Aug 30 2018

I arrived in milan pretty late and I was terrified. It was the beginning of a very long trip, mostly on my own, for the first time.
The hostel I chose seemed scary at night, and I felt like everything was already going wrong. I asked to change rooms and soon enough i met great people, fell in love with the city and realized how great my hostel was!

Where I stayed:
Madama hostel and bistrot - I liked the hostel a lot, the staff was nice and helpful and the atmosphere wad great!
Nice kitchen, cool common room, comfortable and clean.

where to eat:
I didnt really eat anything special. There's a place called luini that is very popular but I personally didn't like it.

Places I visited:
Duomo Milano - a gothic cathedral in the center of Milan. I did not go inside because the line was incredibly long, but the cathedral is very impressive on the outside!
San Bernardino alle Ossa - a small side chapel, which was pretty hard to find, decorated with human skulls! kinda creepy but also pretty cool.
Cimitero Monumentale di Milano - a huge cemetery full of different sculptures on the graves, was very interesting to visit.
Navigli - a canal in milan, surrounded by cafés and bars.

Overall Milan ia pretty small and I enjoyed just walking around the city center.


Sep 02 2018

I arrived in Florence with two friends and we walked around. Once again there wasn't anything specific to do. It's a pretty small city, so walking around and exploring is enough in my opinion.
I honestly had very high expectations from Florence, seeing how everyone falls in love with it, but it was way too crowded and touristy for me. Sure it's a beautiful city, but the 6 days I spent there were definitely too much.

Where I stayed:
I booked an airbnb around santo spirito. The area was great, I stayed in a private room in a share apartment. Overall it was pretty good, however the shower ceiling was so low I had ti shower on my knees!

Where to eat:
Borgo Antico - in my 6 days visit I ate there four times! They have the best tomato sauce I ever had, and the staff is great too!

Places I visited:
Duomo- the Duomo is an obvious place to visit of course, it's beautiful! However, I was told it's not worth going inside so I didn't.
Piazza Michaelangelo- getting there is quite the climb, but once you're up you get an incredible view of the city.
Ponte vecchio- the old bridge. The only bridge that survived the bombings in WWII. On the bridge you'll find many little shops (jewelry, souvenirs).

DAY 10

Sep 08 2018

After a few days with my bestie 😍 we arrived in Rome! this was my second time in Rome and I remember not liking it the first time (I was about 15 yo with my family) - so of course I hoped for a better experience! Everyone loves Rome, right?
Unfortunately this time I was sick so I hardly got to see anything and well.... I did not like Rome, maybe third time's a charm?

Where I stayed:
Hostel trustever. I personally had a very bad experience with this hostel but it might just be bad luck so I won't elaborate.

Since I had an overall bad experience, and couldn't do much being sick, I don't have much go recommend.
We went to see the pantheon, which is pretty impressive (and free to enter!), and the Vatican museum which I'm embarrassed to admit I really didn't like!
We also took a day trip to Pompei, it was really out of the way but definitely worth it! It is a really interesting and beautiful place, and you can walk around freely and explore the ruins of the ancient Roman city that got destructed by the eruption of mount Vesuvius.

DAY 14

Sep 12 2018

In Château de Burnand we had a work exchange experience - you work for accomodation and food.
It could have been pretty nice, but we were expecting a more interesting and unusual work, and instead had to make beds and clean rooms in this bed and breakfast.
There's no doubt it was a beautiful place, an old castle that was turned into a B&B, with ducks and chicken roaming around freely! However, the work didn't leave us enough time to explore the area as we wanted and I was getting sicker so we had to cut the visit short - and left after a week instead of two.

DAY 20

Sep 18 2018

We didn't plan on visiting Lyon, but since we had to leave the work exchange early we didn't have a place to stay.
Because of a tight budget, that only got tighter with the unexpected change of plans, we decided we will try couchsurfing!
If you haven't heard of couchsurfing, it's an app that lets you look for a host for free. You will usually bring a small gift, cook for your host or buy them a meal, but it's a great way to travel cheap, meet locals and see the city in a less touristy way. Couchsurfing also has a hangout feature and events, I highly recommend using it if you're traveling solo or looking to meet other people even back home.

Pretty soon we found a host, the quick responses were actually surprising and very heartwarming!
Christina, a 20 years old from Germany that is currently studying in Lyon, offered to host us. She was incredibly nice and welcoming and even gave us her own bed! We hung out and had the best time :)

Where to go:
Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste - getting there was a very difficult climb, so I would definitely recommend taking the public transportation up there. The view is beautiful and it's a really nice cathedral.
Movies & Miniature Museum - we decided to go here by chance, when we passed by and someone overheard us talking about it and said it's a must, oh he was right! This museum is really cool, especially if you love movies, and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Lyon!
Rhône - a lively river in Lyon surrounded by bars and restaurants. It is especially lovely in the evening, because everyone meets up there, sitting on the stairs by the river on groups of friends, snacking and drinking together.
The old city - this part of the city is really so cute! I regret not having more time to explore it. Vieux Lyon is full of restaurants and little shops and is a really nice area to walk around and explore.

