18/17
Lunch with Hwei's Middle school classmates including Alex at ***
Afternoon tea at Amadeus Kaffeehaus on the 11th Floor of the Far Eastern SOGO (Fuxing) department store
Wen-Huang took a 1 hour break from caring for his ***mom for coffee at a nearby Mos Burger.


Dec 19 2017

Tuesday 12/19/17
Express train to Hualien, beautiful beach at Chisingtang Scenic Area. After lunch visited the Shakadang Trail, the dizzying cliffs of the Taroko Gorge. Finally, the eastern gate to the East-West Highway, traversing over and sometimes through the north-south mountainous spine of Taiwan to connect

Free hard hats provided due to rockslide risk. Dizzying but safe overlooks along safety-railed trail. The tourist buses are the most dangerous thing, threading through the narrow tunnels with skimpy walkways.
Back in the day, Hwei-Min took a photo with some of her graduating college classmates in front of The Gate of Taroko. 40+ years later she brought John for a re-visit.

DAY 10

Dec 20 2017

Wednesday 12/20/17
Hwei’s Chen family cousins at 228 Peace Park. Interesting sculptures set against a background of skyscrapers.

Walked through ***market
***Cofeehouse with artwork by Chiang descendant.
Supper with Lynn Chen, who just won an award for her translation of Simon Sinek’s book "Together Is Better".

DAY 11

Dec 21 2017

Thursday, 12/21/17
Yilan. The foodies in our family would love these places, although the huge scallions that grow here would scare away Nai-Nai and John.
Japanese Monster, D&N (like Ghirardelli & Jelly Belly) bakeries
Chicken Place

Leaning Museum of ***
Mr.Brown Coffee at the mountaintop castle with windmill
Fish with foot fetish feeding frenzy
262, Taiwan, Yilan County, Jiaoxi Township, Lane 15, Ren'ai Road, 16號號湯圍溝溫泉魚

Mountain Cuisine
Mountaintop castle/coffeehouse with windmill and spectacular view overlooking Yilan and Turtle Island

DAY 12

Dec 22 2017

Lunch with Hwei-Min's maternal uncle and aunt, reminiscences about life at the Chen Tian-Lai mansion. Hwei lived at the mansion until after 7th grade.

Met Hwei's college friend Heidi Meng at Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Park to catch up.

2nd visit to the wholesale Wufenpu shopping district. Motorcycles, scooters and bicycles scurry through the narrow alleyways like frantic rabbits, speeding their riders to their next delivery assignments. Meanwhile, occasional bobcat trucks inch along tortoise-like, impeded by distracted shoppers.

By comparison, no whizzing cycles or lumbering trucks at the retail Songshan Night Market. More crowds, more food stands and probably more pickpockets.

DAY 13

Dec 23 2017

DAY 14

Dec 24 2017
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