Jun 17 2017

This summer I am going to my first trip to Seoul, South Korea. Through my college, I'll be studying aboard for one month.The first part of my trip starts in Nashville, Tennessee. My family conveniently wanted to go on vacation there a week before I am suppose to arrive in Seoul. In Seoul I will be taking classes, doing cultural activities, and the normal touristy things. Trying all the wonderful authentic Asian food as well of course! :) Untill then though, Nashville will be a nice mini adventure. ^_^ Today I went shopping at the Oprey Mills mall, and ate some wonderful coconut shrimp at the aquarium restaurant they had. I don't know how much I will update in Nashville, but I will a few times before I leave for Korea. As for tomorrow, maybe I will go to downtown Nashville, not for sure. I hope you will enjoy my updates about my trip, I'm pretty new to travel writing. 😅 This is sure to be an inspiring experience!


Jun 20 2017

My trip took me to downtown Nashville, where I got to explore a museum made to remember the famous Johnny Cash.


Jun 21 2017

Today I went on a fun trip to the Nashville zoo!


Jun 24 2017


United StatesUS

San Francisco

United StatesUS


Jun 25 2017

San Francisco

United StatesUS


South KoreaKR

My first experience with Korea started in the Icheon international airport.

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