DAY 22

Sep 20 2018

Ah Paris... When I was 11 my family moved to Paris for one year. I hated it so much it took me 8 years to come back!
Will this time be the same? oh apparently not. Not at all even.
This time Paris was amazing. I got to see my uncle, aunt and cousins, and spend the last few days with my bestie in this beautiful city.

Where to eat:
Popelini - great and beautiful cream puffs.
Maison mulot Saint Germain des pres - they are famous for a reason. The macaron and religieuse I took were so good I almost cried!
Bontemps - not sure how to describe this pastry but it's so good.
Carette - very good macarons.
Rue d'aligre - here you'll find a nice market where you can buy great fruits and veggies! Very close to the market there's a nice bakery called "le pain au naturel".

Where to go:
Museums - I went to centre Pompidou and to musée d'orsay which I really enjoyed. Of course there's also the Louvre (felt like too big of a commitment for me - it's huge!) and plenty of others.
Atelier des lumieres - this exhibition isn't your regular exhibition. Even if you're not into arts, which honestly I'm not really, you have to go if it's still on!
Gardens - jardin de Luxembourg (very pretty, close to Maison mulot), Bois de Boulogne (basically a forest, nice to get lost in), jardin des plantes (botanical garden with a few museums around it such as the natural history museum), jardin Tuileries (gorgeous garden near the Louvre).
Montmartre - quite a climb but not too bad, at the top you'll find sacré coeur, a beautiful cathedral, and of course a lovely view!
Eiffel tower - very obvious of course. If you don't want to climb 674 steps like I did, I would recommend buying tickets in advance just in case...
Arc de triumph - also obvious. I thought it would be like all the others you can find pretty much everywhere, but this one is massive and actually impressive! You can then walk the Champs Elysées until you reach Place de la Concorde. If you keep walking past it you'll reach jardin Tuileries and the Louvre.
The pantheon - very pretty and impressive in my opinion. You can also go upstairs to get a panoramic view of the city!
Notre dame de Paris - don't let the line intimidate you, the cathedral is amazing both on the inside and the outside!
Catacombs - I didn't go because skulls freak me out but I heard it's cool. There's usually a very long line though.
Grande mosquée de Paris - the most beautiful mosque I've seen and the entrance is very cheap.

DAY 31

Sep 29 2018

No words can describe how excited I was to visit Utrecht and how much it still managed to exceed my expectations!
Was it because I heard so many good things about the city? Well... I have, but that's not the reason.
After a month of not seeing my boyfriend, we finally met for a 10 days vacation in Utrecht! Seeing him aftet such a long time, the longest time apart we've ever been, made me cry happy tears ❤
So our ten days in Utrecht were nothing short of perfect, both because we were finally together and because Utrecht really is a great city.

In my eyes, Utrecht is this sort of smaller, cuter and more sober Amsterdam. It's pretty small so you can walk, or bike, everywhere. It's also in between many other big cities, which makes it a really nice place to take day trips from!

Where we stayed:
We booked a great airbnb apartment that had everything we needed - a comfy bed, a very well equipped kitchen, a nice terrace that was really fun to eat at and more!

Where to eat:
*I'm crazy for asian food so it's mostly what we ate, but Utrecht was full of really cool looking restaurants.
ANAN Saigon Streetfood - Colorful busy asain restaurant. The service was kinda slow but the food was so great! We especially loved the fried banana dessert!
Poké perfect - great poké bowls in a beautifully decorated casual restaurant.
Lewis book café - amazing café, good service, good food. If you're a sweet tooth like me, take the crazy cookie choc!!
Yum saap - another vibrant asian restaurant, very good food, the spring rolls and the curry were amaziy.
Jasmijn & Ik - kinda fancy and a little expensive asian restaurant, the food was really good and the atmosphere was romantic.

