Apr 12 2018

Our flight arrived at Ho chi minh around 8pm
We go to book Muine tour in tomorrow morning

Vietnam is here


Apr 13 2018

We go to muine with private tour by jeep car
First place is desert white sand and red sand
A little bit hot and so wind

Second place is Fairy stream
Nothing to do just walk and take a picture

Then we find some food and we move to Dalat by sleeping bus

We arrived at Dalat
The weather is so lovely 17o in the evening
We rent 3 motorcycle for 5 people and go to our house

This night we go to the night market
find some food
buy alcohol
and take a photo

And we drink beer 30 cans for 5 people this night


Apr 14 2018

We wake up and get breakfast at our house
The host makes some noodles for us
And we tour around the city

Last night in Vietnam before we back to Ho chi minh
We drunk at bar&restaurant near bus stop


Apr 15 2018

We find some food and go to airport

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