Where to go:
Dom tower - take a tour for 9€ and go up the dom tower! They guide tells you about the history of Utrecht and the tower itself, while you go up the 465 stairs to reach a panoramic view of the city.
St Martin's Cathedral - while waiting for your tour to start, enter the cathedral for free! It's pretty cool.
DOMunder - another tour, but this time you go underground and learn about the history of Utrecht. Half of the tour is kind of interactive, with an audioguide about the archeological ruins you'll get to see! This your will cost you 11€.
Botanical gardens - the botanical gardens are pretty nice, you can spend there a few hours walking around and taking pictures.
Rietveld Schröder House - we didn't go inside because you need to make reservations, but the house is cool looking and very unique.
Castle de haar - a beautiful castle you can enter amd walk around. It has a huge garden you can explore too, we found deer and fed them!
Walking around the city center - Utrecht's city center is ADORABLE! You can just walk around and explore it, it's beautiful and full of shops, restaurants, cafés and of course canals!

Day trips:
Rotterdam zoo - if you like zoos, Rotterdam zoo is great! We had so much fun seeing all the different animals. Just make sure to wear you walking shoes... it's enormous!
Efteling park - if you're into amusement parks, this one is a fairytale coming to life. The park itself is incredibly beautiful and breathtaking, and the rides are awesome and super exciting! We only had around 5 hours which definitely weren't enough, but this place was so romantic and perfect I would never wanna leave anyway.
Amsterdam - if you're not going to Amsterdam while being in the Netherlands, you can get there by train in around 40 mins! Amsterdam will be my next stop so I'll talk about it in more detail later :)

DAY 40

Oct 08 2018

Amsterdam was a little overwhelming, especially as it was the beginning of actually traveling ALONE for the first time in my life. needless to say, I was terrified.
Since being alone doesn't come very easily to me, I looked for people to hangout with on couchsurfing.
I met some great people and some not so great people, but overall enjoyed Amsterdam a lot.

Where I stayed:
My brother's best friend hosted me, which was really great but made meeting people hard as opposed to staying in a hostel.

Where to eat:
The avocado show - if you love avocados, this is the place for you! The restaurant is avocado themed, meaning all dishes have avocado in them. As an avocado lover, I was pretty damn excited! The prices are pretty reasonable and the food is both beautiful and tasty!
Bird thais - if you like Thai food, this restaurant is pretty well known and loved in Amsterdam! There's both an actual restaurant where you can sit, and a snackbar with less seating and comfort but also with a cheaper price. They're located across eachother on the same street so you don't have to chooae in advance where you wanna go.
Foodahllen - really cool food hall with all sorts of restaurants and a bar in the middle. finding a seat inside can be tricky, but even grabbing something small just to experience the place is worth it!
Surinamese food - I don't have a specific recommendation but Amsterdam is supposed to have some great Surinamese food if you're interested in experiencing new cuisines.

Where to go:
Moco museum - very small modern and contemporary art museum. When I visited there was a Banksy exhibition goi on and it was great!
Stedelijk Museum - a modern art, contemporary art and design museum. This one is pretty big, so I enjoyed it at first but at some point it was too much. It's a really good museum if you're interested in art though.
Dam square - very big square surrounded by the royal palace, the new church and other things to see. The Dam square is also surrounded by long shopping streets and is close to a mall, so that's where I'd go if you want to buy clothes.
Free walking tour - I went on Sandesman's free walking tour and it was great, so I really recommend it for a first day in Amsterdam. The guide will show you around and tell you about the city's history. Although the tour is free, you are expected to tip at the end.
Zaanse schans - you should take a day trip to see the windmills in zaanse schans, it's absolutely beautiful!
Walk around the city - explore the city on your own, walk around the canals and enjoy the city.

DAY 47

Oct 15 2018

Hamburg was okay, I don't know why I just didn't find it very exciting. It's a nice city, but to me it felt like just any other average European city.

Where I stayed:
Pyjama Park Hotel & Hostel Schanzenviertel - incredible hostel that kinda feels like a hotel. The rooms are very clean, the shower is amazing, they make your bed everyday, each bed has a curtain for privacy... incredible. However, there's no kitchen or common room so your only chance to meet people is in your dorm room, which really depends on your luck.

Where to eat:
I actually don't have many recommendations, except for the Asian restaurant Bok that was good.

Where to go:
Miniature wunderland - a museum dedicated to miniatures of cities in the world. It's pretty cool, especially if you're with kids but also alone. However, keep in mind it's giant. It took me three hours to see everything and at some point it kinda got exhausting.
The concert hall - the very expensive to build concert hall is beautiful, and going to the top for a panoramic view is free! I heard that in order to get a tour inside you need to book 6 weeks in advance, or book a concert several months in advance.
The port of Hamburg - not much to explain, it's a one of the biggest ports in the world.
Town hall - the town hall is very beautiful, and you can get inside for free.
St. Nikolai Memorial - ruins of a gothic church from a bombing in WWII, and a viewing tower.
Free walking tour - again, I took sandesman's free walking tour and it was really good.

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